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Products. NCSS Challenge 2017. The Challenge is a programming competition for secondary school students.

NCSS Challenge 2017

It’s been running from Australia for the last 12 years and is open to all school students and teachers. The Challenge is unlike any other programming competition. We’ll teach you how to program as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already. If you’re a seasoned coder, we have something for you too – the problems range from relatively simple to mind-bendingly hard. For 5 weeks starting on Monday 31st July, 2017 and running until Sunday 3rd September, 2017, we will release a set of notes containing the information you will need to complete the week's programming challenges. Programming (also known as coding) is how sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram are made. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have all said that students should learn how to code. The NCSS Challenge teaches students to code in Python 3.6. Each course comes with notes tailored to a different learning level.

RoboCup Junior Australia. Tesla's Autopilot predicts a crash freakishly early. There's been a fair amount of controversy over Tesla's Autopilot feature, so if you've got your doubts about the capabilities of assisted driving technology when it comes to preventing accidents, it's worth taking a look at this.

Tesla's Autopilot predicts a crash freakishly early

New dashcam footage from the Netherlands shows the safety features in Tesla Autopilot detect a potential highway collision between the two cars travelling ahead of the driver, just moments before a violent impact takes place. In the video, which was shared online by Twitter user Hans Noordsij, you can see traffic moving along at a brisk pace on a two-lane highway.

According to the dashcam readout, the cruising speed was 113 km/hr (70 mph). All of a sudden, an alert can be heard in the car, which is Autopilot's Forward Collision Warning system warning that it has detected a potential impact up ahead. Only about a second later, the car directly ahead of the dashcam vehicle slams into the rear corner of the SUV in front of it. Why? Surprise Your Friends With This Butterfly Card. SPI2016 release. STEM & Maker Space - Virtual ​Library. The Power of the Maker Movement Piktochart infographic created by Heather Lister.

STEM & Maker Space - Virtual ​Library

References and further readingBritton, L. (2012). The Makings of Maker Spaces, Part 1: Space for Creation, Not Just Consumption. The Digital Shift. Retrieved from C. (2016). Understanding STEM Learning Outcomes Using A Phenomenographic Approach, University of Massachusetts. >100 Free Experiments. Activities list. There is a vast array of STEM-related activity resources that are suitable for use in a STEM Club setting.

Activities list

Some organisations have also developed specific resources for clubs, but what you want to do will depend on the STEM subject, length of time and other factors, such as working with a STEM Ambassador. The activities outlined here are divided into long, short and one-off activities. One-off activities are completed in one session. They are often highly engaging and can have a real wow factor.Short projects are any activity that takes club members two to three sessions to complete.

Many of the shorter projects will include demonstrations or experiments that can be used as one-off activities.Long projects are activities that take half a term or more to complete and might be considered a long project. Each activity is categorised as Science, Technology and Engineering, Maths, or Cross Curricular. Science Technology and Engineering Maths Cross Curricular. A Fold Apart: Origamist Robert Lang's Incredible Paper Creations.

Robert Lang: The math and magic of origami. Activities. STEM - Additional STEM Resources. PDFs of All STEM By Design's Chapter Tools. Design Tools / SBD Design Tools 28 STEM By Design Teaching Tools by STEM by Design · Published · Updated The chapters in Anne Jolly’s book STEM by Design include 28 design tools.

PDFs of All STEM By Design's Chapter Tools

These resources will help STEM teachers and program leaders create curriculum, write lessons, build student teams, and engage colleagues and communities. Download PDFs of all the tools here! Design Tool 1.1: Ms. How to Make Hydraulic Powered Robotic Arm from Cardboard.