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The State of Marketing Leadership. Apple and Google Dominate 'Internet of Things' Influence with Home Automation Efforts. Offre d'essai Premier livre gratuit. Growth Hacking 101: Your First 500,000 Users. Introduction to Growth Hacking for Startups. Pintrest, Facebook, Zynga, Dropbox, AirBnb… What do they all have in common?

Introduction to Growth Hacking for Startups

They’ve all used growth hacking techniques to grow their user base from zero to millions (and sometimes hundreds of millions). Growth Hacking isn’t viral marketing (although viral marketing is part of it). Growth Hacking comes to solve a very common problem in consumer startups: getting to the first x thousand/million users quickly once the product has launched and the hype has passed. The term “Growth Hacking”, invented by Sean Ellis, and made popular by Andrew Chen, a Silicon valley marketer and entrepreneur, is a combination of two disciplines – marketing and coding:

Twitter Launches Commerce-Enabled Posts. Twitter unveils a social shopping button today that lets marketers drive conversions straight from tweets, after months of speculation that such a feature was in the works.

Twitter Launches Commerce-Enabled Posts

The new offering appears in Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps and represents the company's latest bid to reel in mobile spend from direct response-heavy advertisers. About 25 brands (including Burberry and Home Depot), musicians and nonprofits are among the beta partners that will begin testing the feature in the next few weeks. THE FUTURE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. MOBILE: Kimberly-Clark enhances omnichannel. MOBILE: Tesco will return to its 'core' values. Quand le magasin devient « phygital »… Le showrooming va-t-il tuer le point de vente ?

Quand le magasin devient « phygital »…

Cette pratique consiste à se rendre en magasin pour évaluer un produit, puis rentrer chez soi l'acheter en ligne, souvent moins cher. Une tendance engendrée par le taux d'équipement des consommateurs en smartphones et tablettes reliés au Net, devenus des « shoppers » surinformés, qui inquiète les enseignes, petites et grandes. Hypermarchés ou boutiques de centre-ville, centres commerciaux ou magasins franchisés, tous les formats de distribution sont concernés par cette évolution des comportements consuméristes depuis la généralisation du haut débit, du WiFi et des appareils connectés.

Selon le troisième baromètre Connected Commerce de DigitasLBi, une enquête online réalisée dans 12 pays, 67% des Français auraient pratiqué le showrooming en 2014. John Lewis ends free tea and cake perk for loyalty scheme members. Twitter Analytics Now Available For All Of Us. Have you visited yet?

Twitter Analytics Now Available For All Of Us

It's an incredible new FREE tool provided by Twitter, allowing us to have a much better idea of how our individual Tweets are performing. The dashboard lets users see how many impressions each tweet has received (how many times users saw the tweet on Twitter), the number of favorites their tweet has received, how many times others have clicked on their profiles, and the number of retweets and replies on a certain tweet. It also shows how many times users engaged with a tweet and what that engagement was. Powerful new tools and analytics to allow us to better MEASURE and MONITOR the performance of social media marketing in 2014. Quel impact des réseaux sociaux sur l'e-commerce, les marques et les médias ? Google Now will tell you if nearby stores have a product you've searched for. Google Now has a new purpose: reminding you to spend money.

Google Now will tell you if nearby stores have a product you've searched for

With the latest update to Google Search, Android users will soon begin receiving notifications when nearby retailers carry an item they've recently searched for online. If you've queried Google about a new pair of hiking boots or a toy for your kid, don't be surprised if those items automatically appear in a Google Now card — assuming a nearby store actually carries them. If so, you'll see the products, their prices, and the stores where you can find them show up in a card meant to "remind you that you wanted them," Google says.

Starbucks lance une application pour payer son café avec sa montre connectée. Un-friending Facebook to follow Twitter. Red Bull's main Facebook page has 44m fans.

Un-friending Facebook to follow Twitter

Maybe a lot, but by generating just 330,000 interactions last month, the brand managed less than 1 monthly interaction for every 100 fans. Why pay Facebook to reach and engage fans if we can achieve similar objectives mostly for free on other networks? Meanwhile, Coca Cola’s main page has a whopping 84m fans globally, but scored an engagement per fan 20-times lower than Red Bull’s. MAC, one of the digitally most sophisticated brands in high-end beauty averaged just one monthly interaction for every 500 fans. 5 Reasons "Ask Zappos" Is An Innovation That Works. In my latest book, Aaker on Branding I have argued that the best way to connect with customers, especially in the digital world, is not to promote an offering or brand but rather to focus on the customer’s sweet spots.

5 Reasons "Ask Zappos" Is An Innovation That Works

A customer sweet spot centers on something in which they are involved in and/or passionate about. The idea is to develop and be an active driver or partner in a program that resides in that sweet spot. Target Snaps Up Mobile Shopping Innovation with Image Recognition App. Digital to account for 75% of all marketing spend in 5 years? More than a third (35%) of senior marketing professionals believe that digital marketing will account for more than 50% of marketing spend by 2019, according to a new report from Accenture. 37% feel it’ll account for 75% or more of all budget.

Digital to account for 75% of all marketing spend in 5 years?

Accenture’s research is based on survey responses of nearly 600 executives in 11 countries conducted between November 2013 and January 2014. The 2014 State of Digital Transformation. InShare82 Today, I’m proud to announce the release of Altimeter Group’s second report on Digital Transformation.

The 2014 State of Digital Transformation

This new report is aimed at executives and digital strategists to help them (you) further understand the state of digital transformation as you plan your next steps and investments. Longchamp joue de personnalisation pour les 20 ans du sac Pliage. MOBILE: US mobile e-commerce grows 19-fold. Birchbox Aims to Bring 'Artificial Intelligence' to Offline Retail. Birchbox tomorrow opens its first brick-and-mortar location with a 4,500 square foot storefront in New York's fashionable SoHo district.

Birchbox Aims to Bring 'Artificial Intelligence' to Offline Retail

The much-hyped beauty e-retailer aims to make the shopping experience akin to what its online patrons are accustomed to via a large touchscreen and four iPads that will float around the duplex-styled outlet. Per an email from Birchbox co-founder and co-CEO Katia Beauchamp, the store applies "the insight and feedback from our hundreds of thousands of [digital] customers to better understand what makes them tick, and create a customer-first, holistic offline shopping experience. … [Our online platform] uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize product recommendations and samples for subscribers and shoppers—and this same model will be applied to the offline retail experience.

" Digitizing the consumer decision journey. Many of the executives we speak with in banking, retail, and other sectors are still struggling to devise the perfect cross-channel experiences for their customers—experiences that take advantage of digitization to provide customers with targeted, just-in-time product or service information in an effective and seamless way. Video How consumer behavior keeps changing McKinsey’s David Edelman explains how purchasing decisions are made in a digital world.

Play video This quest for marketing perfection is not in vain—during the next five years or so, we’re likely to see a radical integration of the consumer experience across physical and virtual environments. Companies can be lulled into thinking they’re already doing everything right. Yet tools and standards are changing faster than companies can react. 10 chiffres à connaître sur l'e-commerce français. La Fevad, la fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance, vient de publier une étude au sujet des tendances constatées en 2013 dans ce secteur.

Résumé en dix points: En 2013, le marché du e-commerce français a représenté 51,1 milliards d’euros, en progression de 13,5% sur un an.59% des Français ont acheté en ligne en 2013. Cela représente 33,8 millions de personnes.87 000 personnes travaillaient dans le secteur du e-commerce en France en 2013, dont 12 000 qui occupaient des emplois nouvellement créés.Le nombre de sites marchands actifs a progressé de 17% l’an dernier.

Les 5 sites les plus visités sont, par ordre décroissant: Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac, eBay, PriceMinister. 10 Significant Things You Likely Didn't Know About Social Media But Should. We love to make decisions and form strategies based on statistics. It’s why we A/B test and how we change directions on our social sharing. Who doesn’t love a good statistic, especially one that has an actionable next step? You’re likely to find a sea of statistics for social media—I know I’m amazed at how many are out there. My favorite finds are those that are just a bit surprising or unique or even counterintuitive.

I’ve saved some of the best social media stats I’ve found over the past few months and I’m happy to share them here with you. 1. How Much Data Is Generated On Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tinder & WhatsApp Every Minute? [STATS] « AllTwitter. Evolution of Web Design & Marketing Infographic. Click on infographic to enlarge. Cancer, Community, Content & Web Design Evolution Infographic. Digital to Grow to 75% of Marketing Budgets [Infographic] Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog. The findings of an Accenture Interactive CMO survey have been remixed into an infographic, appearing on Adweek this week. In the next 5 years, digital could account for 75% of marketing budgets, with mobile accounting for more than 50%.

How CRM Helps Small Businesses [Infographic] There's a tool that helps small businesses level the playing field and compete on equal footing with global enterprises. A customer relationship management (CRM) system gives them the power of a big business, plus the flexibility to keep that small-business agility. CRM simply manages most of your critical customer information so you can see it in one place. Features vary among platforms and some systems are completely customizable.