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Video Tutorials - Postini Help. Check out these on-demand videos to get the most from your Message Security and Compliance Service.

Video Tutorials - Postini Help

Scroll down to also find resources you can provide for your users, to help them get started with the service, too. Getting Started Watch these short e-learning courses to get up to speed quickly. Message Security: Technical Overview & Administration This tutorial provides in-depth training on configuring the Message Security service, nuts to bolts. Topics include how the service works, configuring server alerts, managing user accounts, adding domains, configuring filtering policies and best practices. (34 minutes) Postini Mail Delivery Architecture This tutorial provides comprehensive training on the Postini mail delivery architecture including how message routing works, considerations for mail flow design, comparison of Postini standalone to Postini integrated with Google Apps for Business, as well as configuring split delivery to deploy Google Apps. (31 minutes) Show Me How to... Online Help. Installing Final Cut Pro Studio 2 on 10.7 Lion w/o Rosetta.

Tl;dr$ sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target / tl;dr #2For details on the exact cause and an easier workaround than below, click here to see my blog post with technical details on the how / why Final Cut Studio HD2 is being blocked from install without Rosetta.

Installing Final Cut Pro Studio 2 on 10.7 Lion w/o Rosetta

Trying to reinstall Final Cut Pro Studio 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion today, I ran into this seemingly impenetrable road block: Of course my initial reaction was to scream, curse, and rant on Twitter. After calming down, I decided to do a Google search as obviously I couldn’t be the only one running into this problem before. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, I found a ton of links of people who thought they knew the answer (but ultimately were clueless), saying it just flat out wasn’t supported and there wasn’t any solution. Thankfully I stumbled across this blog post describing how to install FCS2 using Rosetta from a 10.6 disc.

But those are expected and not an issue. Enjoy! -Jeremy. Software for Data Recovery - Windows, Mac, Linux & MS Office Data. Stellar's hard disk data recovery software range includes utilities to recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from any data storage media.

Software for Data Recovery - Windows, Mac, Linux & MS Office Data

These software are designed to recover your lost data from internal or external hard drive, USB flash drive, optical media (CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc), memory card, memory stick, digital camera, SD card, iPod etc. Stellar disk recovery software range comes differently for a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell or UNIX supported media. These data recovery tools are efficient enough to recover your precious data, irrespective of the data and file type. Read More...


MS TOOLS. MAC BUGS. PARALLELS. MAC SUPPORT SITES. DISK MANAGEMENT. Data corruption and loss: causes and avoidance. At The X Lab, we are often asked the question as to what causes corrupted preferences files, data corruption, damaged files, data loss, or files to suddenly "go missing.

Data corruption and loss: causes and avoidance

" This FAQ addresses these questions by discussing: The information in this FAQ is derived from our book, Troubleshooting Mac® OS X. Causes of data corruption and loss Common causes of data corruption and loss include: Power outages or other power-related problems. Any of these causes can result in a corrupted hard drive directory. Technologies such as File System Journaling have helped to reduce the potential for directory corruption due to power outages or hard restarts, but journaling is not foolproof. If operating system files become corrupted, your Mac may not start up or experience recurring kernel panics when a corrupted kernel extension is used. Accordingly, it is appropriate to implement certain strategies to minimize the risks of data corruption and loss. Strategies for avoiding data corruption and loss. Sec_macacls. Magical Macintosh Key Sequences. This is a collection of the (poorly documented) key-sequences that do things.

Magical Macintosh Key Sequences

It’s probably possible to find all this information within Apple’s Knowledge Base, but it’s currently scattered across multiple entries [update 14 May, 2003: There’s a knowledge-base article that lists many of the keys supported by Mac OS X that came out December 2002. I just noticed it now]. In any case, this came from a number of smart people, but Marc Pawliger started the list and Tim Hume collected the various responses. Miro, Andy, Darin, Chris, Barry, the other Marc, Greg, Jon and Ned offered clarifications. I just turned it into a web-page. Also, thanks to all the other folks (too numerous to name) who sent in additions after the page initially appeared. Update 27 December, 2004: I’ve added more keys that folks have sent in, plus there’s a Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference that Apple maintains that you may want to check plus Apple had a page for a couple months that’s gone already.