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Get the Look Decor: Moment of Zen. This weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the New York City apartment of Etsy’s own Heather Burkman, a.k.a. hebo.

Get the Look Decor: Moment of Zen

She lives in a lovely East Village studio with her boyfriend Zack and their clown fish, Lucy. Nestled in a neighborhood filled with restaurants of every variety, farmer’s markets and self-serve “froyo” joints, Heather has created a peaceful retreat with rustic, old world style and Asian influences. One of Heather’s favorite decorative pieces was created from her late grandmother’s collection of bells. She suspended the bells from a natural branch to create a unique art piece. Heather says her decorating style was influenced by her father, a professor of Japanese history. FUCK YEAH BEDROOMS! ANTIQUE SHEET MUSIC - ABSENT - JOHN METCALF - CR 1899 on eBay! Maximize Small Spaces: 8 Revamps for Your Closet. 25 Christmas Table Decorating Ideas. Heather Bullard: Collecting. Oooh, this is the part where I get to tell you about the amazing antique shop we stumbled upon!

Heather Bullard: Collecting

I had not heard nor read about it anywhere in my research, online or otherwise. So finding it was completely serendipitous. It's like this shop was meant for me to find! Welcome to l'Objet qui Parle... The shop was so well curated and you could easily see it was the singular vision of the owner. Make Folding Paper Lanterns. Home » $5 and Under, cheap crafts, Decor, Headline, High Concept, Kids, Weddings 10 July 2009 40,074 views 8 Comments by heather.

Make Folding Paper Lanterns

Make a Starburst Mirror. Home » $10 and Beyond, Decor, Headline, High Concept 17 August 2009 72,011 views 30 Comments by heather I'm a fan of retro-styled starburst mirrors, and I just knew I could make one on a dollar store budget!

Make a Starburst Mirror

Look! Pendant Lamp Makeover For Under $12. DIY Mirror Nightstand. I'm so excited about this project!

DIY Mirror Nightstand

This has been something I wanted but not bad enough to pay $600 or even $100 for it... SO, of course I tried making it. Here it is: I paid a total of $20 to make this table! Baskets2. Weekend Stashbusting Roundup. Home » Headline, Roundup-Ideas 4 April 2010 5,961 views 2 Comments by heather Welcome to the weekend roundup of Stashbusting goodness!

Weekend Stashbusting Roundup

This week, we're kicking off a month-long pledge to bust our stashes and avoid buying new supplies. Whirl-it lampshade - Whirl-it lampshade - free DIY tutorial. We really needed a new lamp, and we´ve planned to make one for months.

Whirl-it lampshade - Whirl-it lampshade - free DIY tutorial

This week we finally got around to it. It takes a bit of different materials, but it´s really easy when you´ve started. We recommend making it outdoors, as it gets quite messy. The result is pretty neat, especially at night when the threads cast shadow on the walls. Make a Feathery Pendant Lamp. Home » $10 and Beyond, Decor, Headline, High Concept 30 December 2009 9,683 views 5 Comments by heather Over at Apartment Therapy, AT reader Ashley made this ethereal pendant lamp, inspired by an upscale ostrich feather lamp.

Make a Feathery Pendant Lamp

She used some common materials that can be found at your local stores, and for less than twelve dollars, made this great statement lamp. Dollar Store Crafts. Home » Headline, High Concept 2 July 2010 233,445 views 30 Comments by heather.

Dollar Store Crafts

SALE PDF Paper Clip Chandelier Frame by ReDesignTechnologies. Make a Spooky Photo Display. Home » $5 and Under, Decor, From Our Readers, Headline, Holiday Crafts 6 October 2010 3,838 views 4 Comments by rhonda A few weeks ago my local Dollar Tree put out a bunch of last year's leftover Christmas merchandise marked at half off.

Make a Spooky Photo Display

Included in the offerings were a bunch of ornament display hangers. I thought about grabbing one but had no idea what I would do with it; now I wish I had gone with my gut and gotten one! Make a Woven Wooden Lamp. Home » $10 and Beyond, Decor, Headline 13 July 2010 28,752 views 3 Comments by heather Make a sculptural hanging lamp with this simple supply found at the home improvement store. Arounna of Bookhou created this lamp for poppytalk using an Ikea pendant light and some wood veneer strips. Although it's not strictly from dollar store supplies, I thought you would be interested in this idea! Small space d.i.y. make your own chandelier with leftover fabric. I have always loved fabric - the different colors, patterns and textures are endless.

I am all for using your favorite fabric in your own small space to personalize your vibe - it's all about making a house a home - yes! When I spotted this sweet shade idea, I wanted to share with you because it looks great and is super easy. How To: Make a Captain's Bed on the Cheap. Make a Beaded Chandelier. Welcome to Dollar Store Crafts - the internet's original site for all Dollar Store Crafts! Keep track of us and never miss another awesome dollar store craft idea: Follow us on Pinterest!

Dollar Store Crafts on PinterestBecome a Fan:Dollar Store Crafts on Facebook Subscribe for weekly Dollar Store Craft-Inspiration You might also enjoy our most popular posts:Pottery-Barn Knockoff Mirror for $11Mind-Blowing Cake Decorating Tip. DIY Design Community « Keywords: recyled, recyling, cardboard, wall. These life-size birch trunks are made from cut-up cereal boxes and left-over house paints. This is an excellent way to utilize packaging that usually ends up in the bin and some of those half empty buckets of paint that seem to perpetually lurk in the corners of every garage.

You will need: Cereal Boxes (or Similar Packaging) Left-over House or Wall Paint. Kate-spade-london-pop-up-2. Sleepover+via+pink+wallpaper. Absolutely beautiful things. My weekend has been filled with happiness. Spending time at home with my family is my favourite thing in the world. Yesterday I played with fabrics and tied them onto chairs with bows. Last night we had some friends over for dinner. It was cold so we lit the fire. I arranged fresh Lillies and leaves from our garden on our coffee table and I lit lots of candles.

Ben%2526phoebe6. Chandelier. Full House. Screenshot2010-10-17at75135PM-1.png picture by waylonbrian - Photobucket. Screenshot2010-10-17at75227PM.png picture by waylonbrian - Photobucket. Screenshot2010-10-17at75104PM-1.png picture by waylonbrian - Photobucket. LE11BrightBazaar-1.png picture by madamepumphrey - Photobucket. Screenshot2010-11-04at85630AM-1.png picture by madamepumphrey - Photobucket. 1278440523. Creative Kids’ Rooms - Do It Yourself. Magazine Bowls. That stuff doesn't look good there. Perhaps you should put i... Toutes les tailles. Search - girl's rooms. Img-thing (JPEG Image, 300x300 pixels) Amazing rooms. Blue, Green, White and Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas. (3.)scribbles & splendor. Flowers. Animal Attraction Pillows: Kiddie Decor Adults will Love.

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