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Feb 19, 2015

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S2 19 Feb 2015

S2 19 Feb 2015. How Lego's bricks have built a stronger brand than Ferrari's cars. Coca-Cola head of innovation: Only quick-witted, future gazing brands will succeed. Wearables should empower us to break the 'smartphone shackles' by @nickykc. Brand Finance. The Future of Shopping. Topman customers were increasingly expressing interest in setting up sessions with private stylists and getting real-time fashion advice from the comfort of their own homes.

The Future of Shopping

The challenge the brand faced was providing the same level of service online that it offered in-store. Staffed by a team of fashion experts, Topman launched its Personal Shopping program to simplify the shopping experience and bring the latest trends to its customers, thereby offering them a more tailored experience. With Personal Shopping, interested customers can book a video chat via the website or app. They can flag their favorite Topman styles and trends before their appointments to help the stylists provide them with more personalized service. Programmatic in 2015: 3 Resolutions for Brands. Much has changed for marketers over the years, but one thing remains the same: the desire to connect with people in all the moments that matter.

Programmatic in 2015: 3 Resolutions for Brands

This is why brands spend a great deal of time and resources to gain audience insights. Understanding people's motivations—what drives or excites them, for example—is essential to designing compelling creative that resonates. RESEAUX SOCIAUX 2014 EN MOTION DESIGN. Burberry Beauty Box lands in Seoul. Fashion houses are extending their product range to low-priced items such as cosmetics and fragrances as they acknowledge these can boost brand awareness and loyalty.

Burberry Beauty Box lands in Seoul

To date, such established labels as Giorgio Armani and Marc Jacobs have partnered up with the likes of L'Oreal and Estee Lauder to create beauty lines to attract new consumers. And they have been doing a good job so far. The brand identity and concept have successfully appealed to customers worldwide. Industry analysts say a mascara or lipstick is seen as the first item a consumer looking to buy from a luxury designer brand can afford.

The new nostalgia trend: it's all in the reference. Whopper Move Out - Burger King Advert 2015. Searching for Love on Valentine's Day. Skip to content Infographic Searching for Love on Valentine's Day the rundown Love changes everything—what we buy, how we make purchase decisions, and who influences those decisions.

Searching for Love on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day and beyond, the web plays a big role. Open full infographic Think Newsletter Put insights in your inbox. Rolo beats Nescafe couple and Milk Tray man as most romantic ad of all time. Up against tough competition from the likes of Milk Tray, Chanel and Nescafe, the Nestle chocolate brand won the title with almost 18% of the vote, slightly ahead of John Lewis, which came in a close second with 17% of the vote for its 2012 Christmas advert depicting a snowman in love.

Rolo beats Nescafe couple and Milk Tray man as most romantic ad of all time

Rolo’s famous ad slogan ran for more than 20 years before being axed in 2003 after owner Nestle said it was too sentimental. It was replaced with ‘Discover the power of the last Rolo’, which was delivered by Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox. Marketing editor Rachel Barnes said: "Rolo’s slogan is so ingrained in the public psyche that you could ask someone on the street today and they would find it just as current as it was in the 1990s.

" Flipboard swims against the tide by launching a website. If there’s one word that sums up where most media entities are focused for the future, it’s “mobile” — almost every news service and website is looking to mobile because that’s where the younger users are, and therefore that’s where the growth is.

Flipboard swims against the tide by launching a website

In fact, NowThis just finished getting rid of its website altogether because it said there was no purpose in having one. Flipboard, however, is doing the exact opposite: On Tuesday, the company said it is finally embracing the web by launching a full-featured site that not only reproduces what the app offers, but builds on top of it. So why is Flipboard going in the opposite direction to everyone else?

Co-founder and CEO Mike McCue said there’s a simple answer, which is that Flipboard was mobile before almost anyone else — in fact, the app was one of the first to show the real possibilities of the iPad when it launched in 2010. The Rise of Entrepreneurial Thinking. Experts examine how non-predictive logic can inform the new product development process.

The Rise of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Bringing new products to market has a lot in common with starting an entrepreneurial venture. Both processes have high levels of risk, are characterized by ambiguous development paths and have high failure rates. Pinterest Could Be Working On Adding A “Buy” Button To Their Site. Earlier we reported that Pinterest had debuted a new “apps Pin” feature that basically allowed Pinterest users to discover new apps that they might have missed, and also the ability to install said app on their phone within the Pinterest app itself.

Pinterest Could Be Working On Adding A “Buy” Button To Their Site

That is a pretty neat function, but what about the rest of the pins? Could these pins be gaining more functionality? According to the folks at Re/code, the answer is yes and it could come in the form of a “Buy” button. Basically if you like what you see in the pin, the Buy button could allow you to purchase it without having to leave the company’s website or the app. To help facilitate the payments process, Pinterest is said to be working with a startup called Stripe that is said to have similar arrangements with Facebook and Twitter.

Kraft chief marketing officer departs amid management reshuffle. The business revealed yesterday that Elsner had departed the business alongside Teri List-Stoll, the chief financial officer, and Chuck Davis, the executive vice president of research, development, quality and innovation.

Kraft chief marketing officer departs amid management reshuffle

Elsner will leave the company on 28 February. Jane Hilk, executive vice president and president of enhancers and snack nuts, has been appointed interim chief marketing officer. A new chief financial officer has yet to be appointed. The essential teacher's guide to social media. L'expérience digitale enneigée de Moncler: sous les flocons, le luxe! C’est la première fois que Moncler, connue comme la marque des doudounes de luxe et autres accessoires mode et techniques, propose aux internautes une expérience digitale : la Snow Experience.

L'expérience digitale enneigée de Moncler: sous les flocons, le luxe!

Chez My Digital Luxury Galaxy, nous nous sommes penchés sur cette tentative toute fraîche. Visuels de la Snow Experience de Moncler Une campagne basée sur une appli Facebook Tout d’abord, sachez que l’inscription se fait via Facebook. Native Ad Adoption on the Rise Despite Cost Concerns, Study Shows. ​The adoption of native advertising is headed upward in 2015, according to the New York-based Association of National Advertisers’ “Advertising is Going Native” survey, released on Jan. 28. The association polled 127 of its client-side marketer members and found that 58% had invested in native advertising in the past year, and 63% anticipate that their budget for native ads will increase in 2015.

Yet native ads are still a small slice of the marketing-budget pie, according to the survey: 68% of respondents spend 5% or less of their total budget on native ads, and 19% don’t believe that native advertising warrants the cost, despite their increased interest in the ad medium. Marketing the Mercedes way. Ola Källenius is a self-confessed “car guy” who still harkens back to being “that kid with the dream of driving that Mercedes star.” The Swedish-born Källenius joined the then Daimler-Benz AG in a management associate program in 1993, was named executive director of McLaren Automotive in 2003, and became a member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, responsible for marketing and sales, in 2013.

In January 2015, Källenius was appointed to the Board of Management of Daimler AG. Move Over Millennials. Over the past few years, marketers across all industries and categories have been obsessed with millennials -- how to reach them and build meaningful connections with their brands. This captivating generation has a unique sense of self and a nontraditional approach to life stages, which has made marketing to them a challenge. To Grasp Apple's Success In China, Watch Its Derivative New Ad. Apple's heartwarming new TV ad for Chinese audiences looks a lot like a recent slew of recent Apple ads, striking Cupertino's now-familiar theme of the power of technology to aid human creativity and bring families together. In fact, it doesn't just look like those other ads: It's a pretty close copy of one of them.

And in a nutshell, it helps to illustrate why the company continues to succeed in China. The U.S. L'expérience client métamorphose le marketing - Les Echos. Amazon tops poll of most-loved brands. Stella Artois, Budweiser and Becks owner Ab InBev hosts first hackathon. Lidl and Aldi increase ad spend as they steal 10% of the market. Marriott uses Skype call data to identify British rugby fans abroad. Voici les nouvelles voitures de James Bond.

Disney reinvents Cinderella's glass slipper with Jimmy Choo and Ferragamo. Pilotage de marque : un exercice de plus en plus complexe, des indicateurs à réinventer… C’est un constat de plus en plus partagé parmi les professionnels du marketing et de la communication : le pilotage de la marque est devenu une activité « multidimensionnelle et complexe ». Du fait de l’extrême sophistication de l’écosystème marketing et faute d’indicateur synthétique pour appréhender globalement le retour sur investissement de leurs actions, beaucoup estiment se trouver démunis au moment d’examiner ou de remettre à plat leur stratégie. Qu’on en juge par ces résultats de sondages récents : tandis que 56% des responsables marketing et communication considèrent leur entreprise « peu avancée dans la mesure de la performance » ¹, ceux qui évaluent régulièrement leur actions marketing-com’ et disposent d’indicateurs bien définis en la matière n’en sont pas nécessairement satisfaits, au contraire… D’après TNS Sofrès², 42% des annonceurs considèrent que les indicateurs dont ils disposent ne sont pas pertinents !

Les marketeurs et les communicants fâchés avec les indicateurs ? The Psychology of Web Design. Mode femme, Maroquinerie, Chaussures. La sélectiondu moment Retrouvez les produits phares de la collection Printemps Été 2014, sélectionnés pour vous. The Perception of Value [Infographic] Price affects perception. Unilever CMO Keith Weed: we must build a healthy society. How the Human Brain Experiences Your Brand. L’Oreal and Burberry take advantage of RFID technology. The applications for RFID package trackers in the personal care industry are vast. And more advanced technology means more options for beauty brands thinking digitally. The latesteAgile makes auto-identification products, from labels and tag to hardware and software. Experience the power of a bookbook™ Three principles that will drive innovation for your brand. How to Be Awesome on Instagram.

Are you ready to be famous ? Brush Contest, by l’Oréal. Amazing! 74 Infographics for Teacher-Librarians (L.A. Teachers Too!) The essential teacher's guide to social media. Twitter Serving Ads to Partners Like Flipboard as It Looks to Make Money From Outside Audiences. The 5 Best Ads of Super Bowl XLIX. Comment lancer sa boîte ? How Much Does Google Really Know About You? #infographic ~ Visualistan.

P&G’s #LikeAGirl Ad Scored The Most Social Buzz During Super Bowl 2015. [Report] The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid… The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Will Combine Paid, Owned and Earned Media. Sephora launches on the Australian market - LVMH News. Super Bowl 2015: Watch the best ads. Most Consumers Don't Want Customer Service Via Social Media 01/20/2015. 15 street-marketing de génie placés dans des lieux insolites pour capter votre attention. How to Generate Loyalty Through Customer Segmentation. [New Research] What Do We Do with All This Big Data? Pinterest’s Problem: Getting Men to Commit. The Customer Journey to Online Purchase. Quelles étapes dans le processus d'achat du consommateur. The Good and the Bad of Social Media Marketing. Microsoft reveals Nokia 215 you dont have to charge for a MONTH.

The Trillion Dollar Customer Experience TrendContent Marketing Resources + Insights. Why Moneysupermarket's #EpicStrut is a viral hit. The Number One Thing Consumers Want From Brands? Honesty. Cohn & Wolfe : Wolfetracking Blog. Books worth reading, recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more. KFC taps click-and-collect mobile payment platform. Jack Morton Worldwide Experiential Marketing Survey Confirms Influence of Live Events on... Explicit cookie consent. Be Bang, la startup qui redéfinie les relations entre blogueurs et marques de luxe. 26 Consumer Emotions for Effective Brand Positioning.

The Ultimate Marketing Machine - HBR. The State Of Digital Marketing In 2015. The Best Ads of the 21st Century. L'emailing : roi de la relation client - Le Journal du Net : e-Business, Informatique, Economie et Management. Research: Some Brands Go All In on Mobile; Others Suffer from Mobile Mediocrity. Ad of the Day: Dove's Latest Film Encourages Girls to Love Their Curls. Dove Hair: Love Your Curls. #LouboutinWorld, le projet luxe et social audacieux de Christian Louboutin.

L'expérience digitale enneigée de Moncler: sous les flocons, le luxe! Index. An All-Mustard Shop Now Exists On the UWS. Ad of the Day: Dove's Latest Film Encourages Girls to Love Their Curls. The Sound of Porsche. 25 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2015 - 2016. Paywall mobile. PureWow. MOBILE: Brands succeed by being authentic. Tesco lets customers pay by smartphone with PayQwiq trial.

Brand Marketing – SodaStream And Scarlett Johansson Make A Splash. Your Product Is Your Brand. GDR Creative Intelligence. The Future of Shopping.