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Introduction to R

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Tutorials and resources for those learning R.

R Basics. For exploring data and doing open-ended statistical analysis on it, nothing beats the R language.

R Basics

Over the years, this open-source tool has come to dominate the way we do analysis and visualization; It has attracted a rich and varied collection of third-party libraries that has given it remarkable versatility: But how do you get started? Casimir explains how to get started, and get familiar with the way it works. As mentioned on the simple-talk blog, Microsoft recently acquired Revolution Analytics, a leading commercial provider of software and services for the open source R programming language. IT Professionals are now more likely to encounter R as it is integrated into Microsoft’s platforms and is used in conjunction with other software. But R is not limited to interactive sessions. This historical background explains how R has garnered a loyal community over the years, but does not demonstrate that it has any practical value or relevance today.

Mean(c(9, 7, 3, 1)) [1] 5. Very gentle resource for speeding up R code. Nathan Uyttendaele has written a great beginner’s guide to speeding up your R code.

Very gentle resource for speeding up R code

Abstract: Most calculations performed by the average R user are unremarkable in the sense that nowadays, any computer can crush the related code in a matter of seconds. But more and more often, heavy calculations are also performed using R, something especially true in some fields such as statistics. The user then faces total execution times of his codes that are hard to work with: hours, days, even weeks. In this paper, how to reduce the total execution time of various codes will be shown and typical bottlenecks will be discussed. Unlike many similar guides I’ve seen, this really is aimed at a computing novice. Favorite parts: “The strategy of opening R several times and of breaking down the calculations across these different R instances in order to use more than one core at the same time will also be explored (this strategy is very effective!)”

Related A guide to speeding up R code May 10, 2013. Code School - Try R. R Bootcamp — Jared Knowles. Intro Welcome to the R Bootcamp.

R Bootcamp — Jared Knowles

Here you can find all the materials used for the Second R Bootcamp for Education at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. These slides represent the slides presented on December 3rd-5th of 2012. However, the slides are being further developed to improve the relevance and usefulness of the material based on feedback received at each bootcamp. In particular, modules 6-8 and the two optional modules are being revised extensively. For the latest slides and developments on bootcamp materials, check out the GitHub repository with the latest files.

Sector67 R Short Course For a shorter, 2 hour condensed introduction to the bootcamp, please review [these slides] These slides were presented at Sector67, Madison Wisconsin's Center for Prototyping, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing. For the materials to follow along with the short course, get the [zip file here]. Download To download all materials at once, you can get the .zip file here. Bootcamp Modules. ComputerWorld’s R for Beginners Hands-On Guide. Computerworld's Sharon Machlis has done a great service for the R community — and R especially novices — by creating the on-line Beginner's Guide to R.

ComputerWorld’s R for Beginners Hands-On Guide

You can read our overview of her guide from 2013 here, but it's been regularly updated since then. As an added bonus, the guide is now available as a downloadable PDF for your offline-reading pleasure. You'll need to provide your email address to download it, but that's a tiny price to pay for this excellent hands-on guide. Put it on your e-reader (or print it out if you're going the old-school route), put it next to your laptop, and type in the R commands from its 45 pages of worked examples. (Yes, you could cut-and-paste them if you like, but I find actually typing commands is an effective way to learn a new language.) Introduction to R - General Assembly & DataCamp free course.