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Modest Fashion Style Blog. Hi!

Modest Fashion Style Blog

This is Emily from The Lovely Things. I am fairly new to the blogging scene. My blog is all about my life and my evolving style. Something I’ve been thinking about lately is confidence. It seems like every girl has days when she thinks, “Ugh, I wish I could wear what other girls get to wear.” or “Nothing looks cute when you are modest.” Here are some tips to becoming more confident in your style: Pick staple items that you are in love with.

If you do not have that “I will die if I don’t buy this!” Only wear an outfit if you feel good about it. When you feel good about your outfit, you find that you end up giving yourself compliments instead of put-downs, which builds up your confidence. If you feel like your skirt just may be too short, then skip it. Make things interesting. Mix colors and patterns and experiment with layering. Forget about what other people think. The Sartorialist. Toronto Street Fashion. Girl in the Lens. College Fashion - Tips, trends and style for students. 2013 Fashion, Spring Style and Beauty Guides. Sincerely Jules. Ulyana : Diary.

Cupcakes and Cashmere. Man Repeller. M O O R E A S E A L. Mariannan. Airport chillin.


Until hearing “this is absolutely the final call for passengers (our names) … ” Coffee left undrank and it was time for a little morning run. Lentokenttähengailua. Kunnes eräs kuulutus keskeytti leppoisat kahvittelut: “tämä on ehdottomasti viimeinen kuulutus matkustajille xxx … ” Jäi juoma siihen ja piti pinkaista aikamoiseen juoksuun. First night’s outfit, bright red blazer with zebra miniskirt. Ekan illan asua, kirkkaanpunainen bleiseri ja seepra minihame. What I’m doing right now -picture for my friend. Mitä teen just nyt -kuva kaverilleni. That most delicious chicken sandwich and raspberry limonade Se ihana kanaleipä ja vadelmalimu Morning essentials Aamun pakollisia juttuja Selfie before leaving the hotel Selfie ennen kotiinlähtöä Good to be home, uhmm… This happened when I had 15min time to get ready for the blog awards.

Näin siististi purin laukun, kun piti vartissa laittautua blogigaalaan suoraan kentältä tulon jälkeen. Instafamous! This is what I wore today. Oxford Street. Harper & Harley. The cherry blossom girl (2) Cuba n’est pas ce qu’il y a de plus confortable en terme de tourisme. Il ne faut pas s’attendre à des chambres rénovées ou aux transports les plus modernes.

Et curieusement, c’est ça aussi qui fait son charme. L’ambiance rétro est partout. C’est aussi une destination qui revient assez cher ( il y a deux monnaies qui circulent, et le dollar CUC obligatoirement utilisé par les étrangers vaux environ 25 fois plus que le pesos local ). Malgré ces deux inconvénients , Cuba reste une destination merveilleuse. Suffisamment bien préparé et informé, ce séjour peut devenir le meilleur de votre vie ( ça a été le cas pour moi ! Pour la restauration et l’hébergement, on peut distinguer deux types d’établissements: - Gérés par l’état: les restaurants, magasins et hôtels. - Gérées par des particuliers: les “Casa particular”, et les “Paladar”. Certaines choses ont considérablement évoluées depuis peu. Voici une petite liste d’adresses à La Havane: ♥ Mon Hôtel : Hôtel Conde de Villanueva . Trop Rouge.

Style Scrapbook. Le Blog de Betty : Blog mode, blog tendances, photos de mode. Online lifestyle news site covering sneakers, streetwear, street art and more. Missing Lovebirds. A string of purls. Fashion is Evolution. VintageVirgin. Calivintage – a vintage fashion blog in san francisco california. STREET FASHION STYLE: A San Francisco and New York Street Style Blog (SF to NYC!) A Beautiful Mess. I love using cloth napkins to dress up our dinner table, and through the years I've grown even more fond of their sustainability and cost effectiveness.

A Beautiful Mess

Though, I'm not sure how cost effective it is if you keep buying more and more cloth napkins each year! This holiday season I thought it would be fun to look at how I could dress up the napkins I already own to give them an extra festive vibe. Check out three simple ways you can give new life to your table linens. And hey! Two of them are even no sew! Ribbon Trimmed Napkin This look is so (no sew) simple! Supplies:-ribbon-heat bond in width of ribbon-cloth napkin (buy mine here)-iron-fabric scissors (not shown above) Step One: Trim pieces of your ribbon to be about 1.5 inches longer than the width of your napkins. Step Two: Fold down the edges of each ribbon segment about 1/4" and iron flat. Step Three: Iron the heat bond to the ribbon (pressing with hot iron for two seconds), then peel off the paper backing.

Pom-Pom Trimmed Napkin.