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Put This On. Bexley: Good Shoes for as Little as $110 Prices for luxury fashion items have gone through the roof in recent years, growing at more than twice the rate of general inflation.

Put This On

In 2005, for example, the price of Edward Greens was $700, Common Projects $250, and bespoke shoes from some of London’s most exclusive West End firms $2,750. Die, Workwear! - The Oversized Scarf. I’ve been really into oversized scarves lately.

Die, Workwear! - The Oversized Scarf

Your standard scarf is something like 12″ by 62″, usually made from lambswool because it’s cheaper than cashmere but still has a bit of loft (that loft helps you retain heat). Begg has some nice ones mixed with angora fibers, which give them a slightly softer hand and hairier appearance. Ley Clothing – more quality, small-scale production – Well Dressed Dad. Ley Clothing is Ollie.

Ley Clothing – more quality, small-scale production – Well Dressed Dad

Just Ollie, operating out of the spare room in his flat, self-taught and dedicated to his art. He first came to my attention when I noticed the shirts he was showing on Instagram. In a fantastic looking brown deadstock vintage corduroy. Four Pins - Style, Gear, Life, Places, Features. Live from the S/S 16 shows. ...

Four Pins - Style, Gear, Life, Places, Features

Did you guys know that one of my favorite colors is charcoal? Showing Up To Work Late Because You Copped A New Jacket. Deux ou trois boutons. GARMSVILLE. With costume-design by wife Catherine Martin and hair-design by the great Kerry Warn - both involved in Baz Luhrmann’s previous epic Australia - there’s a familiar feel about The Great Gatsby, due for release early next year.


What is f’sure is that this is no remake of the 1974 Gatsby movie starring Robert Redford and co-starring Ralph Lauren’s wardrobe or the lesser known and decidedly less glamourous Alan Ladd version from 1949. It’s potentially better than both.There are loads of parallels between today’s society and that of 1922, when the book was originally penned. Both periods are marked by economic instability, a widening gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, an increasingly disgruntled underclass, and a shamelessly amoral free-market system. Both are also periods of incredible cultural upheaval caused by the impact of new technologies – in our instance the web and digital media, in theirs, the automobile and electricity. Epochs. M ens dress has taken on huge changes over the last decade.


It’s largely agreed that this is the shift from physical retail to online and the resultant change in buying habits. This shift isn’t only in buying patterns though—the press model of the top-down magazine disseminated and often shamelessly commercial has become a more grassroots, consensus driven and informed approach. It has been a massive and welcome change, albeit one that major publications like gq & Esquire are as of yet unable (or unwilling) to catch up to. In those magazines editorials featuring a brand’s product are placed directly across from their advertisement. Other western publications produce shamelessly artistic editorials almost ignoring the purpose of displaying clothes.

An example of the classic western editorial of beautiful models and rich decor. Urban Composition. The Full Gustin This is my favorite shirt, hands down.

Urban Composition

Avec Ces Freres. Versatilitypost. The Virtue of Versatility Our knitwear inspiration is: Serge Gainsbourg, legendary French songwriter, rancantour & all round genius.. he essentially only wore a dark blue French naval sweater, 3 piece chalkstripe flannel suits & double denim.


His wildcard? Later in life he would take to wearing white Repetto ballet shoes as he admired their soft leather. A Continuous Lean. For The Discerning Few. S Antique Japanese Folk Textiles. From the early 1800s to the 1950s, the Japanese depended on mosquito netting (kaya) made from hemp fibers for protection from the ubiquitous summer mosquito.

s Antique Japanese Folk Textiles

Very large kaya mosquito nets might surround the family's entire sleeping area while smaller kaya were hung around individual futons. These very porous hand made textiles allowed the free flow of air and generally discouraged flying insects.The colors of hemp kaya varied from beige, green, indigo, brown and some had small stripes running the length of the fabric panel. Vintage workwear. Tomgruat on Instagram. Sélections éphémères. Japanese Lifestyle Blog. Dollar stores, 1 euro stores, 100 yen stores- they’re nothing new, and most of us have probably been in one at least once or twice.

Japanese Lifestyle Blog

It is worth noting, however, that 100-yen stores are everywhere in Japan. And by everywhere, February 5, 2014/No comments. Dans la peau d’un Hipster. Hipster, quel drôle de mot. Personne n’aime les hipsters et personne ne se revendique hipster même si le terme est encore difficile à décrire pour nous français.

Inventory Magazine. REPOSITORY - The Comprehensive Resource To Menswear. Workwear. Les bases du vêtement et de l’art de vivre classiques. Voici une liste d’adresses regroupant les savoirs fondamentaux quant au vêtement classique et à l’art de vivre, et ce par thèmes, que ces sujets aient été traités par le Paradigme de l’Élégance (LPDE) ou d’autres sites. Styles De la différence entre styles italien et britannique (chez LPDE). Interview d’Ahmed Abid.

For The Discerning Few a le plaisir de vous présenter une interview exclusive d’Ahmed Abid, fin connaisseur du monde de la fripe et de l’habillement, qui officie actuellement à la boutique Hackett, située rue de Sèvres à Paris. For The Discerning Few : Pourriez-vous nous parler de votre parcours ? Ahmed Abid : Je considère que je n’ai pas de métier.