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The shrinking and emerging demographics marketers need to know. The life trajectories of different demographics across the UK are changing.

The shrinking and emerging demographics marketers need to know

The challenge of securing a foothold on the property ladder has transformed Britain into a country of renters, spending their money on cars and holidays rather than investing in their houses. Over the past decade over one million people who would previously have bought houses, have been forced to rent instead, according to a five-year study of UK consumer financial habits by Experian. Why Starbucks thinks ‘being everywhere’ works against the brand. Starbucks has claimed its global dominance poses a challenge because it causes consumers to not associate the brand with quality coffee, which is why it is increasing its focus on Starbucks Reserve shops.

Why Starbucks thinks ‘being everywhere’ works against the brand

Speaking at the UBS Global Consumer and Retail Conference yesterday (9 March), the company’s CFO Scott Maw says independent coffee shops are threatening to steal customers away by doing “what Starbucks has been so good at for so long”. “It’s that third place environment, it’s a comfortable place to be, it’s an up-leveled coffee experience. And so what we know is when we get our service right, no one can touch us,” he said. As a result, Starbucks says there is “some urgency” around the Starbucks Reserve brand, which looks to offer more exotic coffees, table service and food. Its first European store launched in London in 2015.

Maw also admits the brand’s global presence has led to “ubiquity in the consumer mindset”. How Chobani Surged to Growth and Lapped Yoplait For US Yogurt Crown. Chobani is coming up big all over.

How Chobani Surged to Growth and Lapped Yoplait For US Yogurt Crown

VF Corp. Expands Sustainability Efforts with Forest Derived Materials Policy. VF Corp., the $12 billion apparel company, just released its first Forest Derived Materials Policy, setting guidelines for the company’s purchasing preferences and use of sustainable forest materials and products.

VF Corp. Expands Sustainability Efforts with Forest Derived Materials Policy

Parent of Vans, The North Face, Timberland, Wrangler and Lee, VF’s policy is geared to minimize deforestation and forest degradation including the loss of ancient and endangered forests, loss of biodiversity and habitat, use of forced labor in making forestry products, and loss of indigenous peoples and local community rights. Brandspeak: 7 Benefits of Brand Licensing. The following is a guest post by Michael Stone, Chairman and Co-Founder of Beanstalk: Why are corporate marketing leaders and others turning to licensing as never before?

Brandspeak: 7 Benefits of Brand Licensing

With the exponential growth of targeted marketing through the internet, the decline of traditional advertising, and the readily available information about products on the internet, brand owners are now compelled to think and act much more strategically to zero in on and reach their consumers in an authentic and genuine way. Licensing can help deliver the brand message—it’s a tool in the marketing tool box. However, licensing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It can be and is tailored to fit the goals of a wide variety of companies and a diverse array of marketing objectives. Although licensing can be used as a tool to support a wide array of corporate marketing goals, following are what I consider the seven most universal benefits of brand licensing with examples for each (in no particular order): Top 10 largest franchises in the world. Ikea opens a DIY supper club in Shoreditch. Visitors will have the assistance of a sous chef and maître de, while the venue has been designed to have a homely, kitchen-style environment – but with space for far more guests.

Ikea opens a DIY supper club in Shoreditch

"The dining club" opens on 10 September, runs for two weeks, and will offer a menu of modern sharing dishes, including some from Scandinavian cuisine. Ikea will be providing the food, drink and staff free of charge. To cater to those without a booking, the retailer is also hosting a series of "Food for thought" workshops run by the likes of Bake Off winner Edd Kimber and Instagram star Pixie Turner, covering subjects such as 1 ingredient 4 ways, Swedish Baking, Fermentation, Clean Eating, The Future of Food, Sustainable Eating and Food Styling Tips.

The venue will also feature an Ikea shop selling the brand’s kitchen products and kitchen showrooms displaying kitchens of various sizes and styles. Why People With Multicultural Experience Are More Creative. Most creative people have two things in common: They are willing to consider alternatives to the way things are currently done, and they see objects, people, and situations from multiple perspectives.

Why People With Multicultural Experience Are More Creative

After all, if you shun new experiences, you will miss out on exciting opportunities. And many of those opportunities involve seeing existing elements of the world in a new way. Research by Adam Galinsky and his colleagues at Columbia Business School suggest that one way to enhance these two skills is to immerse yourself in a multicultural experience. MADE IN Final HR. Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Popup Lands in NYC. Some secret doors take you to Narnia and others take you to the Bat Cave.

Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Popup Lands in NYC

And when French vodka-maker Grey Goose is involved, the secret door takes you to the French Riviera—via the Hudson River. On June 16, Grey Goose will open a four-day pop-up in New York’s Battery Park City that aims to transport visitors to the French Riviera via a secret entrance through a traditional French bakery. There they “will enjoy an immersive, experience created by an influential list of culinary, cocktail and music partners,” according to a press release.

Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue New York will feature music from Parisian label Kitsuné, baked goods from Brooklyn Bread Lab and drinks by the mixologists at the Grey Goose martini bar, Camionnette—the French word for “delivery van.” The latter will allow visitors to “tailor the vodka martini cocktail to their own personal taste,” according to a press release. Airbnb targets ‘super brand’ status as it outlines community-led marketing strategy. Pub Badoit 'le labyrinthe' 2015 [HQ]

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