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Has Social Media become a Blind Spot: B2b vs B2c. 2013 January « My Social Media Update. Social media update: 25th January 2013 25 Jan Hi all, This week we’ve had some exciting launches including Google+ Jobs, check out a new app called Vine and don’t forget that Community Manager Appreciation Day is on Monday 28th January!

2013 January « My Social Media Update

Read on to find out the latest this week. Discussion/ research: Measure the Cross-Channel Impact of Your Social Media Posts. Did you ever wish you could magically increase the impact and efficiency of your paid social media campaigns?

Measure the Cross-Channel Impact of Your Social Media Posts

Your ability to do this is closer at hand than you think. Here’s how. The five-second metrics makeover Let's recalculate your latest social media campaign's metrics: Step 1: Pull your campaign dataStep 2: Quadruple your clicksStep 3: Quarter your cost per engagementStep 4: Pencil down, head up That’s it. You’re getting earned media traffic, whether you measure it or not. Being Bold on Social Media is About Risk Versus Reward. There is plenty of vanilla out there.

Being Bold on Social Media is About Risk Versus Reward

As someone who explores various social media campaigns, techniques, and strategies on a daily basis, it gets pretty boring seeing the same old things being spun in slightly different ways. When something truly fresh comes along, I normally applaud. When I saw Fiat's attempt at being bold on YouTube, I had to watch it again. And again. Each subsequent viewing I went deeper into analyzing what they were trying accomplish with the clever rap. The only thing I couldn't figure out was whether or not the risk was worth the reward. The risk, of course, is that some people will be offended. Unfortunately, the video does not do enough to get positive sentiment for the brand. When Toyota came out with their Swagger Wagon video nearly three years ago, they did much more to accomplish the same goals. Why You Must Automate 80 Percent of Your Social Media Activity. The Best Social Media Brands in 2012. Having recently announced the Track Social Facebook Awards for 2012, Track Social has now aggregated social performance across platforms to assess the best overall performers in social media throughout the entire year.

The Best Social Media Brands in 2012

In the awards for individual Facebook Pages the big winners were Facebook, Subway, Disney and Fox. Now it's time to see who comes out on top in the overall as well as Twitter and LinkedIn categories. Overall Performance. Facebook launches 5 steps to social media retail success. Facebook is having a new year focus on retailers and has put together a new Retail Centre for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK.

Facebook launches 5 steps to social media retail success

They can download what it believes are the five steps to retail success (see below). It is also sharing what has worked for some of the social media success stories in the retail sector such as ASOS and The English Cheesecake Company. In addition Facebook, which currently has around one billion users and receives 3.2 billion likes or comments every day, has provided some more stats for the Retail Centre from Nielson including the fact that 27 million Brits use it every month, which represents more than two thirds of the British population. In addition to the 27 million Brits using Facebook every month as many as 19 million access the site via mobile.

ASOS Facebook campaign ASOS ran a Facebook campaign to generate sales and excitement ahead of its summer sales campaign. Six simple social media tips to get you noticed. There are loads of ways to stand out on social media platforms, but frankly nothing beats due diligence and knowing what the hell you’re doing does it?

Six simple social media tips to get you noticed

I spend a lot of time monitoring all of Econsultancy’s social feeds, and there are a number of small mistakes that I see pop up regularly. They’re all easy to remedy and fixing them will make your social posts look cleaner, tidier and all-round more professional. With that in mind, here’s one tip for each of the major platforms that you can use every single day... Twitter: punctuation FTW Calling someone out or retweeting their stuff? The Impact of Social Media on Broadcast Media. X Factor Facebook Page Social Media has become a very important aspect of Broadcast Media. All the reality shows like, X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or Strictly Come Dancing are using twitter hashtags # to promote their show and pretty much every show these days have a Facebook page where they interact with the viewers and convince them to vote for candidates. Internet tools like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are increasingly changing the way media is being produced distributed and consumed.

Unconventional social media platforms like blogs are also redefining journalism these days where individuals are expressing their opinions on relevant issues. Almost all journalists these days have their own blogs and are active on Twitter where they interact with their followers to do their research. Key takeaways from Social Media World Forum #SMWF. How To Spot A Trend: 7 Social Media Trends That Matter In 2013. NEW: See the full 15 Trends presentation on Slideshare!

How To Spot A Trend: 7 Social Media Trends That Matter In 2013

>> There has been a single pink folder on my desk since January 15th of this year. That day matters to me for two reasons – first because its my birthday, and second because it’s the day when I start an empty folder with the intention of collecting ideas for my year end trend report. What Is A Social Media Strategy? Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with clients on setting up a social media strategy for their business and it’s become very apparent that they have very little idea of what a social media strategy is.

What Is A Social Media Strategy?

Tips on Social Media for Small Business: #3 Organisation of Your Social Media Channels. The Whirlwind of Social Media - Social actively changing the way news stories unfold? Superstorm Sandy and President Obama’s re-election are two of the biggest stories to have dominated social media in the past few weeks.

The Whirlwind of Social Media - Social actively changing the way news stories unfold?

In both cases, Twitter acted as a platform from which to gain breaking news ahead of the curve, as well as the usual avenue for thought trails aired the world over. Joan Collins expressed her sheer devastation following Bloomingdale’s temporary closure during the storm, while the presidential campaign engaged voters through excessive tweeting, hash tags, liking and sharing. The increasing impact of social networking is obvious. Yet these instances can also lead us to an interesting question. In a digital world, where newspapers and websites are constantly updated and accessed through computers, tablets and mobile phones, is social-media actively changing the way news stories unfold or is it just another avenue through which to access news? Even outside of the election, the capacity in which Twitter and Facebook can influence is unbelievable.

British Airways apologises for offensive tweet. British Airways: apologises on Twitter The airline's @British_Airways account has 211,609 followers.

British Airways apologises for offensive tweet

On Saturday it re-tweeted a message that used the racist term "g***" and the phrase "f**k off back to where you came from," according to reports. Consumers re-tweeted the message and British Airways deleted it quickly. The airline then issued an apology to its followers, which said: "We apologise for the offence caused. Women’s Embrace of Social Media Grows. By Mark Evans - Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 7:30 am ShareThis It goes without saying that social media’s march toward ubiquity continues to move forward.

But a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project has some interesting factoids, highlighted by the fact that 75% of online women use social media compared with 63% of men. As well, women are more active with 54% using social media on a daily basis, compared with 42% of men. Overall, 69% of online adults in the U.S. now use social media services. For marketers and brands, the Pew report provides more ammunition that social media is an attractive place to reach women online. Some of the other findings from the Pew report include: 12% of online adults say they use Pinterest12% of online adults say they use Instagram5% of online adults say they use Tumblr66% of online adults say they use Facebook20% of online adults say they use LinkedIn16% of online adults say they use Twitter. 20 Questions – Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working. Sign up | Login with → The world's best thinkers on social media Posted by: Ryan Connors Posts Profile Comments Follow Please login or register to follow this user.

The 3 Best Social Media Tactics to Get More Customers. Social media can be used effectively to drive sales. Because it helps you distribute marketing messages further, faster, and cheaper than ever before. But most companies struggle, or don't see any return at all. The reason has nothing to do with how many hashtags you use, or how often you update Facebook. And everything to do with execution on one -- or all -- of these three tactics. josephjaffe.

What to Look for in a Social Media Monitoring Tool. Social media monitoring is now an essential activity for any large organization. Even companies that aren’t using social media for marketing, PR or customer services can take advantage of the real-time insights to gain feedback and better understand their customers. But with more than 400 social media monitoring tools on the market, how do you choose the right one (or ones) for you? Without a clear strategy in place, it may feel like comparing Apples with Oranges. Of course, each tool has its advantages and disadvantages and the tool you choose will depend on exactly what you want to use it for, so start there. How to conduct a social media audit. It is essential to carry out a social media audit, be it at the start of a campaign, or for a new pitch prospect, or even a regular quarterly “MOT” of your own social media programmes.

Misspunjabhi : Listening to your target audience... What Are the Hottest Soft Drink Brands in Social Media? [CHART] Red Bull dominated this week's chart of soft drink brands with the highest social media engagement. You can probably guess why. According to Starcount, the data aggregator which tracks metrics from 11 networks to measure social popularity, Red Bull topped the list ahead of arch-rivals Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The Austrian energy drink company has to thank Felix Baumgartner for its success this week. Five ways to avoid social media fragmention. The most common problem I’ve come across in social media is what I’ll call ‘fragmentation’. It’s the attempt by marketers to use as many platforms as possible in an effort to reach a potential audience. 22/09. Deepak Chopra: Spirituality in The Age of Social Media. Deepak Chopra has long been considered a guru of personal well-being, faith and the intersection of eastern and western medicine.

In the past few years, Chopra has taken his expertise and brand beyond his many books and public services, to a more relatable place — the Internet. He has earned 1.2 million followers on Twitter and more than 680,000 on Google+. He even recently launched his own YouTube channel, "TheChopraWell," where he discusses topics like love and career, has daily mediations involving music and poetry readings and gives his followers a place to seek advice. 15/09. The Best Times To Post To Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Other Social Networks [Infographic] When it comes to social media marketing you want to make sure you get the most out of each and every single post you make in terms of reach.

One of the best ways to maximize the reach of your social media posts is understanding the best (and worst) times of day to share content. Surprisingly, this time differs from site to site, but Social Caffeine’s got you covered with an infographic that lays out the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. According to the inforgraphic, the best time to post to Facebook is between 1pm and 4pm; the best time to post to Twitter is between 1pm and 3pm; the best time to post to LinkedIn is between 7am and 9am or 5pm and 6pm; the best time to post to Google+ s between 9am and 11am; and the best time to post to Pinterest is between 2pm and 4pm or 8pm and 1am. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t look good for your reach on any social sites when you post while people are fast asleep.

How online and social media is helping traditional channels to evolve. ‘Traditional marketing channels are dead’. This is the cry that we hear repeatedly from digital evangelists, who tell us that our more established channels of communication are being swallowed by online media platforms, sidelined into becoming one small, insignificant part of an overall mix that has digital at its heart. 26/08. Heinz offers users the chance to get name engraved on bean. Heinz Beanz: brand to offer new sauce and social media competition Details of the name of the sauce and the campaign are expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Ntent is King. Lilach. 50 Facebook facts that'll fascinate small businesses. Lilach Lilach is the founder and driving force behind Socialable, and highly regarded on the world speaker circuit. Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street have even been graced by her presence! 17/08. Fours things to always avoid in social media. On the last day of the Affiliate Summit East, Mike Allen (, Jennifer Myers Ward (above & beyond, inc) and Shannon Vogel (The Be-Scene) gave their advice on social media in the session Not Just Another Session on Social Media.

Kluiauuj Shared by misspunjabhi. Why social media means customer service can make or break your brand. Nissan Revs Up Facebook Marketing. The 6 Types Of Social Media Users. 3 Social Media Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making. 22/06. 20 TV Shows With the Most Social Media Buzz This Week. 16/06. The Beginner's Guide to Social Media.

Using Social Media To Engage An Audience – A Case Study. 10 interesting digital stats we've seen this week. Inside GM’s Chevy’s Social Media Strategy. Sprint Takes Twitter to Times Square. Who owns your social media accounts? 03/06. Hello You Creatives. Kindred Agency Blog. 21/04. 24/03. 17/03. 03/03. 60 Seconds on Social Web in 2012 : Infographic.

25/02. Grovo's History Of Social Media. Kh8husmj Shared by misspunjabhi. Social Media Makes Teens Aware Of Others' Needs, Study Says. Social Media ROI: Facebook Vs Twitter Vs Linkedin. Social Media Marketing: An Easy Guide. 28/01. 10 Historical Events Affected by Social Media. The World of Social Media #videoinfographic. Should Teachers and Students Be Allowed to Communicate Via Social Media? Follow Up. Facebook. KLM Live Reply: 140 characters, 140 KLM employees.

6 Ways to Track the Impact of Social Media on Public Relations. 5 Social Media Tips for Scoring Your Next Job. 15 Case Studies to Get Your Client On Board With Social Media. Using social media at live events: best practice tips. How We’ll Beat Traffic and Find Parking Spots in the Future. Motorola releases Xoom tablet in US. The Imperial War Museum’s social media big guns. AppBoy Releases A Check-in SDK For iOS Apps. Social media drawing in early adopting shoppers. Man Partially Bites Off Ears After Facebook Fight. Google Adds New Filtering Options to Mobile Places Search.