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April 1,2015

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Comment Airbnb et Uber ont tué le marketing digital ! Le marketing digital est mort.

Comment Airbnb et Uber ont tué le marketing digital !

C’est dommage pour tous ceux qui voulaient en faire un point de différence, mais c’est la triste réalité. Pour réussir, il va falloir briser les silos et arrêter de penser que le digital est une expertise à part entière… Car dans le monde de la promotion touristique tel qu’il est aujourd’hui, le marketing est global et doit seulement profiter des usages digitaux…La démonstration, encore une fois, vient de ces deux mastodontes de l’économie collaborative que sont Airbnb et Uber. En décryptant les deux dernières opérations de communication de ces géants, vous comprendrez mieux ! Incumbents as attackers: Brand-driven innovation. At a time of stagnating markets, technological disruption, and rapid changes in consumer behavior, where can big brands find growth?

Incumbents as attackers: Brand-driven innovation

One popular path is through brand extension: stretching a brand into an adjacent market where its value proposition is still relevant to consumers. Classic cases include Colgate’s sideways move from toothpaste to toothbrushes, Nivea’s from body care to hair care, and Gillette’s from razor blades to shaving foam. However, some incumbents are taking this approach a step further by using their brand as a springboard to drive innovation in an entirely new market. Take the Weather Company, which owns the Weather Channel, as an example. It has used its deep weather-data assets to move beyond the TV business, extending successfully into new markets by supplying data and forecast models that help companies make better decisions. This kind of brand-driven innovation has come of age in the past few years for a number of reasons. Monoprix lance une nouvelle MDD : "P'tit Prix" Impossible, même pour Monoprix, de ne pas s’intéresser au prix !

Monoprix lance une nouvelle MDD : "P'tit Prix"

C’est le sens du prochain lancement de la gamme “P’tit Prix”. Après un programme de baisse de prix initié l’an dernier (mais sans effet sur l’indice de l’enseigne, eu égard à l’évolution générale du marché), Monoprix entend soigner son image-prix avec un nouveau niveau de gamme. Plus tout à fait cœur de marché mais pas non plus premiers prix.

Pret A Manger introduces ‘Good Evenings’ trial with wine and beer now on the menu. Virgin Money aims to ‘seize the moment’ with new animal featuring TV push for 2015. Customer journey mapping: How a solid customer journey map can be essential to a brand's success - Nunwood. Silo thinking can be a difficult obstacle for businesses to overcome.

Customer journey mapping: How a solid customer journey map can be essential to a brand's success - Nunwood

Some organisations are blessed with a rich assortment of talented employees, who excel as individuals, and yet struggle to bring their departmental strengths together for the benefit of the customer. Customer journey mapping offers a simple and effective solution to this problem. Press Release: The Nunwood 2015 US Customer Experience Excellence Report - Nunwood. Nunwood’s 2015 US Customer Experience Excellence report is one of the largest, most robust customer surveys in the world.

Press Release: The Nunwood 2015 US Customer Experience Excellence Report - Nunwood

It shows which brands are performing most strongly, what they are doing and how the UK compares to the USA for customer service. Its findings are based on 7,500 individual responses from US consumers, covering 225 brands. Most importantly each response is based on reviews from actual customers, rather than simply on brand perception, like many surveys. Comparing the UK to the USA reveals the following: American customers have nicer days. Tapping US customer experiences. NEW YORK/LONDON: American consumers experience significantly better customer service than their British counterparts, according to a new survey of top-performing US brands.

Tapping US customer experiences

Nunwood, a British customer experience management consultancy, sought to identify the top 100 US brands by the customer experience they provide but also wanted to see what UK brands could learn from best practice across the pond. Patagonia pursues 'good growth' AUSTIN, TX: Patagonia, the outdoor apparel group, is pursuing "good growth" - an approach aiming to take greater consideration of employees, communities and the planet instead of putting profit on a pedestal.

Patagonia pursues 'good growth'

Rose Marcario, Patagonia's chief executive, discussed this subject at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. "I think there is good growth and not good growth," she said. Sensory triggers can help brands. LONDON: Those brands that best understand the role of sensory characteristics in delivering consonance and satisfaction across all consumer touchpoints will stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace, a leading industry figure has said.

Sensory triggers can help brands

Pippa Bailey, innovation director at MMR Research Worldwide, argues in the current issue of Admap, the focus of which is multisensory marketing, that traditional market research measures "fit to brand", a rational process that cannot capture sensory associations. "All objects, without exception, have both a sensory profile and a conceptual profile," she writes. This is because people attach subconscious meanings to things perceived through the senses and which then influence their behaviour. Daily 040115 EN_us/uk. WGSN is one of the world’s leading trend forecasting and analysis service, equipping style-driven businesses around the world with future intelligence and creative inspiration on what’s new and what’s next through digital subscription and bespoke research services.

Daily 040115 EN_us/uk

Courrèges launches its new fragrance with the complicity of Air France : Air France Corporate - Mobile : "La fille de l’air" is an airy fragrance with clear, sharp lines like a Courrèges dress: an essence of sparkling, zesty bergamot, full of spirit, and a sublime and rare heart, an addictive sunny orange blossom, made from an exceptional flower.

Courrèges launches its new fragrance with the complicity of Air France : Air France Corporate - Mobile :

A fragrance with a subtle seduction, which instantly leaves a memorable impression. • Exists in 50 ml (69 euros PPI) and 90 ml (89 euros PPI)• Available in the air as from 1 June 2015 (Air France inflight sales, on the website and at• Available on the ground as from 15 June 2015 Air France has been involved in journeys that have influenced the international development of Courrèges since its creation. Customer Experience is Becoming More Important Than the Product Itself. InShare281 Customer experience is the sum of all engagements and interactions a customer has with your business in every step of their journey and lifecycle. It’s what your customer feels, thinks, says (to you and others) and more so, what they do now and in the time to come that counts for everything. CX is measured not by NPS (Net Promoter Score) but instead by the sentiment and outcomes in every moment of truth throughout the relationship. Project-Based Learning Through a Maker's Lens. The rise of the Maker has been one of the most exciting educational trends of the past few years. Multisensory marketing is the future. LONDON: Marketers grappling with the intricacies of media mix modelling may also have to consider how best to create the optimum multisensory mix. According to Gemma Calvert and Dr Abhishek Pathak, of the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, if you get that right "you can deliver superior experiences for consumers that far outperform any single sensory broadcast alone – providing huge competitive advantage". Writing in the current issue of Admap, the focus of which is marketing to the senses, they claim that the emphasis on the visual – the average adult is exposed to upwards of 200 visual advertising messages a day – has led to a situation where most people simply ignore much of what is put in front of them.

Un carré Hermès au profit de la restauration du Château. Prismatic.