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DIY Acne Mask Recipe - Unclogs pores and clears your skin! If blackheads and blemishes are getting you down, this simple DIY acne mask recipe that includes just two ingredients is for you!

DIY Acne Mask Recipe - Unclogs pores and clears your skin!

This fabulous homemade acne face mask recipe will unclog your pores as well as draw impurities out of your skin! DIY acne mask This simple DIY acne mask is listed on the bentonite clay bottle, and I have to admit that was a little unsure about it—I mean, apple cider vinegar on my face? But, I really wanted to find an easy way to combat breakouts so I gave this DIY acne face mask a try and wasn’t disappointed!

A bentonite mask can: draw impurities and toxins out of skin, heal and rengenerate skin tissue, unclog and reduce the look of pores, exfoliate, prevent blackheads, treat acne, even out skin tone and leave skin feeling soft and glowing If you don’t already have apple cider vinegar on hand and need to pick some up (it’s super inexpensive), finding one that is 100% natural and NOT made with apple juice concentrates will give you the best results. DIY Skin-Clearing Face Mist. I’m prone to breakouts.

DIY Skin-Clearing Face Mist

I also exercise often. These two things do not seem to work together in my favor. How to Make Sea Salt Soap. I love salt soap.

How to Make Sea Salt Soap

It’s a nice alternative to baking soda when it comes to abrasive cleaners, but still not too harsh. Soap is a unique fat in how well it cleans, with its molecules containing one hydrophilic and one hydrophobic end. This means that one end of the soap molecule loves water, while the other “fears” it-or is attracted to oil. When soap cleans something, one end of its own molecule will attach to the water molecule (which normally just rolls off of the oil) and one end will attach to the oil.

When you rinse away the water, the oil goes with it. How to Make an All-Natural, Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel. Herbs and Oils Hub The Best Information We Can Find about Herbs & Essential Oils How to Make an All-Natural, Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel by HerbsAndOils Leave a Comment Sometimes the best homemade beauty products use ingredients that we have in our refrigerators.

How to Make an All-Natural, Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel

How to Make Silky, Fluffy, Chemical-Free Shaving Cream. Elusive as making shaving cream may seem, creating your own blend of simple ingredients can result in your very own-and it’s free from any preservatives, chemicals, or strange perfumes and dyes added to cream sold in stores.

How to Make Silky, Fluffy, Chemical-Free Shaving Cream

You will need… -2/3 cup Shea nut oil or Shea butter -2/3 coconut oil -1/4 cup olive oil or grapeseed oil -10-20 drops of your favorite essential oils/oil blend -2 tablespoons of baking soda -Contents of 2 vitamin E capsules (optional) Protect Your Family from Toxic Products & Medications With 350+ Pages, you will be able to replace all of the toxic products and medications in your home with healthier, all-natural alternatives. Homemade Sugar Scrub in Decorated Jars. I wrote the other day about a project I was really excited about but needed to finish up, and here it is!

Homemade Sugar Scrub in Decorated Jars

These were gifts for a triple baby shower (not triplets, but three lovely ladies all due within a few weeks of each other, although triplets would be exciting) that I attended yesterday. All three babies-to-be got sweet goodies from my shop (a bear hat for the little boy and button beanies for the girls) but I wanted to do something for the moms, too. It's so fun to open presents for your little nugget, but poor pregnant mom is the one doing all the hard work, and she deserves something, too!

So I thought back to my final weeks of pregnancy--huge, bloated, swollen, miserable weeks--and thought of what I would have liked to have then (other than an early, pain-free labor . . . much as I wish I could bottle that up to gift to my friends) and came up with this: Mamas need some pampering, right? How true it is. And want to know the best part of this gift? After Sun Bath Bombs. Our skin deserves the best of care, and bath bombs are one of my favorite new ways to achieve that.

After Sun Bath Bombs

If you’ve never used bath bombs before, they are hard packed mixtures, made up of many different beneficial ingredients. When thrown into a bath, the ingredients release into the water, adding scents, colors, and other skin bettering benefits to the bath. As the summer brings more time spent outside, my skin has been feeling the affects of the powerful sun and hot temperatures. To keep it looking young, it’s important to care for it in the proper way.

Bath bombs are an easy way to give our skin a pick me up, and using the right ingredients, you can make some that will sooth the skin and help repair it after a long day spent in the sunshine! What you need: 1/2 cup baking soda 4 tablespoons citric acid. A house in the hills home ec. /2 – A House in the Hills. I’m so happy that you all loved last week’s Home Ec post so much, it’s so incredible for me when something I’ve worked really hard on and am super excited about is such a hit with you all as well!

a house in the hills home ec. /2 – A House in the Hills

After we tackled the cleaning products it was on to homemade soaps- grapefruit lavender and coconut mint to be exact! These are just sooo pretty, fun and full of good-for-you ingredients, I’m a little smitten kitten. They’re the perfect treat for your skin, your nose, your peace of mind. DIY Coffee Scrub for Fading Stretch Marks. By Skinny Ms.

DIY Coffee Scrub for Fading Stretch Marks

As you make healthy, positive changes to the way your body looks and feels, it only makes sense that you might want to improve the appearance of your body’s largest organ, your skin. Stretch marks are a common concern, caused by rapid change in skin growth due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain or weight loss. Although they appear to be on the top layer of our skin, stretch marks are actually in the middle layer. This is what makes them difficult to remove with topical treatment alone. But we’ve learned about a DIY scrub that may affect tissues beneath the surface, for real change.

Clean Living // Organic Sugar Scrub. Clean Living // Lip Balm. DIY. This weekend I created an inspiration board for an empty wall space in our home. We're planning to place a desk directly underneath it to become my new work space. I guess this is more of an inspiration post than a D.I.Y. post, considering the final outcome is all based on the creator's personal style. I was surprised by how simple the project ended up being and only took about an hour. Take a look for yourself.. Supplies: Four large planks of wood, large metal mesh panel, liquid nails, magnets, metal clips.

Pantry Supplies: Staple gun & staples, Hammer & nails, Wire cutters. 6 Aromatherapy Blends for DIY Bath Salts. I often underestimate the power of a bath.

6 Aromatherapy Blends for DIY Bath Salts

Whenever I wasn’t feeling well as a kid, the answer always seemed to have a warm bath. Usually I did, in fact, feel much better. 3 Ingredient All Natural Peppermint Mouthwash. Having fresh and clean breath instantly makes me feel more put together. When I wake up from a nights sleep, I’ll brush my teeth before I do anything else to kick start my morning routine. The minty sensation is powerful, and makes me feel that much more awake. I don’t always buy mouthwash, but if it’s on hand, I’ll always follow up with a swig, or gargle some right before I leave the house.

KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN. I never really appreciated toner for some reason. I thought it was something companies made to get us to buy more but wasn’t really necessary. And I still feel that way about some of them, but apple cider vinegar does something in a way that lotions and face washes don’t. It tightens pores, helps clear up acne and fights future breakouts. The Ultimate All-Natural Hair Lightening Spray.

UPDATE: This post originally ran on April 24th but with the holiday weekend and more time spent outdoors, we wanted to share it again! For as long as I can remember, going to the beach without a bottle of lemon juice was unheard of. My mom passed down this hair lightening trick to me when we would take after-school beach trips as I was growing up. Ever since then, sun kissed hair is what I look forward to during the warm months. As soon as I hop out of the salt water, I spray some lemon juice all over my hair before laying out under the warm sun.

DIY Beauty: My Greek Yogurt Mask. I love at-home beauty remedies that can be whipped up using only a few readily accessible ingredients. Today I am going to share one of my favorites with you: My Greek Yogurt Mask. It’s very simple and only consists of two ingredients—Greek yogurt and a probiotic capsule (although the probiotic can be optional as the yogurt alone is still very effective). Greek yogurt contains lactose enzymes, which dissolve dirt and nourish your skin. Essentially, it works like a cleanser while the probiotic invigorates your skin leaving it with a lovely glow. This combination also helps to reduce redness and clam breakouts. How to Make Your Own Makeup Remover Wipes. By now, we all know what a lifesaver makeup wipes can be. You get in from a long night out, fall into bed, and then realize you’ve forgotten to wash your face. Skipping the Clarisonic and grabbing a wipe feels like cheating, but it isn’t! Homemade Biore Strips Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark.

DIY: Homemade Berry Lip Balm. Lips have an important role to play in the facial beauty of an individual. Like rest of your face, your lips also need extra care. A touch of lip gloss or a cursory swipe of lipstick is not just enough. To enhance beauty of your lips, you should use natural ingredients, available in your kitchen. Here is the recipe of homemade berry lip balm. Ingredients Required. DIY Beauty: Brown Sugar and Vanilla Lip Scrub. I am one of the poor unfortunate girls who suffers from year-round chapped lips. I have purchased dozens of lip balms and while some work, most don’t cut it. However, sometimes my lips are so chapped that not even my Holy Grail lip balm can help soothe them. Perfect Skin Care for you: Rice Water for Skin, Hair and Health. The craze of using rice water is catching up very fast. If you have not yet heard of it, rice water is highly beneficial for certain health issues and also in taking care of the skin and hair. Let us first see the health benefits: instantly energizes the body due to the high concentration of carbohydratesprovides instant relief from diarrheahas been used successfully to treat gastroenteritisprevents cancercontrols high blood pressurehelps in preventing Alzheimer's diseasereduces the body temperature or internal heat of the bodyprevents constipation In short, I would say it provides all the health benefits that eating rice would provide.

Soothing After Sun Cubes. I love nothing more than long days spent outdoors. Summer is almost here, and I can’t wait to start spending weekends at the shore. Whipped Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin. We talk a lot about oils here on the Free People blog, and for good reason – they’re amazing for both your external and internal health. Personally, I’m a fan of coconut oil: I cook with it, slather it on my skin, rub it into the ends of my hair, and even add it to my coffee and tea.

This incredible oil has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason: Among its myriad of uses and benefits, coconut oil has positive antioxidant properties, meaning that it can actually stop free radicals from damaging tissue and other healthy fats in our bodies. Wild Pollen Lip Balm. 3 Ingredient Natural Hair Detangler. I have very long hair, and I suffer from tangled locks a lot more than not.

But no matter what length your hair is, chances are you often encounter annoying tangles. Taking a brush to them sometimes won’t even do the trick, so that’s when you bring in a reinforcement– hair detangler. Using only 3 ingredients, you can easily make your own detangler that is all natural, safe for your hair, and the best way to get rid of those nasty knots. The Ultimate All-Natural Hair Lightening Spray. Orange Coconut Whipped Body Butter + 5 Winter Skin Care Tips.

Homemade Body Wash with Honey + Coconut Oil. DIY Coconut Coffee Scrub. Homemade All-Natural Deodorant. How To Make DIY All-Natural Organic Foundation With Sunscreen. Get Glowing Skin with Turmeric Mask. DIY Dry Shampoo. Tighten & Tone: Homemade Coconut Coffee Body Scrub. Beauty DIY: Homemade Makeup Brush Cleaner. Conditioning Hair With Aloe Vera.

Renee's Blog -: DIY Fridays: Sea Salt! DIY Beauty: Green Tea Facial Mist. 3 DIY Apple Beauty Recipes + Malic Acid Benefits for Skin. 9 At-Home DIY Cellulite Remedies. DIY Pumpkin Beauty Recipes. DIY: Coconut Oil Hair Spray + Volumizing Powder. Aloe Vera Gel: A Little Beauty Secret - jjbegoniajjbegonia. Comedogenic Ratings. Acne Skin Site » Organic Coconut Oil for Acne. Rose + Chamomile DIY Facial Scrub. 3 Homemade Coconut Milk Beauty Recipes. The Dabblist: One Woman's Journey from the Grind to Grounded. Hydrating Face Serum + Anti-wrinkle Eye Serum. Homemade Honey Face Wash. The Dabblist: One Woman's Journey from the Grind to Grounded. 3 DIY Facial Cleansers for Dry, Oily + Mature Skin. Simple DIY Toner Recipes for Any Skin Type. Vitamin-Rich Eye Wrinkle Cream Recipe.

Ginger Detox Bath + Body Scrub. 10 Homemade Hair Treatments for Dry, Dull or Frizzy Hair.