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Building Retro Brands: Harley Davidson and the 4 As. MBA Perspectives: 'Big Design' is an exclusive AMA series examining customer experience design.

Building Retro Brands: Harley Davidson and the 4 As

After a seemingly unstoppable growth period during the beginning of the 21st century, the iconic American brand Harley Davidson was in serious trouble. Not only did the 2008 global economic crisis hit it hard, but more importantly, its core target market was shrinking fast. Composed primarily of American Baby Boomer males, this aging demographic had plenty of disposable income and sought an escape from the monotony of daily life by indulging their long-lost aspirations of rebellion (Holt 2004). As profitable as this market segment once was, Harley Davidson had no choice but to shift branding gears and create new customer experiences. In an effort to capture a younger, Millennial male market without completely alienating its original fan base, Harley Davidson adopted the principles of retro branding, defined in an influential article in the Journal of Marketing by Stephen Brown, Robert V.

Airbnb targets ‘super brand’ status as it outlines community-led marketing strategy. Collective Creativity From Fans Worldwide. Blocumentary - The Impact of the LEGO® Brand: AFOL - Part 1. LEGO The Hobbit in 72 Seconds. New Cadbury Dairy Milk TV ad 60 Seconds. Airbnb hires new global marketing director to create 'community superbrand' Irving will report to CMO Jonathan Mildenhall in the new leadership role, with the aim of empowering and developing a team of "world-class creatives" to help Airbnb become the first community-driven Superbrand.

Airbnb hires new global marketing director to create 'community superbrand'

He joins with 15 years of experience at blue chip companies including Google, Apple, Levi’s, and GM. He joins Airbnb from Google, where he was the senior marketing director responsible for Google Play. Before joining Google, he was acting Co-CMO and vice president of global digital marketing for the Levi’s Brand at Levi Strauss & Co. Prior to that, he worked at Apple where he led the execution and planning of globally integrated marketing communications programs for iPhone.

"Brian has delivered amazing creative work for some of the most prominent and culturally iconic companies and we’re delighted to have him join us," said Mildenhall. Irving said: "I am inspired to work with this incredible team to build Airbnb into the first community-driven superbrand," Irving said. ▶ Danny Macaskill: The Ridge - YouTube.

Les community managers, futurs dircoms ? – TheBrandNewsBlog l Le blog des marques et du branding. Avec cette question aguicheuse, j’en connais qui vont me reprocher de sombrer dans la retape… Qu’importe, j’assume ;-) Le métier de CM a beau n’être plus si jeune, avoir été supplanté sous les projecteurs par d’autres disciplines digitales et faire l’objet de critiques récurrentes (voir ici par exemple), il n’en reste pas moins central dans l’écosystème 2.0, à la croisée des chemins entre les organisations et leurs publics.

Les community managers, futurs dircoms ? – TheBrandNewsBlog l Le blog des marques et du branding

Voilà pourquoi je reste confiant dans l’avenir du community management et pourquoi je continue de prédire, comme d’autres avant moi, une belle progression dans les organigrammes pour les community managers. Au point d’endosser un jour le costume de dircom’ par exemple ? Pourquoi pas… Si tant est que la fonction de directeur/trice communication existe encore (sous ce nom ou un autre), il me semble que les CM en ont déjà la vision transversale et qu’ils en posséderont, s’ils les cultivent, les principales qualités. A condition bien sûr qu’on leur laisse leur chance… Seth Godin - Create Your Tribe, Inspire Those Around You, and Share Your Art. Full social customer workflow Edelman. JCR;01MAR98 - JCR98 Fournier - Consumers and Their Brands.pdf.

Gathering "likes" is not the same as building a community. One of the changes I have noticed in social media recently is that the lines between marketing, brand comms and customer service are becoming increasingly blurred.

Gathering "likes" is not the same as building a community

Social teams are encouraging community managers to reply to every post, comment and mention in order to build their brand, but they often mistake this for building a community. It is not. Talking to people on the social web is incredibly important as part of a brand's "conversation strategy", but we need to remember that this is not the same as building a community. This is just "working the room" at a cocktail party - it is not building a long-term relationship.

However, I would like to think that one ultimately leads to the other. Engagement cannot be owned - it is not a dog. Apple is still one of the most "anti-social" brands in the world (if you use a social-media definition), but its retail spaces and brand values have made it one of the biggest brands in the world, with the most loyal fan bases. Brand Communities. In addition to the owner clubs, Saab also sponsors an annual convention where owners can show off their cars and attend seminars.

Brand Communities

Recognizing the diversity of its community, the company will offer, for example, a discussion about OnStar for new customers and restoration for those who are still driving 20 to 30-year-old cars. While Saab would like all its owners to upgrade to new vehicles eventually, Janisse says the company recognizes the value in someone driving, for example, a 1974 Saab that still looks and runs like new. He says that new customers will see the value in a car that can last for a few decades and will be more willing to investigate the brand.

Muniz and O’Guinn write, however, that older Saab drivers tend to view new owners as “yuppies -- or ‘snaabs’ -- who want the car for the wrong reason: trendiness” (and thus falling outside the bounds of established community norms). Segment Your Brand Community Participants Part 1 « Ping! – Loyalty Science in Practice. Posted on May 5th, 2010 If you are a socially savvy brand, most likely you are already engaging your customers in some form of online community, either through your own branded online community such as Kraft Foods’ recipe exchange community, or through a third-party social media platform such as what Starbucks is doing on Twitter.

Segment Your Brand Community Participants Part 1 « Ping! – Loyalty Science in Practice

In managing the participants in these communities, it can be very helpful to segment the participants so that you can identify the unique value of each participant and involve them accordingly. 18 Roles of a Successful Brand Community – How Many Employee(s) Should You Hire? - Jean-Francois Belisle, M.Sc. - Marketing, Analytics and Entertainment. In an interesting post published in French, my friend Julie Lemonde – inspired by Boston University Professor Susan Fournier’s article published in Harvard Business Review coauthored with practioner Lara Lee – describes the 7 basic principles related to how to build a successful brand community.

18 Roles of a Successful Brand Community – How Many Employee(s) Should You Hire? - Jean-Francois Belisle, M.Sc. - Marketing, Analytics and Entertainment

Frankly, I recommend both readings since they are: (1) well-written, (2) concise, (3) in depth, and (4) theoretically and managerially sound. In reading Julie’s post, one of the 7 principles entitled “Communities are strongest when everyone plays a role” piqued my curiosity. This section involved a description of 18 roles that should be part of a brand community.

Here is the exhaustive list: 1. Making Brand Communities Work. What has the potential to be a powerful market-research lab, early-warning system and customer-loyalty builder? I guess the title gave it away. I was inspired this week when I found an old article posted on Wall Street Journal regarding online communities. The authors remind us of the potentials of insights and the opportunity for strengthening the bond between our brands and the customers we work to satisfy with brand communities. If you remember my last post, I reinforced some of the struggles that market research leadership faces: time and money. Communities can offer insights, at a reasonable price and with a quick turn around: To get it right, here’s what we can do: 1. Brand Communities and New Product Adoption: The Influence and Limits of Oppositional Loyalty. Executive SummaryBrand communities have been touted as means to increase customer loyalty and enhance sales.

Brand Communities and New Product Adoption: The Influence and Limits of Oppositional Loyalty

As a result, more companies are dedicating marketing resources to encourage customers to join and participate in such communities. However, there is a lack of research that directly connects brand community membership to actual purchase behavior. In this study, the authors examine the various ways brand community membership can influence the likelihood that customers will adopt a new product. In addition, the study identifies strategies that marketing managers can use to enhance the impact of their brand community while blunting the impact of competitor’s brand communities.Proponents of brand communities have cited two ways these communities can influence adoption behavior.

First, brand communities have been found to foster a greater sense of loyalty toward the target brand. BiographyScott A. Rajiv K. Brand Modeling, Consumer Insights, Psychological Assessments and Research. The Power Of Community In Marketing - We’re All In This Together: the Power of Brand Communities. In the last piece I tried to make an argument that brands should focus on the development of social capital rather than trying to slavishly report the sustainability endeavours of their corporate guardians.

We’re All In This Together: the Power of Brand Communities

And I went on to argue that social capital manifests itself in rich, diverse and dynamic communities - including brand communities. Through creating, supporting and enriching communities around themselves, brands can help their constituents surface the issues, challenges and solutions that are relevant and timely in that community. In other words, community has the power to be a more natural, dynamic and enduring way of finding solutions to the challenges we face. Wp2008-6.pdf?did=756&Filename=wp2008-6. MIT SMR. Communities Dominate Brands. Tom_brand_community.

Tribal markeig

9 Types of Brand Community - A New Model. In looking at over 50 types of brand communities, I've been able to dissect and classify them into 9 different buckets that make sense.

9 Types of Brand Community - A New Model

I could have segmented them by core purpose (innovation, evangelism, distribution, insight, user generated content, decision-making, employee-rallying, customization), but the segmentation would become meaningless given how many different purposes exist for brand communities, oftentimes found all in the some of the better communities.