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Why doctors want the FDA to regulate health and... Health-Professional-Mobility-in-a-Changing-Europe.pdf. One Powerful Illustration Shows Exactly What's Wrong With How the West Talks About Ebola. The Ebola epidemic has killed 3,431 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia; it has killed one in the United States. Liberia's Defense Minister Brownie Samukai told the U.N. Security Council in September that the disease poses a "serious threat" to the country's existence; the Obama administration recently reminded everybody that "[America's] structure would preclude an outbreak. " Health care workers are threatening to strike over dissatisfaction with wages; the U.S. sent 3,000 military personnel directly into the area to help combat the epidemic. The Ebola headlines in Western media outlets, however, don't tell that story.

The Western media circus has lapped up the Ebola epidemic and paraded it around as its newest act. It's everywhere you look — stories about "necessary" precautions, tales of children and even police cars under quarantine, fear that the disease has spread to other parts of the country. The Ebola epidemic hit a particular nerve with the artist. "Us" versus "them. " Can Patrick Soon-Shiong, The World's Richest Doctor, Fix Health Care? Addressing Social Inequities to Create a More Just, Fair and Equitable World | Harvard Public Health Review. The Harvard Public Health Review (HPHR) recently sat down with Dr. Nancy Krieger, Professor of Social Epidemiology in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Director of the Interdisciplinary Concentration on Women, Gender and Health, at HPSH.

Drawing on her extensive body of research, she outlined how populations ultimately embody their social and ecologic experiences, which, under inequitable conditions—like those related to poverty to global climate change—can result in unfair and unjust distributions of disease and suffering. Far from deeming these distributions a given, Krieger argues that academics, public health professionals, policymakers, and informed constituencies have a right and an obligation to mobilize evidence in their efforts to address heath inequities head on and create a better world for all.

Harvard Public Health Review: The public health arena often refers to both health disparities and health inequities. Dr. Nancy Krieger: First look at Medicare data in 35 years. WASHINGTON — Reimbursements to doctors who provide Medicare services in 2012 ranged from nearly $21 million to a single Florida ophthalmologist to the $27,000 for the average anesthesiologist, according to the first look at government payment data in 35 years. The data were released this week by the Center for Medicare Services after a court order lifted an injunction sought by the American Medical Association had been in place since 1979. It reveals wide variances in reimbursements, procedure costs and what services are provided to Medicare beneficiaries. Releasing the data could help consumers understand health costs, help providers deliver better care and enable journalists and advocacy groups to sniff out fraud, experts say. The three specialties with the highest rates of reimbursement were public health welfare agencies at 94%, mass immunization specialists at 92% and slide preparation facilities at 91%.

RELATED: 7 doctors got more than $10M in 2012. Self-discrepancies and pain. Recurrent pain not only has an impact on disability, but on the long term it may become a threat to ones sense of self. This line of research relates the concepts of pain and self and investigates its emotional and behavioural consequences. It furthermore aims at explaining specific activity subgroups (avoidant versus overdoing) in populations with recurrent pain.

A model based on the self Discrepancy Theory of Higgins (1987) is proposed and will be investigated in a prospective cohort study and several experimental and single case treatment studies. Project members: Dr. Our Health Our Community Special Report - Sydney. It has to be about health outcomes, patient experience and working in partnership Speaking at the latest in the Consumer Health Forum (CHF) series of Health Consumer and Community Leaders’ Workshops in Adelaide on 21 March 2013, CHF Chair, Karen Carey, said that consumers must be ‘co-designers and co-creators of care’ and that to change the system we must develop meaningful measures on health outcomes and patient experience. The Workshop brought together consumer representatives and consumer and community Board and Governing Council members, Chairs and CEOs from Medicare Locals and Local Hospital Networks from around Australia.

Opening the Workshop, Dr David Panter, CEO of Central Adelaide Local Health Network gave a frank view of grappling with health reform on the ground. Dr Panter called for a return to values that he believes have been lost over the years: caring and kindness. ‘We have created a system where clinicians are taken away from caring,’ he said. Top down and bottom up. MiwonSEO183 : #ISA14 ... Medecine quantique. MEDECINE QUANTIQUE-Introduction La médecine quantique est une nouvelle science prometteuse. Elle étudie le vivant sous l’angle de la biophysique et non plus simplement sous l’angle de la biochimie. Le développement de la médecine quantique prend une ampleur importante surtout avec les travaux récents de Fritz Albert Popp et de Jacques Benvéniste.

La médecine quantique ouvre de grandes perspectives d’avenir aussi bien au niveau diagnostic que thérapeutique car elle s’intéresse aux processus biophysiques à l’origine même du fonctionnement biochimique de la cellule. Les techniques de biorésonance utilisées en medecine quantique permettent d’ores et déjà de tester la plupart des polluants chimiques environnementaux mais aussi la réaction de certaines personnes face aux pollutions électromagnétiques sans cesse grandissantes. MEDECINE QUANTIQUE-Historique Mais revenons au début de l’histoire : Tout a commencé avec GURWITSCH en 1923.

Un demi-siècle plus tard, FRITZ A. Commutateur 1. Vidéo 1/3 ou. Obamacare a permis d'assurer 10 millions d'Américains. Le nombre de personnes sans assurance-maladie aux Etats-Unis a baissé de 10,3 millions à la faveur de la récente réforme du système de santé de Barack Obama, selon une étude publiée mercredi, une réduction «significative» dont s’est félicitée l’administration. Entre septembre 2013 et avril 2014, plus de 10 millions d’adultes (18-64 ans) auparavant non assurés pour leurs soins médicaux ont souscrit une couverture maladie, selon l’étude de chercheurs de Harvard parue dans le New England Journal of Medicine et relayée par le département de la Santé.

La proportion d’adultes non assurés est passée, selon l’étude, de 21% en septembre à 16,3% en avril, soit une baisse de 5,2 points en prenant en compte des facteurs économiques. L’objectif affiché de la réforme adoptée en 2010 lors d’une guérilla parlementaire est justement de faire passer du côté des assurés une proportion conséquente de la cinquantaine de millions d’habitants qui n’étaient pas assurés jusque-là. BMC Health Services Research | Full text | Assessing barriers to health insurance and threats to equity in comparative perspective: The Health Insurance Access Database.

The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone. IJEqH | Full text | Assessing equity in health care through the national health insurance schemes of Nigeria and Ghana: a review-based comparative analysis. The results for all the demographic, economic and health economic indicators over the period 2000–2010 are provided in Table 1. From a total of 147 studies reporting equity issues retrieved by searches, eight met the inclusion criteria for Nigeria and eight for Ghana.

The results of these are summarised in the relevant NHIS sections and provided in detail within Tables 2 and 3. Table 1. Key demographic, health and economic indicators - Nigeria, Ghana and OECD mean 2000-2010 Table 2. Summary of empirical studies evaluating relevant equity issues for the NHIS (Nigeria) Table 3. Demographics Nigeria is a Lower Middle-Income Country (LMIC) in West Africa [15] with a population that has risen from 123.7 million in 2000 to158.4 million in 2010. 48.1% of the population live in rural areas and 51.9% in urban areas [16].

Table 1 indicates strong economic growth with GDP per capita (US$) rising from $371 in 2000 to $1,278 in 2010 for Nigeria. Health indicators Health expenditure indicators Figure 1. My-mothers-keepers. Photo WEST SHOKAN, N.Y. — IF my mother had been aware enough to know what we were spending on her care, she would have been aghast. She’d always been frugal. I once noticed the remains of the Easter ham in the refrigerator two months later. “Don’t you think it’s time to throw that out?” I asked. This past summer we panicked, my sister and brother and I. We had thought all along that one of us kids might take her into our own home, but with young children and relentless work lives, the prospect of full-time care was overwhelming. Ramona, who is 52, has dark skin, wears her hair in tiny tight braids and has a lilting accent; people often guess that she is Jamaican, but she moved here from Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, 11 years ago.

So my mother spent her last six months living in two different apartments with Ramona and her family in the Dorchester section of Boston. When she went to live with Ramona, she could relax again. It was sometimes almost impossibly hard. The reason that we have hospital dependent patients. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published an article by David Reuben, MD and Mary Tinetti, MD, both academic gerontologists, about patients who are unable to stay out of the hospital. The two physicians study the problems of old people, and are of the opinion that most of these “hospital dependent” patients are elderly.

Certainly some of them are, but in my experience a surprising number are just chronically ill, usually also poor and with home situations unequal to their vast medical needs. Drs. Tinetti and Reuben are apparently studying these patients, thinking about solutions and now focusing us on this special population. Hospitals potentially risk not being paid for patients who return to the hospital with new or persistent diseases within a short time of discharge. (I wrote an article on the history of this several months ago which points out some of the same issues that Dr. Reuben and Dr. Sometimes they have, but sometimes that isn’t the case at all. 신종 인플루엔자, 유독 멕시코에서 창궐하는 이유. 신종 인플루엔자 유행이 잦아드는 듯하더니 다시 감염 발생 소식이 들리고 있다. 지난 4월말부터 멕시코를 중심으로 발생한 '돼지 독감'으로 불린 이 질병은 전 세계로 확산됐고 지금도 감염인을 낳고 있다. 세계보건기구(WHO)가 집계한 바에 따르면 지난 5월17일까지 39개국에서 8480명의 감염인이 발생했다.

한국에도 지금까지 3명의 감염인이 발생한 것으로 확인됐다. 감염인 발생이 한풀 꺾이고 있지만 세계 보건당국은 여전히 긴장의 끈을 늦추지 않고 있다. '신종' 바이러스의 유행 이번 신종 인플루엔자 바이러스는 돼지 독감, 조류 독감, 인간 독감 바이러스 유전자가 혼합된 '신종' 바이러스인 것으로 알려지고 있다. 현재까지 상황을 종합하면, 이번 바이러스의 감염력과 치사율은 그리 높지 않은 것으로 평가되고 있다. 2000년대 들어 조류 독감의 유행이 확인되면서, '신종' 바이러스에 대한 대중의 관심이 높아졌다. 바이러스 확산과 국가 안보 이데올로기 유포 이러한 주장에 정면으로 반대하는 이들도 있다. 국제기구 및 미국 등 선진국 정부에 대한 불신이 이러한 음모론이 번성하는 데 일조하고 있다. 감염인이 아닌 제약회사를 위한 치료제 다른 한편으로는, 감염이 발생할 때 선진국 정부가 대개 교역이나 이동을 제한하기 때문에 제3세계 국가 경제에 치명적 타격을 가할 수 있어 불만이 생긴다. 바이러스에 대한 대응책의 일환으로 백신 및 치료제 확보가 강조됨에 따라 불만과 의심은 더욱 커진다. 음모론이 나름의 의미가 있는 것과 별개로 독감 바이러스의 위험은 실존한다.

바이러스를 유행시키는 사회경제적 요인을 봐야 독감 바이러스는 늘 인류와 더불어 존재해 왔다. 늘 존재하는 바이러스의 위험을 더욱 크게 만드는 요인 중 사회경제적 요인도 빼놓을 수 없다. 하지만 문제 인식과 해결 노력에 있어 과학에 대한 맹신은 경계해야 할 요소이다. 이윤추구보다는 근본적 해결이 필요 신종 인플루엔자 문제는 단순히 생물학적 바이러스의 위험에 국한된 것이 아니다. HPV | Med'Océan – association de formation médicale continue et de développement de la qualité, de l'évaluation et de la recherche en santé de l'Océan Indien. Va-t-on vers un nouveau scandale sanitaire, de l’ordre du Médiator? En juillet demier, Me Charles Joseph-Oudin, avocat également dans l’affaire du Médiator, déposait deux demandes d’indemnisation à la commission régionale de Conciliation et d’Indemnisation des accidents médicaux de Lyon au nom de deux patientes vaccinées contre le cancer du col de l’utérus. La maladie autoimmune dont elles souffrent aujourd’hui s’est déclenchée peu de temps après leur vaccination, sans ‘ »que le lien de cause à effet ne soit formellement établi.

Aux Etats-Unis, les Centers of Disease Control ont recensé 1 500 événements indésirables graves liés à la vaccination par le Gardasil, sur 35 millions de doses distribuées. Pour l’instant, Philippe de Chazournes, médecin généraliste à La Réunion, président de Med’Océan et sans conflits ni liens d’intérêts déclarés avec l’industrie pharmaceutique, préfère mettre l’accent sur l’inutilité de cette vaccination.

Is 'voluntourism' the new colonialism? - Encounter. Volunteer tourism, or 'voluntourism', is one of the fastest growing areas of the tourism industry. However new evidence suggests that it may be doing more harm than good in developing countries, as Kerry Stewart reports. Poorly arranged gap year volunteering trips are at risk of becoming a new form of colonialism, according to a new report by UK think tank Demos. The UK has a long history of sending young people overseas to volunteer.

Operation Drake and Raleigh International, two adventure based organisations took the idea of gap year tourism to the world. Now, it's almost expected that Australian Gen Ys will take time off from their studies to spend some time working with children or helping to a school in the developing world. It's done for the experience of the volunteer. Papi thinks the positive aspects of volunteer travel are hindered when a group of travellers believes it's their responsibility to fix the lives and communities of another. Find out more at Encounter. TED Talk of the week: Dan Gilbert on ‘synthetic happiness’

« Ces gens-là sont morts, ce ne sont plus des migrants », par Jean-Marc Manach. Le 3 octobre 2013, un chalutier transportant cinq cent réfugiés venant pour majorité de l’Erythrée et de la Somalie tombait en panne à deux kilomètres de l’île italienne de Lampedusa. Espérant alerter les secours, un passager mit le feu à une couverture. Le bateau s’embrasa, certains passagers sautèrent dans l’eau, d’autres se ruèrent sur l’un des côtés du navire, qui se retourna. Cette tragédie, qui fit plus de trois cent soixante morts, fut largement relayée dans les médias. Jamais on n’avait autant parlé des risques pris – et des drame vécus – par tous ces réfugiés qui cherchent à gagner l’Europe au péril de leur vie. Une équipe de journalistes européens révèle aujourd’hui que plus de vingt-trois mille hommes, femmes et enfants sont « morts aux frontières » de l’Europe, depuis l’an 2000, soit plus de 50 % de plus que les estimations dont on disposait jusqu’alors.

온라인 상반신 노출시위 나선 브라질 여성들. 브라질 여성들이 온라인 토플리스(상반신 탈의) 시위에 나섰다. 이들 여성들의 시위에 불을 당긴 것은 ‘성폭행의 책임이 피해자인 여성에게도 있다’는 내용의 최근 조사였다. 브라질 정부 산하 연구소인 응용경제연구소(IPEA)는 최근 브라질 사람들의 65.1%가 “여성들이 도발적으로 옷을 입고 있다면, 공격받거나 강간 받을 만하다”는 주장을 일부 또는 전적으로 믿는다고 답했다는 사실을 발표했다. 이 연구소는 2013년 5~6월 사이에 브라질 내 21개 도시 거주자 3810명을 대상으로 설문 조사한 결과라며 58.5%의 응답자가 “여성이 처신을 잘했으면, 강간을 덜 당했을 것이다”라고 답했다고도 밝혔다. 여성들은 곧바로 반발했다. 언론사 기자인 나나 퀘이로즈는 이 조사 결과에 대해 분노를 표시하고 페이스북과 트위터를 통해 토플리스 시위를 시작했다. 그는 “나는 강간당할 이유가 없다(I don’t deserve to be raped)”라는 글귀를 두 팔뚝에 쓰고 상반신을 벗은 사진을 찍어서 SNS에 올렸다. 반동적인 움직임도 있었다. 여기 이번 주 온라인 시위에 참여한 여성들의 다양한 토플리스 사진이 있다.

"I don't deserve to be raped... " Photo via. Photo via. Photo via. Photo via. Photo via. Photo via. "I also don't deserve to be raped... " Photo via. Photo via. "I don't deserve to be raped, nobody deserves to be... " Photo via. Photo via. "No one deserves to be attacked or raped... " Photo via. "We don't deserve it... " Photo via. "Clothes don't define character! " Photo via. "I don't deserve to be raped, NEVER! " Photo via. (h/t Brasil Post) Burn-out - Pascal Chabot est l'invité de Raphaël Enthoven dans "Philosophie" | Burn-out - Philosophie | Philosophie | Monde.

Why We Don't Need Socialized Medicine. Physicians should not be expected to blindly follow guidelines. FreeRice.url. Research Paper: Universal Health Care in Mexico | Samantha Kane's Blog. Ethical argumentation and homosexuality in Africa. Creationism is dangerous: HBO documentary Questioning Darwin shows how fundamentalism imprisons the mind. Patent wars: affordable medicines versus intellectual property rights. Ernst & Young Outline New Vision of Patient-Centric Healthcare. Burden of Viral Hepatitis C in Japan: A Propensity Analysis of Patient Outcomes.

Edsall-free-trade-disagreement. Global Health & Innovation Conference, a Global Health and Social Entrepreneurship Conference.