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Odin House in Niseko, Japan. Tucked in the mountain range of Niseko Japan, Asia’s leading ski resort, the Odin Properties and Hotel serve as an ideal location to get away from it all and indulge. We were immediately drawn to the minimalist design mixed with traditional Japanese luxury; curling up on the sofa next to a roaring fire while enjoying the snowy view from one of Odin’s luxury apartments seems like the exact thing we’d need after a long day of skiing.

Ok, if we are being honest, we would most likely skip a day on the mountain to enjoy a nice long bath with a glass of wine in hand in the hotel room’s private spa, or trying the Barn’s four star cuisine. Whatever your daily activity preferences may be, they’re sure to be thoroughly therapeutic. We love the uniquely Japanese idea of minimal luxury, exuding warmth and comfort. In this kind of space it’s all about quality of materials and indulging yourself with both experiences and a design that will leave you feeling relaxed and healthy. Yes healthy.