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Of Mice and Men

Resources. OMAM.

Are we meant to do this ??? I don't know what poems to do on here, I don't have the mice and men book either I was only told today that we had to have it as I was absent on Thursday and am unsure of what to do and I have asked others and they don't know either:/ – jade_batley

Becky. Higher and Foundation question for Tuesday. Pupils- What you need to include in your Lit Exam! What to think about-character.

Year 11 Homework- presentation


No problem. Carry on with the book- Remember show, don't tell. :) – missbooler
Thankyou for helping. I will mind map it to see if it helps. :) – bethanyshipley
That's me who replied Beth, it's just saying the wrong name. :) – missbooler
Don't know why it's saying drcunningham replied- going to have to look at that! – missbooler
That is a good question Beth. You could get a question because, although Gerald represents the old establishment, capitalism and the beorgeoise, he also demonstrated some feeling towards Eva Smith when she was alive and cared about her plight, thus representing socialism. How do you think he links to the other characters? Draw a mind map of everything you know about Gerald and then think about possible links you could comment on-think themes, relationships and society. Hope you aren't working too hard, but enough of course. :) – drcunningham
Will we get a question about eric's reationship with gerald or the other members of the birling family? – bethanyshipley

Presentational Devices (Shell & Learn Direct)[1]

Conflict poetry

Presentational Devices (Sky F1 & Iphone)[1] English-Literature-At-The-Border-1979. Futility. Conflict Poetry. English-Literature-Next-To-Of-Course-God-America-I. Hawk Roosting. Watch. Come On, Come Back. Falling Leaves. Flag.

James and Jade: You will need to do Flag as well. I will ask you to do this on Thursday for Monday, but if you would like to get ahead... – missboo
I think so well just have to find out on Monday D: – tootyfruity72
Are we doing this one or are we still doing the falling man poem? (also it took me forever to find your account and yes i am a student- James Bootland so don't mind the account name) – tootyfruity72
Is this the one we are meant to do? – jade_batley

Come On Come Back. Bayonet Charge.

Year 11

Conflict poetry. The Right Word. Belfast Confetti- For year 11. Belfast Confetti. Poppies- For year 11.

Hi Declan, no you don't do the questions. Just learn the information ready to add to your presentation today. – missbooler

Charge of the Light Brigade- Year 11.

Hmm interesting... when will we be doing this miss (if we ever do) being a history nut (this is from the Crimean war if I am correct) – tootyfruity72

Mametz Wood for Year 11. Out of the Blue- Year 11.

Done them ones and yeah I'll do that, thank you:) – declanwhitaker
Ok Dec, if you go to the packs on the poems and read through them, there are some questions on the last page. If you would like to come and see me tomorrow, I can put them on a pen drive if you prefer. Hope that's ok. How are you getting on with your Inspector Calls questions? – missbooler
What's the homework? It won't let me view it please-.- – declanwhitaker

Yellow Palm. Year 7,8,9 poem of the week- read comments.

Very well thank you are you coming to see it? – mellissafreemo
Ok, I hope it's all going well! – missbooler
Ok will have a look later on in the week because i have got the performances today. – mellissafreemo
Why don't you ahve a look at what politics means? Most people think of it as only being about government, but politics affects every part of your life as well as mine; from food that you eat in the canteen to lessons you're taught in school! – missbooler
I defiantly agree with it and what do you meAn by political? – mellissafreemo
Well done guys, do you agree with the idea? Do you think it's political in any way? – missbooler
That england is multi cultearule and that justice and equality should apply to everybody – hasbreeneehall
That no matter what race religion you are your should be treated like a human being and not someone who is different we should all be treated the same no matter what. – mellissafreemo
Very nice Rosie. Benjamin Zephaniah often plays around with the form of poetry to try and make the reader think. – missbooler
He is trying to tell us that everybody should be treated equally and you should let other people focus on their belifs and what they are pashinoate about It doesn't really look or sound like a poem it sounds more like a recipe – rosie.gregson

Literacy focus of the week for all.

OH!!, can I bring it in in Monday then miss – lily_map
You have to do it on paper Lily. – missbooler

English Spelling Games and Activities.

A Warning and note to parents

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    i cant see the hw on here miss x
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    hi miss have you put that extra homework on here please.
  3. missbooler May 13 2014
    yes lily, it's a competition for extra homework brownie points.
  4. missbooler May 13 2014
    Hi Melissa, yes, I'll have a look at your extra homeowrk. Good for you, I'm very proud!
  5. lily_map May 12 2014
    ey up lis, might do some extra homework ;) anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you! ;)
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    hiya miss booler look on my pearl account i have done extra hw for our english lesson it a poster i did for our liberation militia
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    hi hope you are having a nice easter holiday, mine is like hell so far
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