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Brandwashed - More Information. Who were the marketers of Justin Bieber really targeting when they "branded" the teen pop idol?

Brandwashed - More Information

How old is the average "fresh" apple you see in your local supermarket How many brand logos can the average 36-month old American toddler recognize? How many more purchases do grocery store shoppers make when slow music is playing overhead? If you're a straight male, what goes through your head when you see a buff male body in adverts? What's the youngest age ever targeted by a marketer? Why does an interview with Royalty never go longer than 20 minutes? Which type of Walmart customer is likely to spend more money in a health food store? Of children age 8-18 who play electronic games, what percentage are pathologically addicted? How much time do we spend talking to friends and family about brands?

0 to 3: The word 'sucker' comes to mind. 4 to 6: Know that sinking feeling every time you arrive home with an armload of expensive stuff you don't really need? 7 to 8: You weren't born yesterday.

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Why Agile Brands Win With Millennials. Nov. 18, 2015 To succeed today, brands must strike a delicate balance: honor their core tenets while evolving to stay fresh and relevant.

Why Agile Brands Win With Millennials

Millennials, in particular, want brands to be true to who they are, but to also adapt with the times. So says Landor’s Global Agile Brand Study, which measured more than 50,000 global brands in 51 countries to find out which brands are succeeding by striking that balance. The top 10 brands on the list were Samsung, Android, Wikipedia, Google, Dyson, Apple, YouTube, Microsoft, Ikea and Disney. Like the brands on the list, today’s marketers must learn to adapt to changes in the marketplace while keeping their core philosophies in mind, says Thomas Ordahl, chief strategy officer at Landor.

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Six Scholarly Insights on Branding. Branding continues to be a high-priority topic for academics and practitioners alike.

Six Scholarly Insights on Branding

Even in an increasingly digitally connected world, consumers still seek and value brands, and marketers still make significant investments in brand development and management. Not surprisingly, this interest in branding is reflected in a collection of six recent articles in the Journal of Marketing. Given the variety of research topics that fall into the branding category, it is also not surprising that these recent JM branding articles cover a lot of ground. India: The secrets of managing the luxury brands portfolio by L'ORÉAL CAREERS.

Unilever: Our brands are bought 2 billion times a day - Video - Business News. Groupe Flo, Red d'Hippo - CBA, designing brands with heart. Air France : l’élégance et la poésie revisitées, Publicité - Les Echos Business. Monde Les banques grecques ont rouvert Le contrôle des capitaux est maintenu tandis que le seuil du retrait d’argent liquide est assoupli.

Air France : l’élégance et la poésie revisitées, Publicité - Les Echos Business

La propriété intellectuelle, facteur de compétitivité, Brevets et marques - Les Echos Business.

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Survey Lab - Bienvenue sur le site Survey-Lab, Le laboratoire d’études européen des tendances e-shopping. Le saviez-vous 25% des acheteurs de lingerie sont des HOMMES 150 000 colis expédiés chaque jour par vente-privee en période de forte activité 90% des e-shoppeuses européennes déclarent que vente-privee leur permet de DECOUVRIR DES MARQUES DE MODE vente-privee est le 1er centre de production d’image en Europe (3 800m² de studios) vente-privee est SERVICE CLIENT DE L'ANNEE 2015 pour la 6ème année consécutive 30% des ventes de lingerie en Europe sont réalisées VIA LES CANAUX MOBILES 1,4 million de pièces de lingerie féminine vendues en Europe en 1 an VIA LES CANAUX MOBILES Les pièces colorées et les lotssont les articles lingerie LES PLUS ATTENDUS sur les canaux mobiles Les push-up et les stringssont les pièces de lingerie PREFEREES DES MOINS DE 30 ANS 68 produits de beauté en moyenne dans le vanity des 18-30 ans 27€ Le prix maximum envisagé par les e-shoppeuses européennes pour un MASCARA.

Survey Lab - Bienvenue sur le site Survey-Lab, Le laboratoire d’études européen des tendances e-shopping

How Shinola Went from Shoe Polish to the Coolest Brand in America. You had to know your U.S. history to fully appreciate the gag on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 21.

How Shinola Went from Shoe Polish to the Coolest Brand in America

Two contestants, Guillermo and Yehya, stood on a set made up to look like that of a game show, as a shapely assistant presented each with a pair of luxury products—a watch and a leather shaving kit. The sparkly toothed host hit the gentlemen with the money question: "Which of these products is shit, and which is Shinola?

" It wasn't much of a contest really. The products made of excrement really did look like, well, shit, which is why Kimmel's crew thoughtfully provided large garbage cans in which to dump them. The contestants both ended up "taking home all this beautiful shit from Shinola," the host cracked.

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Branded content. Rebranding. Brand value. Should brands be on a data diet? Today’s marketer is drowning in a deluge of consumer data, with experts claiming a rise in "infobesity" or the overabundance of information.

Should brands be on a data diet?

The view of some analysts is that just as fast food enables us to consume lots of low-quality food cheaply, brands too can now have access to vast amounts of consumer information of varying quality and relevance. But as with fast food, too much of this "low quality, high quantity" information can actually prove to be a health hazard for brands. In this cross-channel world, marketers are reaching out to consumers using a variety of channels including email, social, mobile and display – with the aim of building long-lasting, personal relationships that are beneficial to both the brand and the consumer.

A cross-channel approach has the ability to generate a mountain of data, but with marketers often unsure of how to use this to their advantage, they should not automatically assume that more data is always better. 2. 4.

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