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The Tanzanian Education Project continues to focus on self-sustainable education projects in the East African Nation of Tanzania. In 2013 TEP is working to develop solutions for a problem that most children encounter even after successfully being a part of our programs – a lack of skills. The majority of the population is unable to make it through the secondary education system however for those few that have, even fewer are able to go onto to school from there. Over the past four years, TEP has witnessed many bright, dedicated students fall into crime, prostitution, free labor and idleness because their options for vocational training are few and expensive. Micro business runs the Tanzanian economy and although TEP has seen success in these endeavors the aspect of training and skill building has been an enormous challenge. A program with trained craftsmen and teachers paired with an active business model is believed to serve the greatest amount of students in the most meaningful way. The Tanzanian Education Project The Tanzanian Education Project