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Le vide poches du planneur strategique édité par jérémy dumont. Un blog de veille PSST Des déplacements récents effectués dans Paris. | Le Monde Source de l'article: Accéder à ses propres données personnelles, le parcours du combattant La NSA.

Le vide poches du planneur strategique édité par jérémy dumont. Un blog de veille PSST

Google. Les opérateurs téléphoniques. ☞ LES PETITES GOUTTES. The Garden Edit. Beginner. Le blog de Rafaële Rivais, journaliste au Monde. Germain Pire - Semaine du 17 mars 2014 au 23 mars 2014. Art contemporain et bande dessinée dans le cadre du Temps des femmes 19 mars > 11 mai 2014 Performance de live painting par l'artiste Julie Dumont durant le vernissage Dans le cadre de la nouvelle édition du Temps des femmes, la Ville de Guyancourt présente l'exposition Héroïnes, du 19 mars au 11 mai 2014 à la Salle d'Exposition.

Germain Pire - Semaine du 17 mars 2014 au 23 mars 2014

L'exposition explore, au travers de l'Histoire, de l'Art contemporain et de la Bande dessinée, la représentation féminine du héros dans toute sa diversité. L'exposition propose de définir ou de redéfinir ce qu'est une héroïne et ce qui la caractérise. WANDERLUST. The pioneering American scientist, who created the world’s first synthetic life, is building a gadget that could teletransport medicine and vaccines into our homes or to colonists in space.


Craig Venter reclines in his chair, puts his feet up on his desk and – gently stroking his milk chocolate-colored miniature poodle, Darwin, asleep in his arms – shares his vision of the household appliance of the future. It is a box attached to a computer that would receive DNA sequences over the internet to synthesize proteins, viruses and even living cells. QR Codes for Digital Nomads. 2011 | Golan Levin and Asa Foster III, for F.A.T.

QR Codes for Digital Nomads

Lab ABSTRACT:QR Codes for Digital Nomads: QR_STENCILER and QR_HOBO_CODES are homebrew "infoviz graffiti" tools, intended for civic markup and in-situ information display. QR_STENCILER is a free, open-source, fully automated software utility that converts QR codes into vector-based stencil patterns suitable for laser cutting. The QR_STENCILER software was used to create the QR_HOBO_CODES, a collection of 100 stencil designs which, deployed in urban spaces, may be used to warn people about danger or clue them into good situations. Inspired by 19th Century "hobo symbols", these stencils can be understood as a covert markup scheme for urban spaces — providing directions, information, and warnings to digital nomads and other indigenterati.

MonsieurManuel - Téléchargez un manuel, notice, mode d'emploi et guide utilisateur gratuitement. Mike Pezak: “Hobo Nickel” Carver −by David E. Schenkman. Mike Pezak: "Hobo Nickel" Carver David E.

Mike Pezak: “Hobo Nickel” Carver −by David E. Schenkman

Schenkman ~ August 2003 TAMS Journal ~ Token and Medals Society, Inc. ~ Volume 43, Number 4 My introduction to the fascinating world of hobo nickels was accidental, quite some time back, when I acquired a collection of tokens that included a couple of these carved coins. Although I was intrigued by them, and have purchased a piece or two since then, I never became a serious collector. News Armstrong House. The Armstrong House in Britt, Iowa is a large Victorian house built in 1896 at a cost of $15,000 for Lewis Larson.

News Armstrong House

The builder was John Victoria who built many of Britt’s early large buildings, both residential and commercial. Mr. Larson, a Norwegian immigrant, eventually settled in Britt to become the president of the newly organized First National Bank. Legend is that Larson told his contractor that he wanted a bigger house than the one built nearby for a Britt merchant in 1892. Several rooms on the first and second floors have gingerbread mill work over the door ways and halls.

The_dimka: codex seraphinianus. In the late 70s italian architect, illustrator and industrial designer luigi serafini made a book, an encyclopedia of unknown, parallel world. it’s about 360-380 pages. it is written in an unknown language, using an unknown alphabet. it took him 30 month to complete that masterpiece that many might call “the strangest book on earth”. codex seraphinianus is divided to 11 chapters and two parts - first one is about nature and the second one is about people.btw five hundred years ago there was another book somewhat like that - voynich manuscript.

the_dimka: codex seraphinianus

Moondog - Voices of Spring. Les cent livres du siècle. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Les cent livres du siècle est un classement français des livres considérés comme les cent meilleurs du XXe siècle, établi au printemps 1999 dans le cadre d'une opération organisée par la Fnac et Le Monde. TheFamily. Samuel Goujon. Skip to main content You are here Home Hide Everything General.

Samuel Goujon

Simo Häyhä. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Simo Häyhä

Magic and Storytelling at TED / Collaboration between Marco Tempest (@virtualmagician), @onformative + checksum5. “Magic and Storytelling” is an interactive presentation about the history of storytelling augmented with virtual magic in real-time.

Magic and Storytelling at TED / Collaboration between Marco Tempest (@virtualmagician), @onformative + checksum5

Performed by the New York based cyber illusionist Marco Tempest, the presentation combines a number of realtime technologies delivering a homogenous and magical look in realtime. The project was produced and created by Marco Tempest in collaboration with onformative and checksum5. In order to achieve this ‘magical’ combination of digital and physical, onformative developed a variety of proprietary particle systems. These include “global magic dust”, which is based on and controlled by the Kinect depth image, the “hand magic dust”, that they placed particle emitters via hand-tracking onto Marcos hands for to emphasize his movements, and the “custom magic dust”, which allowed them to picture very different elements, as for instance appearing party guests, typography or flying fireballs and bullets made out of particles. Project Page. 30 ways to die on the current (31 photos. Posted on September 11, 2009 in Humor Rate this Post. Sketch Toy: Draw sketches and share replays with friends!

Rendez-vous avec X (archives) - Archives. Billets de Train pas chers sur Troc des Trains: Bon plan pour billets de train à petits prix. Le Jeu du Dieu Fou. My vintage book collection (in blog form).


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