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My name is Mixalis and i live in Thiva, Greece. I work as a bus driver in KTEL. I love music, video games and movies, with my favorite being Lord Of The Rings.

New and Used Car Reviews, Car News and Prices. Πότε περνάω ΚΤΕΟ; - KTEO Auteco ΚΤΕΟ Οχημάτων, ΚΤΕΟ ΜΟΤΟ. Scania Group. – Τεχνολογία, Αγγελίες Μεταχειρισμένων, Reviews-Αξιολογήσεις, Gadgets, Tablets, Κινητά, Internet, Gaming, Mobiles, Smartphones, iPhone, iPad. Προσφορές, επιστροφή χρημάτων, εκπτώσεις, κουπόνια. Yoda Online Supermarket: Ψώνισε Online, Εύκολα και Γρήγορα! "Twin Peaks": David Lynch's journey to revive the cult TV classic, 26 years after its cancellation — Quartz. It was cookies, not cherry pie, that brought Twin Peaks back to TV.

"Twin Peaks": David Lynch's journey to revive the cult TV classic, 26 years after its cancellation — Quartz

Twenty-six years ago, David Lynch’s surreal soapy drama about the murder of a prom queen in a small Pacific-Northwestern town was pulled from the air after the once promising TV show suffered a sharp decline in ratings. Tonight, on US cable channel Showtime, it will pick up where it left off all those years ago. Twin Peaks premiered on US TV on April 8, 1990 with a two-hour pilot that pulled nearly 35 million viewers, a third of the nation’s TV audience at the time, the New York Times reported (paywall). It was broadcast on ABC, one of four main terrestrial TV channels in an age when households with cable received less than 35 channels and the internet as we know it was a sci-fi dream. (Households today get more than a hundred channels, but many cord-cutters getting their entertainment via the net.)

Frank Sinatra 'Trilogy' Album: Behind the Scenes of Recording. Frank Sinatra, a man not fond of interruption, was in the middle of a 1978 recording session at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank when his longtime producer Sonny Burke walked in and dared to halt the proceedings.

Frank Sinatra 'Trilogy' Album: Behind the Scenes of Recording

Vincent Falcone, a pianist-conductor who had worked with Sinatra for two years at that point, recalls that the singer, then 63, was recording Cy Coleman’s “I Love My Wife.” Falcone doesn’t remember if the song was intended for a new album -- Sinatra had already recorded it as a single -- but whatever the purpose of the session, Burke thought he had a better idea. Burke ushered Sinatra into the control room, and an animated conversation ensued. “They were in there for quite a while,” remembers Falcone. “When the boss came out, he just said, ‘That’s it.

Why Is ‘Twin Peaks’ So Influential? - The Atlantic. The sensational entrance into mass consciousness of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, 27 years ago, was an event that defies replication.

Why Is ‘Twin Peaks’ So Influential? - The Atlantic

To begin with, back then there actually was a mass consciousness—or, at least, there were a lot of people watching the same shows at the same time. Norm said something funny on Cheers and a single, vast chuckle rumbled westward across the continent and sank hissing into the Pacific. BBC Learning English - Learning English. PostSecret. Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More.