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War Photographer

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War Photographer peer analysis. War Photographer annotated pdf. War Photographer Duffy. War Photographer analysis. War Photographer notes IY. Complete analysis of War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy. BBC Bitesize - Higher English - War photographer - Revision 1. Analysis: War Photographer (Carol Ann Duffy) Through her poem ‘War Photographer’, Carol Ann Duffy casts a harsh light on the destruction and bloodshed which results from war and how apathetic and uncaring the rest of the world, who is not directly affected by it, is.

Analysis: War Photographer (Carol Ann Duffy)

The poem starts with a description of the war photographer standing alone in his dark room. All the photos that he had taken of the war are contained within the rolls which are organized into neat rows, making him feel like a priest who is about to lead a mass funeral. He thinks of all the places he has been to, places which had been torn apart by war, and remembering all the bloodshed he has witnessed he feels that everything has to in the end die and return to the earth.