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Guitar Parts – Hearne Hardwoods Store. Index. The key to Vintage sound is in our opinion to 70% only the magnet...Our magnets are custommade for Crazyparts to Vintage specs... cast one by one in UK (Sometime we have some US Made Magnets as special)Why made in Europe?...


The simple fact is, overseas magnet makers do not have the records or generational knowledge to match the capabilities of our magnet maker. (Founded more then 50 years ago). The result is overseas Alnico charges different and sounds different compare to EU or US made Alnico. The most common magnet Type in the 50's and 60s was the Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 ...we analysed these two types of old magnets to build a magnet which comes clost to the old ones. Important detail concerning the tone of vintage P.A.F. pickup magnets is the metal formulation and heat treating processes of our manufacture. Quality African Hardwoods - Prosono international. CNC Milling, CNC Machining Services - Douse Machining, Banbury, Oxford.

Axminster Tools - Power Tools, Hand Tools, Woodworking, Metalworking & more! Professional varnish and paint for guitar painting. - Home. 7mm ALNICO Rods. Truss rod depth question. A tip for single-action truss rod installation. How To Make A Vintage Compression Truss Rod - Instrument Building - "Vintage style" truss rods are highly effective whether they are configured as a bending rod or simply as a compression rod.

How To Make A Vintage Compression Truss Rod - Instrument Building -

In spite of many alternative designs working around their shortcomings, the original is still often regarded as the best by many builders. Whilst I won't be weighing in on that lengthy debate, from practical standpoint "simple, inexpensive and effective" are worth the cost of entry alone. This article was written to be a suitable blend of comprehensiveness and brevity....if you remain unsure about certain areas, leave comments below or ask over in the forums. The Electric Herald. Le comptoir de la lutherie I Algam Webstore. BODIES & BLANKS. Mercorne - Matériaux pour la coutellerie d'art.

Liens - LUTHERIE AMATEUR. All rare, precious and exotic woods. Exotic Hardwoods UK - Home - Exotic Hardwoods UK LTD. Flame Maple & Various Electric Guitar Drop Tops. Hearne Hardwoods – Domestic and Exotic Hardwoods. Global Wood Source,Exotic Wood Source, Campbell, Ca. Esoterica Electrica: Bending to Your Will—The Simple Little Rod. In order for the rod to bend the neck, it only needs to be to one side of this neutral plane.

Esoterica Electrica: Bending to Your Will—The Simple Little Rod

Essentially, by turning the adjusting nut and thus shortening the rod, you are crushing the backside and stretching the front side into a convex arc. This is fairly rudimentary stuff, which is why I like it—no zizzing or dripping, and no software to crash. The Name of the Grain: What is Riftsawn Lumber? In the last post, I discussed my frustration with the general confusion about terms related to growth-ring orientation in lumber.

The Name of the Grain: What is Riftsawn Lumber?

I know, I know. It’s a small nit to pick. But bear with me, if you will, because I think that it’s a topic that deserves clarification. By my training, there are three primary ways in which the growth rings can be oriented in a piece of lumber: Flatsawn: Growth rings are roughly parallel to the face.Riftsawn: Growth rings are oriented at an angle (usually described as 35º-65º) to the face.Quartersawn: Growth rings are oriented roughly perpendicular to the face. Käppi Guitars – An electrifying guitar blog. DIY – Plan for Neck Router Jig – Käppi Guitars. DIY – Plan for Neck Router Jig Finally, I finished the plan for the Neck Router Jig!

DIY – Plan for Neck Router Jig – Käppi Guitars

Neck shape metrics & templates – Käppi Guitars. You can never get enough of templates and metrics!

Neck shape metrics & templates – Käppi Guitars

eGuitar Plans. Spain: Luthier Wood Supplies. Holz-faszination. Guitar pickguard, knobs, tuners, hardware parts. Outillage machine bois métal. Tonewood for E-Guitars. Fender Custom Shop Neck Profiles. The term “neck profile” refers to the shape of the back of a guitar neck in cross section, and it’s often used interchangeably with the term “back shape.”

Fender Custom Shop Neck Profiles

You can also refer to it simply as “neck shape,” although there are other important neck measurements with which “neck profile” shouldn’t be confused (i.e., neck width, neck depth and fingerboard radius). So, what does all this mean to the average guitar player who is considering buying a Fender guitar with a description that mentions the instrument’s neck profile? Before delving into the details, it’s important to understand that neck profile doesn’t affect the sound of the guitar itself; rather, it affects the way you play it. There isn’t one shape that’s objectively better than another when it comes to soloing, chording, jazz licks, scissor kicks or whatever technique you fancy. OK, now the details: Fender uses the letters C, U and V to designate its neck profiles, along with numerous variations of each.

Dieter Schmid Fine Tools. Dieter Schmid Fine Tools. Search results for: 'Top' DePaule Supply. Tonewood for E-Guitars. E.A.G. INTERNATIONAL - Wood for Music. Terrasse ipe et bois en bardage de façade. Eurospruce. Bois de Placages et Bois Massifs au détail, de qualité. - Les bois pour la lutherie. Des informations sur l'origine de l'arbre, l'âge du débit et la qualité.

Les bois pour la lutherie

L'Epicéa: Il est sélectionné sur pied dans les plus belles parcelles du Jura. Les arbres sont repérés dès le mois d'août puis abattu au début de l'hiver et sciés ( ou fendus ) dès que possible. Ces bois proviennent des massifs d'altitude du Risoux, du Mont Noir ou de la forêt du Massacre entre 1000 et 1300 m d'altitude. Pour élargir notre gamme, nous achetons aussi des épicéas en Suisse, en Italie ( Val de Fiemme) ou en Roumanie. L'érable ondé: Nous le chassons dans tout le grand Est de la France, de Laon à Gap... mais aussi en Suisse, dans les Carpates roumaines ou en Bosnie.

Electric tonewoods - Timberline - Exotic Hardwoods and Sundries. New items. ElectricG. Wood and Supplies Guitar Makers - Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Wood and Supplies Guitar Makers - Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Luthimate. Octopus, Tonewood, Tonholz, Maderas para Instrumentos Musicales - Products. Wood for Musical Instruments - TONEWOOD - Maderas Barber. January Sales up to 35% discount on hundreds of our products.

Wood for Musical Instruments - TONEWOOD - Maderas Barber

You will see the discount applied in the cart. Les tarifs - Delta bois : Négoce et Commerce de Bois. Manchesters Leading CNC & Lathe Tooling Suppliers. Luthier Supplies in the UK - Where to buy? Amazing seller!

Luthier Supplies in the UK - Where to buy?

Top marks, thank you!! Hipshot 6 In Line Open GripLock Locking Tuner Upgrade Kit (Staggered) As described, well packed & very quick delivery. Thank you.Hipshot KickAss 5 String Bass Bridge. Inlay Sticker’s Jockomo – Inlay Stickers Jockomo. Making Single Coil Guitar Pickups – Building Your Own Electric Guitar Pickups – Part 4 – Humbucker Soup. Making Single Guitar Pickups In this article, we’re going to talk about making single guitar pickups, and how building them from scratch can be such a rewarding and worthwhile experience. The design is simple and the steps are easy to follow. Another benefit of the design is that winding the coil by hand offers the opportunity of having your pickup sound just as good as, if not better than, the same coil wound by a machine. This means that while your pickup might not look store-bought, it will stand a good chance of sounding every bit as good. We discussed all the tools we’ll need in the last article — we recommend having a look, if you haven’t yet.

[TOPIC UNIQUE] Les fournisseurs de bois - LUTHERIE AMATEUR. Pour vous aider à vous y retrouver avec les différents noms d'une même essence, voici une liste des bois les plus souvent utilisés en lutherie, avec leurs noms latins, français, anglais et espagnols. Cette liste a été créée par Babosen, merci à lui : ... Pièces détachées guitare, électronique et lutherie - Guitar N' Blues. GUITAR PICKUP WIRE.

Le coin du touche à tout » Blog Archive » Fabrication de micros pour guitares (single coils style Fender) Custom Guitar Pickups Technical Guide. Why do companies mass produce sets labeled as “custom guitar pickups” when they’re clearly not? And what actually makes a pickup custom? Is it just any brand that’s not DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan? If so, then why does Seymour Duncan have a custom shop? The Tonal Factors. Building Your Own Guitar Pickup From Scrap. Pickups are a key part of an electric guitar’s sound. You can spend a king’s ransom on tracking down just the right Vintage American Original 1950s Whatevers (TM) to put in your Spudocaster, but it’s not the only way.

[Keith Decent] decided to make a pickup from scratch, using only materials found lying around the workshop. (Youtube, embedded below). To build a pickup, you’ll want some magnet wire. Pickups! Make a Guitar Pickup : 9 Steps. Pickups are made using very thin copper wire, 42 or 43 gauge. I would recommend buying your wire in a spool to make the winding easier, but you can find this kind of wire in other objects if you want. For example, I found mine in a pair of old dog clippers.

However, just a slight warning, the winding will go more slowly if you don't have a nice round spool. To start winding, wrap a few inches of the copper wire around and through the left hand hole on the bottom piece of the bobbin (the other hole is used to secure the bobbin to the sewing machine in step 4). Wrap the wire around the bobbin at least ten times by hand. LMI Shop. Guitar Building Templates.

Bookmatched Chen Chen Veneer for Electric Guitar/Bass.