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Christian Men and Their Video Games - Tim Challies. If you’re a gamer, or a Christian gamer at least, you’ve rolled your eyes through a hundred articles by now, each one telling you why your gaming is sad, wasteful, pathetic.

Christian Men and Their Video Games - Tim Challies

You’re immature, you’re addicted to pleasure, you’re a dopamine junkie. You might even have found yourself compared to a porn addict since in many minds porn and PlayStations go hand in hand. That’s not what the articles actually say, of course, but it can sure feel like it. Gamers are an easy target and a lot of people line up to take their swings. It’s not that gaming isn’t without its downsides, of course. Before I do that, a confession: I love video games. With that confession made, let me speak to other enthusiasts about the highs and lows of gaming. Enjoy the entertainment. Skip the bad ones. Play in freedom. Play in community. Embrace the challenge. So I say go ahead and play your games. 8 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son.

Although some think mothers play the most important role in a child’s life and upbringing, there are things that a father will certainly do better.

8 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

Especially when it comes to a son. Just think: First, the boy comes under the supervision of kindergarten teachers, and then he goes to a school where women constitute 90% of teachers. The child is constantly in the company of women, and he lacks male education. Holding on to Your Faith in the Midst of Suffering. If you have a Bible, please take it and open it to the book of Job, which is near Psalms in the middle.

Holding on to Your Faith in the Midst of Suffering

Job, Psalms. Before we look at chapters one and two tonight, I want to lead in with five observations, five preliminary observations to set the stage for what we are doing. 1. Why you're always tired - INSIDER. The Great Wall of Cotton. It was all so innocent.

The Great Wall of Cotton

A series of small compromises, a sequence of gentle taps. Most of them I couldn’t even remember. But after months of making them, their cumulative effect could not be ignored. My strength was depleted. Christian Youth Videos, Animations & Short Films. What Is Love? Audio Transcript Lorna, a podcast listener in Ireland, writes in with an observant question: “Pastor John, the most popular question asked of Google is: ‘What is love?’

What Is Love?

Why do you think so many people struggle to understand love? And how would you define it?” I think if we start with the definition, it will become clearer why so many people struggle to understand what love is. I AM 2 - Poster - Family Day Care Association QLD. My Best Life Now? Audio Transcript Welcome to a new week on the Ask Pastor John podcast.

My Best Life Now?

Greatness, Humility, Servanthood. This message is a topical interlude in our exposition of the Gospel of John.

Greatness, Humility, Servanthood

It has been on my mind for a long time, and in recent weeks I have given versions of it to the Desiring God staff, the pastoral staff, and others. It is a message about the humility that defines a person who is transformed by the gospel of Jesus. It’s about gospel humility. The reason I am talking about it is that I want to be humble and to see this church marked by humility.

As a church, we are human, we are large, we are widely known, and we are sinners. Greatness, Humility, Servanthood. At all times, continually. I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

At all times, continually

Psalm 34:1 It is possible for two psychologies to coexist in our hearts at once--pain and praise. It’s like a football player who plays hurt. He feels bad, but he also feels good, both at the same time. It is so meaningful to be on the team and not in the stands, on the field and not on the bench. We rejoice in our sufferings (Rom. 5:3-5). It’s not easy. Savvy Psychologist : 3 Toxic Thinking Habits That Feed Your Insecurity. Page 1 of 2 There’s that old saying—the mind makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Savvy Psychologist : 3 Toxic Thinking Habits That Feed Your Insecurity

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Bible. I’m a father of three young kids.

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Bible

I can’t think of many things more important for them than regular exposure to the living Word of God. If you’re a Christian parent of young children, I assume you share the same conviction: Your kids need to hear from God, and you long for them to listen carefully to his good Word. But it’s hard. Life is busy, kids are lively, and reading the Bible often struggles to compete with the Disney channel, Legos, and the newest phone app. Here are six tips my wife and I have found helpful in our rhythm of Bible reading with our young kids (currently 6, 5, and 3). 1. Reading Is Just the Beginning: Five More Ways to Enjoy God’s Word.

When you hold a Bible in your hands, you are holding one of the most precious objects imaginable. No antique or priceless artifact, no famous piece of art or giant diamond is more precious than whatever medium communicates God’s own self-revelation. The Bible is not just the most printed, distributed, and quoted book in the history of the world; it is God’s own word to us. These are the very words of God in one coherent word (message). Six Things You Can Do to Grow (or Save) Your Marriage. The Bible and the culture tend to emphasize very different things when it comes to growing or saving your marriage. The culture tends to focus on feelings. The Bible tends to focus on actions. 5 Ways Our Body Reacts to Breakups. Farewells are difficult for everybody. Our emotions are raging, and these emotional experiences and stress have a direct impact on our body. Bright Side decided to tell you what happens to our body when a relationship with a loved one ends. 1.

Anxiety and sleep problems People are programmed to need human contact, and when we lose it, we feel pain. 2. Studies have shown that after a breakup people receive the nerve signals associated with actual physical pain. The heart doesn’t work as well after a romantic split. 6 Surprises Every Premarital Counselor Should Cover. Kimm and I had one premarital session before our wedding. It lasted maybe five minutes, just long enough for the well-meaning counselor to hand us a crate of cassettes and urge us to listen. We threw them in the trunk. One day, nine months later, he wanted them back. Not a problem, since they were right where I left them—in the trunk, unopened and unused. Ten misconceptions about practising hospitality -

Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. (1 Pet 4:9) Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. (Rom 12:13) One of the marks of a Christian is practising hospitality. Whenever it’s mentioned in the New Testament, it is assumed as a staple part of the Christian life. Dear Christians, please stop inviting me to church - Eternity News. 31 Habits of People With Anxiety. 20 Incredible Psychology Facts That Will Change the Way You See the World. Stop Living a Half-Life with God.

Audio Transcript. On Mission to Save 70% of Your Shower Water. Philip Winter is co-founder and CEO of Nebia, currently reinventing the way people interact with water in their daily lives. Laura Vanderkam: How to gain control of your free time. 14 Hairstyles That Can Be Done in 3 Minutes. How Birth Order Can Shape Your Personality. The adventures of being a new mom, told through 18 hilarious comics. Five effective ways to stop anxiety attacks. Anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in America. Generalized anxiety disorder affects millions of people worldwide, and the number keeps growing at an alarming rate. Worshiping with a Broken Heart.

I looked across the table at my boyfriend and replayed his words in my mind. The Unexpected God: How He Meets Us in Disappointment. Unmet expectations. They are the constant thieves of our happiness and contentment. One of the greatest evidences of human falleness and finitude is how quickly we expect the wrong things, or the right things at the wrong time. 6 Ways to Build Your Resilience. Kelly Clarkson reminds us that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Elton John is still standing, and of course, Gloria Gaynor will survive.

What’s the common thread? How to respond to rude, disrespectful student attitudes - The Cornerstone For Teachers. The Danger of Seeking Your Dream Church. Why Teachers Are So Tired - Teacher Habits. How to treat yourself (for free) A Simple Way to Pray Every Day. Lost Generation. Kombucha (The Wonder Tea You Should Be Drinking) The Greatest Gift Is God Himself. Does God Tell Us Who to Marry? Teach Your Kids These Warning Signs Of Emotionally Abusive Relationships. 5 Signs You Glorify Self. What Is a Kind Husband? If Facebook Tempts You. House Call Doctor : Should You Take Melatonin for Insomnia? Why the Church Is Vitally Important for Every Christian. How to change your life for the better in just one month.

3 Common Dangers Church Planters Face. Did You Marry ‘the One’? What to Do When We’re Prayerless. Free public domain audiobooks. Blessed Are the Undistracted. Nine Attributes of a Real Man. What It's Like to Have 'High-Functioning' Anxiety. Did You Expect Your Marriage to Be Easy? There are five stages of love, but many people get stuck at the third. 28 simple changes to help you become a different person. Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement. Eight steps to an ideal skin tone. 7 Things to NEVER Say to a Depressed Christian.

Dear College Students, Read These Books. Isn’t She Beautiful? Is My Life Worthy of the King? Five Lessons for Serial Daters. Five Lessons for Serial Daters. Real Men Love Strong Women. These illustrations explain which muscles you’re stretching. Inspirational stories. The Hospital Window.FLV. Why We Really Sleep In. Five Back-to-School Basics. What Would God Say to Your Anxiety? 13 signs that you’re wasting your life without noticing. How to stop being tired and start living. 15 personality traits which all successful people have. Do Not Fear in the Face of Change. Too Depressed to Believe What We Know. The Playschool Tragedy for Twentysomethings. Steps to Turn Off the Nagging Self-Doubt in Your Head.

Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning. 12 vital rules for raising girls that every mom should know. 12 steps for achieving a relationship you’ll value your whole life. Nine Prayers for the Not-Yet-Married. Ten photos captured at the right moment. 25 tried and tested makeup tips to help your skin look perfect. Nine Prayers for the Not-Yet-Married. 14 fantastic ideas to help your children learn to draw. Five effective ways to stop anxiety attacks. Ten magical morning exercises to help you get healthy and energized. 10 bedtime hacks that will get you closer to the life of your dreams. This dad knows what’s really important. How to deal with emotional burnout. Eight simple ways to avoid being manipulated. The magic of tidying up: your guide to getting your place clean once and for all.

15 myths about a healthy diet you need to stop believing. When Singleness Doesn’t Feel Good… - Thinking of God: TOG. What will happen if you start doing planks every day? 12 ideal colour combinations for your hair and clothes. Stop Pretending to Be So Perfect.