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Elizabeth Abernathy: Natasha Fadeeva Tiny Animals. Wet felted trivet. Stiffening Felt. This file is a collection of various messages having the common theme of stiffening felt,collected from the feltmaker's list.

Stiffening Felt

I have done a limited amount of editing. For instance, most of the message IDs were removed to save space and remove clutter. Felting Hints. Back to Feltmaker's List FAQ Page SOLUTIONS TO KEEPING THE FELT PIECE WARM DURING FELTING *Helene Carter, 11 Feb. 1997.

Felting Hints

One problem that I have found when working on felting projects is that the water used to wet the project cools down before I am finished working it. One solution I have used with good success is steaming it over boiling water. Fashioning-Felt at Cooper-Hewitt. Central Library, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2007.

Fashioning-Felt at Cooper-Hewitt

Architect: Jo-Coenen & Co. Architecten. Felt walls designed and made by Claudy Jongstra. Wool, silk. Photo: Peter Cuypers On view March 6–September 7, 2009 This exhibition will explore the varied new uses of felt—an ancient material, believed to be one of the earliest techniques for making textiles. Photo: Bent Mann Wosk Theater, Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles, CA, 2007–08. Photo: Anne Garrison of Hewitt Garrison Photography “Fashioning Felt” press release The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum will present the exhibition “Fashioning Felt,” a comprehensive overview of the varied uses of felt in contemporary design, in the first-floor galleries from March 6 through Sept. 7, 2009. How to make a felt rug « Adventures in Wool Addiction. This is an explanation of rug felting based on classes taken with Halima of, Mehmet Girgiz and Theresa May O’Brien, Karen Page, research thru reading various felting books, and personal experimentation.

How to make a felt rug « Adventures in Wool Addiction

This is just enough information to get a felter hooked but how you expand it is up to your imagination. I plan to write a more detailed and formal explanation in the near future. Felt - Willow Mullins. The Felt Belt: History of Felt in the East » Wandering Sheep. The Felt Belt Felt making in the East during the SCA period by Halima bint al-Rabii’, modernly known as Lorna Rankin (Note: If you know me well enough to see me at SCA events, I do have a version of this with pictures that I can show you.

The Felt Belt: History of Felt in the East » Wandering Sheep

But since I do not have permission to publish the pictures from the many places I have found them I have chosen not to publish them.) The craft of felt making has been known since prehistoric times. What is felt? Felt is made when animal hair fibers, usually sheep’s wool, are caused to permanently entangle forming a dense fabric.

Felting forums

Felted shoes. Playing God. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway recently.

Playing God

It was an unusual giveaway in that Caroline was looking for a pattern tester for her Solar System felting kit. Caroline creates the most wonderful wet felted and needle felted kits and sells them in her Etsy shop. Unusually colored soles - Great idea for handmade shoes. My boots. Felt cafe japan - japanese craft guide.

This book is a the edition of isbn 9784277563109 animal mascots, with a new cover (above), but the same projects. here's the cover from the former edition, isbn 9784277563109 animal mascots. this book is the cutest japanese craft book yet. full of wacky and adorable needlefelted critters, including the postal donkey (below) which might be my favorite. it includes 19 main projects, and several of them include many variations. the projects have very whimsical titles, and include relevant props to create the unique animal personalities. for the sheer variety of projects, this book is amazing. add in the incredible cuteness factor and the quirky characters (why is the donkey a postal worker?

felt cafe japan - japanese craft guide

Why does the rabbit have a wheeled basket of doughnuts? 72 pages. flickr set of the older edition (isbn 9784277563109) here, and new edition (isbn 9784072689103) here. Further exploration for my ArtL!nks project. Is more surface detail ever less??? « Clasheen by Nicola Brown. You know the saying ‘less is more’ but do you think that the opposite holds and would it be possible to say that ‘more is less’ at times as well???

Further exploration for my ArtL!nks project. Is more surface detail ever less??? « Clasheen by Nicola Brown

If ever this were the case the experiments I have been felting this week incorporating mohair might hold true to that principle, I am inclined to have a sneaking liking for them while Carmen is quite unreserved in her horror! Before I start to talk about these pieces let me say that I have also felted a white Icelandic wool and silk vessel (great as a lampshade!) Which I have stiffened on the inside with lightly diluted PVA glue. Success!!! Thin felt vessel stiffened on the inside with PVA I used the same template as the medium sized white, brown and orange vessel from earlier in the course of this ArtL! Now, on to my ‘more is less’ experimenting. Plenty of colour and texture going on here! Like this: Like Loading... Another ArtL! How to make a wet felted pod/vessel using a resist. Please don't tell me you have a Great Dane !!

How to make a wet felted pod/vessel using a resist

Seriously though, you can make these pods any size you want. Mug rug with craft template.