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Hanging couch design ideas

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Bleue Pièce. Barnwood hanging bed. Floating Round Hanging Bed With Waterproof Tent For Camping... Hanging Beds. I’m completely charmed by this bedroom!

Hanging Beds

What do you think of the hanging beds? I think they’re ingenious and want to copy them. I like the navy and yellow color scheme as well. (If you’re worried, know that each bed is bolted securely to the wall.) You can read all about how the room came to be, and see lots more photos at The Bumper Crop. Floating Frames: 6 Hanging Bed + Swinging Mattress Sets. Do you prefer to slumber in stillness and silence, or would you rest more soundly if you could swing yourself gently to sleep?

Floating Frames: 6 Hanging Bed + Swinging Mattress Sets

Suspended beds are nothing new, but continue to appear in contemporary bedrooms with ever-more-modern materials to hold them in place. One of the classic methods of hanging beds is to simply run four ropes to the various corners, pass them through a circular hole and tie knots below. This low-tech solution works surprisingly well as long as your ceiling can support the extra weight of both bed and sleeper.