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COPENHAGEN DAY 2: NOMA & RADIO | Spanish Hipster The next morning we did’nt not wake up full but we did wake up late. We had just enough time to get ready and then walk to our next dining destination Radio. the Restauranteur, Claus Meyer, formerly of Noma has a good thing going here. COPENHAGEN DAY 2: NOMA & RADIO | Spanish Hipster
2012 European Review | Spanish Hipster 2012 European Review | Spanish Hipster 2012 was indeed the year of travel! I did my fair share, with trips to Copenhagen, Paris and Spain. The real globe trotter here is Jose. He has covered tremendous amount of ground this year with multiple visits to Belgium, France, London and Spain.
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Local Milk | A Cast Iron Skillet & A Camera I heard something about a polar vortex when I had a headache. I laughed and it hurt. There was frost on the ground and all the kiddie schools were closed; bless your heart, Tennessee. Local Milk | A Cast Iron Skillet & A Camera
My New Roots | How to make healthy choices every day The holidays are over. The rush of New Years has passed. And now we plummet, head first, into the depths of winter. Well, that was uplifting, Sarah. Okay, perhaps it feels a little doomsday around here with the weather as it is. It rains, it pours, today it snowed, and I have to turn the lights on in the house at 2pm. My New Roots | How to make healthy choices every day
Budget Bytes - My stomach is full, and my wallet is too.
Cannelle et Vanille :: food, life and photographyCannelle et Vanille :: food, life and photography Cannelle et Vanille :: food, life and photographyCannelle et Vanille :: food, life and photography You know I love eggs. Eggs are a big part of my days and I feel very lucky to have friends who are willing to share their chickens’ eggs with me. A barter system of sorts. Continue reading Fiddlehead ferns
use real butter Recipe: egg salad Jeremy’s parents visited with us earlier this week for a few days. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them because we haven’t been able to travel with Kaweah to their house for the past year. use real butter
Sometimes, I think there is no more beautiful color in the world than that of a chestnut. A few years ago on Christmas Eve, my friends and I roasted chestnuts over open fire. We used a cast-iron pan ... which I forgot to shake and move around as often as I should have, so we (well, I should be fair here and say *I* instead of *we*) ended up burning half of them. Alinea At Home Alinea At Home
Alineaphile - Recreating the food of Alinea Restaurant Kuroge Wagyu, Cucumber, Honeydew, Lime Sugar – Alinea cookbook recipe, pages 78-79. I must admit that this was the first Wagyu steak I had ever prepared. And according to my family, it turned out to be the best steak they’d ever had. Alineaphile - Recreating the food of Alinea Restaurant
The Alinea Project | Let’s learn about King Crab. Fresh Alaskan Red King Crab is a bit of a culinary unicorn. There are two other recipes in this book that call for it, but in both cases I substituted fresh local Dungeness crab. My original google searches for it about 3 years ago turned up very few results that didn’t intersect with Costco; Chowhound is littered with “Q: Where can I find King Crab in X area? A: Costco” posts. The Alinea Project |
Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Pig Hunting on Karma Ranch By Hank Shaw on April 8, 2014 For the second time, I journeyed 300 miles south to hunt wild pigs. And for the second time, good karma lead to a good hunt. Crazy how that works out, eh? Continue reading... - Group Foo(d) Blog. Our next dinners are on Friday and Saturday, September 16 and 17. These dinners mark Lazy Bear's two-year anniversary and we are using many of the same items we used in that first dinner (sweetbreads, octopus, carrots in dessert, etc.). This is a longer format menu with lots of great stuff, and it will be $85/person. It's all BYOB. Reservations and pre-payment via Paypal are required.
Lazy Bear Underground Restaurant UPDATE: Reservations are closed. Thanks! Surprise! We have dinners Friday, Saturday, and Monday of this weekend and next weekend.
In my ongoing celebration/promotion of the new book, I’ll be doing a series of egg-reliant cocktails. Here, images and recipe from a while back, the white gives body to a great and classic cocktail, the whiskey sour. It looks really gross coming out of the shell, doesn’t it? Don’t even need to say what it reminds me of! But man, does it turn the cocktail into something truly substantial. Michael Ruhlman - Translating the Chef’s Craft for Every Kitchen kitchen
French cuisine is, once again, a popular topic of discussion these days. Actually, anything controversial about France seems to foster a lot of heated debates. On one side are the folks decrying French-bashing, complaining that the French are unfairly picked on. Then there are the others who eat up books about how superior the French are, because they are better at parenting, they miraculously stay thin, they don’t have plastic surgery, everyone enjoys months of vacations, and Paris is a magical place where love, fashion, and fine food, flourish on the cobbled streets of the city. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between and, like any where, there is the great, the ordinary, and a bit of the not-so-good. I want to play the referee but there’s usually a bit of truth in most compliments and criticisms, and the reality is more complicated. David Lebovitz
SheSimmers | Thai Home Cooking
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