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Meat & Fish Entrees

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Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole {Gluten-free} This chicken broccoli rice casserole is my family’s favorite casserole, and I’ve been making it for 10 years. My boys love the broccoli and cheese the most! I love that it is a naturally gluten-free recipe, so I didn’t have to make changes to it when we had to go gluten-free.

The best part is that this is a great meal to make ahead and put in the freezer. There have been so many times in my life when I’ve been thankful to have some healthy, hearty meals stocked in my freezer. As written, this recipe will make three 8×8-inch casseroles, or one 8×8 and one 9×13-inch casserole. For the shredded chicken in this recipe, I usually buy a Rotisserie Chicken from Costco to shred up, or I will cook a bunch of chicken breasts in a skillet or on the grill, then shred. For storing these casseroles, my favorite containers are Glad OvenWare 8×8 Baking Containers .

I also love to have meals like these in the freezer so that you can give to others in need. Kick Ass Chicken Lasagna – Sugar Dish Me Notes. The Best Crockpot BBQ Chicken | Freecookinc. Whole30 Day 19: Crab + Avocado Temaki. We’ve been sushi fans since forever, so temaki—seaweed-wrapped hand rolls—with spicy crab salad make regular appearances in our kitchen. I usually have all the ingredients for these rolls in our fridge and pantry, and luckily for us, it’s still Dungeness crab season around here, so even the fresh stuff’s readily available.

It’s a breeze to throw together this no-cook recipe. In fact, everyone in the family can assemble their own, which means even less meal prep for me. And trust me: with this recipe, you won’t miss the rice. Here’s how to satisfy your sushi cravings during your Whole30 with restaurant-quality California hand rolls: Makes 16 hand rolls Ingredients: Steps: In a large bowl, combine the mayonnaise, scallions, crab meat, red pepper flakes (if using), and lime juice. To assemble each roll, hold a piece of nori shiny-side down, and scoop 2 tablespoons of the crab mixture onto the left side of the rectangle. Top the crab with a slice of avocado, some cucumber, and sprouts. How To Make A Sushi Hand Roll. Previous image Next image Spicy tuna temaki. Yum! Yesterday I covered the different types of sushi, and one of these was the temaki, or hand roll. This cone-shaped wrap of seaweed sheet (nori) is filled with vinegared rice and various ingredients.

In this post I'll explain how to make one. Items You Will Need:1 sheet of nori (seaweed sheets), cut in half1/2 cup cooked sushi rice with 1 tbsp. rice vinegar mixed in1/2 cup fillings of your choice: sliced sushi fish, spicy tuna, cucumber strips, avocado, daikon radish sprouts ... be creative! PreparationDry your hands so the nori won't get soggy while you work with it. Take a look at the diagram. Fold the top right corner down over the rice and fillings, and then grab the bottom left corner and bring it over the folded corner covering the fillings and pass it underneath until it wraps all the way around and forms a cone.

This recipe makes two temaki hand rolls. I got the temaki stand at Ichiban Kan in San Francisco Japantown for $4.50. How to Make Hand Roll Sushi. Made It. Ate It. Loved It.: Sweet and Sour Chicken. My husband is a fan of sweet and sour chicken so I thought I would try this recipe. It was a huge hit in our house and even the boys ate tons of it!

Definatly a keeper for a easy go to dinner meal Sweet and Sour Chicken adapted from: Mels Kitchen Cafe Chicken Breading: 3-5 chicken breast salt and pepper 1 cup cornstarch 2 eggs, beaten 1/3 cup canola oil Rinse chicken, trim off fat or extras and then cut into 1 inch cubes. season with salt and pepper. 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar 1 Tablespoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon garlic salt Whisk until smooth. Search Results paleo chili. It’s starting to get cold in Houston and by cold I mean that we could wear our boots and scarfs for about 3 days in a row in 60 degree weather! We take what we can get around here and cram fall into those few cool days. So, what do you cook in cold weather?

The BEST Chili EVER, that’s what! This chili is hands down my 2 little ones favorite dish to eat. They actually ask for this by name. Chilwee mama! This chili recipe is super easy to make and is about as clean eating as you can get. Ingredients: 2 lbs. of grass fed ground beef 1 large zucchini 1 medium sized sweet onion 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 1 large can of crushed tomatoes 1 small can of tomato paste (when buying your canned tomatoes check the ingredients and make sure you are ONLY getting tomatoes and that there are not any “added” ingredients)1 small can of water 3-4 tablespoons of chili powder 1 tablespoon of granulated garlic 1-2 tablespoons of paprika 3 teaspoons of salt Get all of your ingredients together and chop up your veggies.


Chicken. Slow-Cooker So-Easy Sloppy Joes recipe from Betty Crocker. A slow-cooker makes this delicious meat sauce unbelievably easy--just add vegetables, beef, chili sauce, and seasonings, and come back later. Savings on0ingredient(s) Ingredients lb. lean ground beef cup chopped onions cup chopped celery cup chopped green bell pepper (12-oz.) bottle chili sauce (6-oz.) can tomato paste to 3 tablespoons brown sugar tablespoons Worcestershire sauce teaspoon pepper sandwich buns, split Directions 1 In large skillet, cook ground beef, onions, celery and bell pepper over medium-high heat for 5 to 7 minutes or until beef is thoroughly cooked, stirring frequently.

Expert Tips+ Sloppy Joes are perfect for busy-day meals and casual dinner parties because the filling is easily prepared ahead. Try Sloppy Joe Shortcakes: Bake one 16.3-ounce can Pillsbury® Grands! Serve the Sloppy Joe filling over cooked ravioli. Nutrition Information+ Serving Size: 1 Sandwich Calories Calories from Fat % Daily Value Total Fat 14g Saturated Fat 5g Cholesterol 50mg Sodium 640mg Total Carbohydrate 33g 2g Sugars 13g.

Heirloom BLT Salad (with Coconut Bacon!) Grilled Chile-Lime Flank Steak Soft Tacos - The Official Cat Cora Website and Blog. Vietnamese Caramel Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi - Nail Shop Eats #4 - White on Rice Couple. The leaning tower of pork belly banh mi: not for the light hearted I’m not a comedian, nor was I trying to be one when I spoke frankly about my mother’s Nail shop cooking escapades. Like I’ve always said, my mother is a culinary fool, a manic of a woman who lives to feed her family of 6 kids and our extended family of neighborhood friends. She’s been known to get even more carried away and feed her nail shop clients homemade noodles and fish sauce while they’re getting their pedicures.

My mother’s nail shop has launched her notoriety as the local nail salon that leaves you twinkling with pretty red nails and stinking of fish sauce. Or in our case, smelling so umami-delicious! Her salon is a combination Viet food joint slash Tuesday-after-5pm-pedicure-special nail salon. I make an effort to be a good daughter and relieve her for a few hours from the bonds of the nail salon so that she can visit her vendors and suppliers. I dived head first in to the best banh mi of the day. Thank you Mom, Best-Ever Sticky Asian Ribs. By Christine Skari on July 7, 2014 Like THESE. Ever since I was little, barbeques meant two things around my house: lots of family and lots of good food. I grew up living just five minutes away from both my obachan and ojiichan (Japanese grandparents) and a handful of my cousins, so family get-togethers were a weekly event.

It was only for special holidays, though, that my mom or obachan would make these Best-Ever Sticky Asian Ribs. Have I mentioned we’ve had this recipe in the family for over 30 years? I hardly ever make a recipe more than once or twice since I like to explore new flavor combinations, but these always keep me coming back for more. If you haven’t caught my drift yet, these ribs are one of my all-time favorite foods <3. Now let’s get one thing straight. So go on and grab a rib (or ten), some family, and a year’s worth of napkins and get ready for your tastebuds to go straight up to the golden gates!

Best-Ever Sticky Asian Ribs Author: Apple of My Eye Cuisine: Japanese. Coconut Frog Legs | Nutty Kitchen. This is one of our favorite things to eat. The meat is very tender and tastes a little like Halibut cheeks meets super tender chicken. We purchase ours from a local Asian market as they otherwise sometimes difficult to find. The frog meat is very lean and will work well with more complex side dishes if you so choose. Our recipe yields 18 pair…yummmm! What will you need? Several packages of frog legs, you’ll have to thaw them out as they are most likely frozenplenty of coconut oilsome sea salt2 eggsplenty of coconut flour (at least 1 cup, depending how many you’re making)1 cup of coconut flakes1 pinch of cayenne pepper1 sprinkle of chili powder1 pinch of fresh black pepper Here’s how to make them: Mix coconut flour, black pepper cayenne, chili powder and sea salt – set aside for battering.

Dry the frog legs off with paper towels, quickly dip into fork whipped egg, and roll legs into the coconut batter mixture, dip them into the egg once more and roll into the coconut flakes. Like this: Bint Rhoda's Kitchen: How to Make Palestinian Rolled Grape Leaves, or Waraqa Dawali. We are back from a nice long visit with my family in Michigan. The trip was glorious, full of excellent food, and plenty of sun and lake adventure. My mother, the most talented Rhoda, bossed me around in the kitchen, taught me a great deal, actually measured her ingredients, and waited patiently for me to photograph food. She was such a trooper. The first dish that I asked her to teach me how to make was this dish, rolled grape leaves. I have helped her make it several other times before, but this time I took notes. Stuffed grape leaves are something to get excited about.

What is Food? I learned the hard way that when I go on a walk with my mother, I carry a bag. My mother is a natural forager. What I love about this dish is that it forces us to ask ourselves: what is food? There is something truthful in the way that traditional peoples have sought out food. Finding Grape Leaves Preserving Grape Leaves I find the dry store method fascinating. 40-50 grape leaves 2. 3. 4. 5. Sahtain! Slow Cooker “Melt in Your Mouth” Pot Roast | Bake a Bite. Recipe Description Meat with veggies is the best connection ever. Such kinds of platters make your stomach full and make you inspired for new achievements. This roast seasoned beef with baked carrot, potatoes and onion will be prepared in slow cooker.

To make beef savory and subtle you cover it with olive oil and seasoning. For spices choose steak seasonings, thyme and rosemary. It pretends to be fragrant. Find full recipe Lu Rou Fan-Braised Pork Rice. Lu Rou Fan-Taiwanese Braised pork rice Well, this is a recipe I have been thinking about to write for quite a long time.

As a fan of Taiwanese rou zao dishes, it may appear with rice or noodles even sticky rice. Along with the strong aroma of small red onions, I can always find some memory back to my university life when the four roommate enjoying this Lu Rou Fan almost once a week. Lu Rou Fan is also called as Rou Zao fan, but I am so sorry that I cannot figure out the regional difference since I have never explored this by myself. What I indeed explored is the cooking processing and taste. Starting with fried small red onion:Heat all the vegetable oil in a wok or sauce pan, add sliced onion in to fry until they becomes dark golden brown. Control your fire especially in the later part to medium or slow and stir the onions from time to time. Set aside to cool down. Back to the wok: pour the extra oil out and leave around 1 tablespoon.

Serve with side ingredients. Ingredients Instructions. Crispy Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Recipe - Pork belly Ramen. Ok, so I was very nervous about calling this recipe “Ramen” because it’s a very loose interpretation of ramen. It’s more like a porky-noodly-brothy-bowl-thingamajig. But in my defense, it’s not all that easy to find kombu or dashi where I live (although the lady at the oriental supermarket I go to promised to order some with their next shipment) because people just don’t know about it.

She said even her Japanese clients don’t ask for it and rather just use miso paste to make their broths. And so, I did the same thing. She also told me that ponzu adds excellent tang to pork broth and so I picked up a bottle of that as well. My obsession with ramen started quite some time ago when I learned through my younger brother (who is the ultimate food experimenter) what it is and that obsession intensified when I learned about the genius that is David Chang. I decided to use pork belly because I just can’t get over how unctuous and decadent it feels to eat generous slices of it.

Pork belly Ramen. BLT Lettuce Wraps: THE BEST Late Summer Meal. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I had no idea when I made this yesterday that today, AUG. 31st, was NATIONAL BACON DAY. All I had been thinking was how the BLT is the perfect end-of-summer meal. Tomatoes are at their best, and something about the heat and humidity of the Arizona monsoon season makes me almost totally inert and immobile. 4 slices on bacon, preferably applewood smoked 1 tomato, sliced thin 2 whole romaine leaves 2 tablespoons mayonaise salt and pepper to taste Instructions Spread each lettuce leaf with a generous portion of mayo.

Copyright 2014 Jackie Alpers: All rights reserved BLT Prep: Here’s the vegetarian version that I make for my husband: Tagged as: Atkins, bacon, BLT, fast & easy, food, food photography, Jackie Alpers, lettuce, lettuce wrap, low-carb, mayo, mayonaise, paleo, recipe, sandwich, summer, tomato. 30-Minute Mongolian Beef Recipe. Thin slices of flank steak, minced fresh garlic and ginger, dark brown sugar and soy sauce.

Toss it all together and 30 minutes later you’ll be chowing down on a DIY take out takeout, instead of waiting for the delivery guy. The key to mastering classic Chinese food flavor at home is a technique known as velveting, which is essentially an egg white, cornstarch and sherry marinade that preserves the moisture of the meat. This recipe includes an abridged version of velveting that still delivers tender slices of steak bathed in a rich reduction of soy sauce and brown sugar. Craving Chinese but not a fan of beef? The KitchenAid giveaway is still open for entries, so swing by Monday’s post to leave a comment for your chance to win a 5-quart stand mixer in the color of your choice!

Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops. Ginger Beef, Mushroom & Kale Stir-Fry. Secret Ingredient, Better Than Takeout! Beef and Broccoli | Carlsbad Cravings. f4d2795b0041b8d43b7b9dd1cf410a68. Beef with Broccoli. Easy Barbecued Ribs. Pulled Pork Barbecue.