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Free Plastic Pollution packs for students. We’re supporting the national effort to keep everyone safe, while making sure people can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of being by water.

Free Plastic Pollution packs for students

Free Teaching Resources (STEM KS3, KS4 & GCSE) FREE Britannica Resources During COVID-19 School Closures. BASE - British Army Jobs. Stories. The Royal Institution: Science Lives Here. Our building and famous theatre remain closed, but we are striving to continue our science communication work here at the Ri.

The Royal Institution: Science Lives Here

The Royal Institution exists to inspire everyone to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives. Never has our mission felt more relevant than in today’s world. We are a small independent charity and receive no core government funding. Our income from ticket sales and venue hire has been significantly reduced and will continue to fall. Most of our staff are on furlough because we urgently need to minimise the debt we are now building. Whilst we remain unable to welcome you into our theatre, we are pleased to be able to announce a series of livestreamed talks curated by the Ri team.

These online events are free for everyone to access. Please donate via our JustGiving page. RS Components. Welcome to the RS STEM Hub where we have brought together a selection of resources, products and initiatives that help to bring STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to life in the classroom or at home and ultimately inspire the next generation of engineer or scientist.

RS Components

Imagine X RS presents Imagine-X, providing free teacher resources to help pupils realise the potential of STEM and their imaginations. Read More > Titan II Titan II is our mobile innovation centre which provides unique and interactive experiences Read more > Piper STEM Computer Kit 2 Inspire future generations with the award winning computer kit for ages 8+ Find out more. The Bright Ideas Challenge. Title: 83194_TBIC_VIDEO_02_v1.1_HD Duration: 4:37 minutes Description: Video 2 of the Bright Ideas Challenge – exploring alternative views of how future cities might look while understanding challenges that future cities may face.

The Bright Ideas Challenge

[Background music plays] Rhythmic instrumental music, at times fast-paced, at other times slowing down to stately and majestic. [Animated sequence] The Bright Ideas Challenge graphic, depicting a city skyline, buildings and structures in colours of yellow and grey and red, with a pale blue background above the skyline in which are several white clouds as well as animated movement of several modes of transportation such as hot air balloons and aeroplanes in the sky and trains and bicycles lower down in the depicted city.

[Text displays] The Bright Ideas Challenge Close-up of the previously described cloud, now displaying text, with a second, smaller cloud towards upper frame-right, now containing the image of the charging battery. Video 2: Future Cities [Narrator] Food. GSK STEM Education. Today I Learned (TIL) Practical work in science. We are working in partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Wellcome Trust on a programme of work exploring how we can better enable all schools and colleges to engage their students with good practical work in science.

Practical work in science

The programme aims to track changes in practical work over time, to build a secure evidence base on which to inform science curriculum and qualifications reform, and to generate ideas for where and how practical science can be strengthened. Practical work is an essential part of science education. It gives students the necessary skills for higher education and employment, deepens their knowledge of scientific ideas and enables them to engage in the processes of science. Practical work can only flourish when teachers are confident in its use, schools and colleges are sufficiently resourced, and the practical skills gained by students are appropriately recognised in science qualifications.

Current projects in this programme include: STEM. Welcome. Nuffield Foundation. Technology justice to challenge poverty. Latin America In Peru and Bolivia, we help communities set up small-scale technological solutions in remote areas where there is no access to basic services, including electricity, heating, clean water and sanitation.

Technology justice to challenge poverty

Western Africa Building on our recent extension of consultancy work into west Africa, Practical Action has recently set up an office to deliver impact at scale in Francophone west Africa. Eastern Africa. STEM. Science Museum, London. The Resource Pack. Explore how girls can be happy and successful at work Welcome to People Like Me – the revolutionary approach that uses girls’ natural tendency to create and articulate their self-identity with adjectives to help them see themselves working happily and successfully in science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM).

The Resource Pack

This pack equips teachers and STEM Ambassadors with materials that can show girls from a diverse range of backgrounds that, if they continue with at least one STEM subject post-16, they are likely to have better prospects and more career choice. The pack contains a quiz to show girls where people just like them are happy and successful in their work.

The pack is targeted at girls aged 11-14. WISE recommends using the pack in an all-girl setting, where girls have been found to feel more comfortable sharing their strengths and aspirations. Find out more about the People Like Me project. Pack contents Download the resources. Practical work for learning. ORBIT - OER in Education. STEM.