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Year 13 media studies

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Blink 182 All The Small Things. Bugsy Malone Final Scene. Flashdance (1983) Last Dance Scene HD 720p (1) Geri Halliwell It's Raining Men. Madonna Material Girl. Marilyn Monroe Diamonds are a girl's best friend Valentine Gift Movie Scene HD. Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal. Unit 29.21 Styles of Music Video. Task: Continuing on from the previous task of looking at conventions of genre in music video; you now need to continue your report by analysing different styles of music video.

Unit 29.21 Styles of Music Video

You can present your findings as a video file, a presentation (to be recorded) or a written report which can include images and mind maps. In this part of the report you need to explain and analyse the following styles; for higher grades it is vital that you consistently refer to examples. For each underlined heading: explain what the style is, if it is used in a particular genre and why it has been used in a particular example or examples and what the effect is in those examples? In-concert and ‘as live’ footage: Popular in Electronic Dance Music Videos. Styles, Conventions and Techniques of the Music Video by Scott Media-Harrison on Prezi. Parody and Pastiche.