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Memoir notes

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My notes for my memoir

How to Write Your Memoir in 30 Days. Of all the different types of nonfiction books, memoir, or life story, seems to take writers the longest to write. Delving into experiences and memories from long ago and making them into a coherent and interesting story–one that reads like a novel and adds value to a reader’s life–isn’t easy. And many write their memoirs while exploring and healing their past, a process that can take time. Yet, completing a memoir doesn’t have to take years. The first draft can even be finished in 30 days. Today, author and life-story expert Denis Ledoux gives you a day-by-day plan to write your memoir in a month. NA It’s possible to get your first draft of a memoir done in a month’s time.

Choose a period of your life to write about. November 1: Create a Memory List of your life consisting of at least 200 items. November 2: Remember as many details of an event from early on in the memoir story line as you can. November 3: Write a story or a vignette from an item on your Memory List. About the Author.