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Anime / scenery wallpapers. 19 tutorials to help you impress your friends :) Some free TV/Movie sites. 4 Japanese villages you should visit. Favorite and come back when you need a new show. Youtube videos showing you how to do various tasks. Beautiful trailer to the upcoming movie about life of first Slavs. Make maths a bit more easy. End of the World Movies to Watch Before the End of the World. A list of best books ever written voted by the 4chan board /lit. Psychology Tricks. Need a movie to watch? The first line (or first few lines) of the most famous books of all time. It's my Cake Day. I just finished writing a 17,000 line macro to avoid mind numbing work at my job. I used excel to do it. Heres some excel stuff!

Enjoy 1080 x 1980 534 dpi quality Smartphone Wallpaper. The strangest book on Earth. Chocolate.. friggin'.. lasagna... Hi - Res Smartphone Wallpaper Dump (1242x2208) Hi - Res Smartphone Wallpaper Dump (1242x2208) Share this with everyone! The best sci-fi short films. Anime VS Reality. Trump Bullshit. 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries (Part II) Movies that toy with the mind. Lazy Saturday Edition: Did You Know? For The Beginners ... Here's 100,000+ FREE retro video games online. Bad Parenting. 20 TED talks. 14 Brilliant Pieces of Literature You Can Read in the Time it Takes to Eat Lunch. Random Pics Combined Using Neural Network. Malted Guinness Chocolate Cake with Baileys Frosting. This rich, deeply chocolatey cake with Irish cream liqueur frosting is too good to reserve solely for St. Patrick's Day. Kneesocks Metal aka MUTHAFUCKING JAPAN. (redited because of first link mess up.)

Animated short films you should (re)watch. I hope this helps. This has most likely been posted here before, but it's incredibly useful. Web comics that could be worth looking at. Some drawing references I've acquired. How to write a essay with half the effort. 50 Phone Wallpapers (All 4K, No watermarks) Soundtracks to get things done vol.2. Useful Websites. Cake Day! 10 of my Favorite Films. Secret Netflix Categories. Terrifying Simulator Demonstrates How YOU Could Cause The End Of The World. Get in my belly! - GIF on Imgur. 8 things you should favorite RIGHT now. 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries (Part I) A tutorial on how to get into an admin account on ANY computer. Teach your children how to code. Worth a watch. Top 50+ Useful Websites with their URLs. 10 Amazing Resources for People Who Want to Learn a New Language Fast. For the students.

So you want to know poker. Slow Cooker Parmesan Honey Pork Roast - GIF on Imgur. 25 Smoothie combos for your blender. An MMO you should watch out for, PART 2! +Update! For Science!!!! Favourite for later. 17 Great films you might have missed. Pokemon Fan Games. Searching for free images sucks, so here's this thing. Heard you guys like free stuff. In case you missed @WalkinCrow's podcast list. Just another Imgur fitness post. Free Graphic Resources You Can Use - GIF on Imgur. Pictures combined using Neural networks. Time to update your desktop, you crum. Electronic Music to Chill or Groove to Pt. 2. Stroopwafels (Dutch for "syrup waffle")

Crème brûlée (also known as burnt cream, crema catalana, or Trinity cream) - GIF on Imgur. Must Watch Anime Movies. Beautiful Japanese desserts. Simple One-Pot Recipes (fuck Buzzfeed edition) 100 wise words. 10 Easy DIY steak rubs and marinades. My weekend work music. Authetic Indian Food and Recipes. How to lie. Best Road Trip Planning Websites. 10 Awesome Movies No One Saw in 2015 (go watch them!) Soundtracks to get stuff done. Muscle memory - GIF on Imgur.

16-bit Earthporn, Enjoy. Fantasy authors with a marvelous grip on the language. Simple way to get six packs. This is what it takes to fool Penn & Teller. An Apple a day.... - GIF on Imgur. Life *tips* 10 pieces of classical music everyone should listen to. Some of the Greatest Mind Fuck Movies I've seen! 8 Books for a Higher Existence. Youtube channels for expanding your knowledge! Some of Greatest Movies With Twist/Shocking Endings I've seen. (Recommended) Upcoming MMO that you might want to look out for. Because I love this shit. Cult Films that are worth a watch. Best Time to Buy Things.