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Emoji luv necklace +diy. So I'm pretty sure all of us are obsessed with emojis by now.

emoji luv necklace +diy

I need like emojis everywhere in my life. As a graphic artist, I totally believe in the idea that images speak louder than words. Hence my love for The Emoji. Stamptramp: Double Embossed Dog Tag Tutorial. Hi all!

Stamptramp: Double Embossed Dog Tag Tutorial

I have been having a lot of fun in the studio lately playing with some new products and I have a very cool project to share with you! A couple of months ago, Els from Elizabeth Craft Designs was kind enough to send me a set of her new jewelry dies. Of course, my first thought was, 'what can I cut with these?! ' They are wafer thin dies, but I really wanted to see if they would cut aluminum flashing.

Stageit - Micah Schnabel - Not the Boy You Used to Know EP Digital Release Party! DIY Tutorial: Snow Jar Necklace. A reader pointed out that I can make fairies in a jar with the glowing beads I made the other day.

DIY Tutorial: Snow Jar Necklace

After a search for the how-to in the Internet, it looks like the craft calls for the liquid inside a glow stick. I am (still) struggling, trying to find out how to cut my glow stick (it seems like I will need a more powerful tool to cut through it). So, with whatever I had at the time, I made this glowing snow jar instead, minus the glow stick. Salah seorang pembaca memberi ide bahwa saya bisa membuat toples ajaib dengan manik-manik dari cat fosfor yang saya buat bulan lalu. Setelah mencari-cari tutorialnya di Internet, kelihatannya untuk membuat toples ajaib tersebut dibutuhkan cairan dalam glow stick. Tutorial: Alcohol Ink Crackled Metal Pendants — Tammy Tutterow Designs. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss a single post.

Tutorial: Alcohol Ink Crackled Metal Pendants — Tammy Tutterow Designs

Thanks for visiting! Art Recipe Wednesday: Vintage and Steampunk Pendants. Hi my darlings, I hope you are having a great week!

Art Recipe Wednesday: Vintage and Steampunk Pendants

I've been away for a couple of days enjoying the beauty of Irish wilderness in west of Mayo, recharging my batteries before new projects, challenges and classes. It was my so much needed time with my husband I'd promised him in... ehm... June? Puffy Dimensional Paint Jewelry! Great Kid Craft! DIY Miniature Book Necklace, Anthropologie knock-off and why I stopped reading. » Debi's Design Diary. I walked into the kitchen telling myself that this time I might break her down, I handed the order form to my mom trying to act casual, as if checking off 12 boxes on the page was perfectly acceptable .

DIY Miniature Book Necklace, Anthropologie knock-off and why I stopped reading. » Debi's Design Diary

She scanned my second grade penmanship and said,”Debi, just two…” “but Mom!!!!” “Debi, space them out you can get two more next month” “please Mom… two is not enough, I really need to have ALL of these, and a month takes forever! I Try DIY: Jigsaw Puzzle BFF Necklace Pendants. So, I came upon a few of these mini jigsaw puzzles at home.

I Try DIY: Jigsaw Puzzle BFF Necklace Pendants

I'm not much a fan of small puzzles, or Sophia (?) For that matter, so I decided to make something out of it. BFF Necklaces were all the rage when I was younger. I remember buying this pair of necklaces, each got half a heart with the words Best Friends Forever engraved on it. I think one had Bugs Bunny on it, and the other had the Tazmanian Devil. I took four pieces of adjacent puzzle pieces. DIY: Marbled Washer Necklace Tutorial. One of the BEST things about DIY is that you are able to make something from practically nothing.

DIY: Marbled Washer Necklace Tutorial

It’s pretty darn cool. What’s even cooler is when you take something that you don’t normally find at the craft store and craft with it. Hardware store crafting is HUGE right now and this is hardly the first ever washer necklace tutorial out there. There are tons and lots with a slightly different spin on the project that makes it fun and unique! Doodle Craft...: Damask Polymer Clay Pendants! Damask Polymer Clay Pendants!

Doodle Craft...: Damask Polymer Clay Pendants!

It's easy to make these colorful pendants! When all was said and done...I liked the damask ones the BEST! You just need oven bake clay, like this white sculpey. Some rubber stamps...and paint! Soften and roll out some clay about 1/4" thick. Blitsy Crafts: Turn Your Favorite Paper Into Jewelry! Do you have a favorite paper that you are literally OBSESSED with?

Blitsy Crafts: Turn Your Favorite Paper Into Jewelry!

Well, guess what? DIY Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial. Creating a unique piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day, or any day really, can be difficult. You’ve celebrated several holidays with your mom, hopefully, so you’ve given her lots of gifts! Coming up with one she hasn’t seen yet… well, you may be left racking your brain a bit. Since we started Slap Dash Things, I’ve found a new love for one of a kind jewelry. Awesomesauce & Asshattery. Our local charity shop has a take-it-or-it-goes-in-the-rubbish box just inside the front door. I usually avoid digging through it because if the charity shop thinks something belongs in the bin, it probably does. However, on my last thrifting expedition I literally tripped over this beauty dangling over the edge of the box – most likely attempting an escape before it got dumped in the trash:

Eat.sleep.MAKE.: CRAFT: Leather Leaves Necklace. You can find some hidden treasures at estate sales if you look hard enough (and Shannon is the master of estate sales, check out her 3-part guide to estate saling 101 HERE.) While rummaging through some things in the garage of at a local estate sale recently, I came upon a bag of leather scraps for dirt cheap. They were on a high shelf, sitting unassumingly among odds and ends. I grabbed them up as soon as I saw them and my mind began to churn with all the possibilities. You can buy bags of scrap leather at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap, but you can't beat finding a bag of leather scraps at an estate sale for $3! For my first leather project (ever!) SUPPLIES: suede cord, 2 large jump rings, 2 beads, 1 head pin, scrap leather, round nose pliers, wire cutters, and a leather punch or Crop-A-Dile. ONE: cut out 2 leaf shapes from your leather scraps. DIY Hunger Games Locket. Faux-Dichroic Glass Pendants (Recycle Craft)

Today I have a fun recycle craft for you- Faux Dichroic Glass Pendants. I love the look of fused glass but don’t have the time, tools or inclination! How to make a paper Chinese lantern pendant. Have you ever been to an outdoor party with Chinese lanterns? Chinese Lanterns. DIY Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial. Viktoria Slutsky - Claying Mama: Petite Pendant With Crystal Rhinestone Tutorial. Learn how to make very cute petite polymer clay pendant with Rhinestone. Love making pendants, earrings, key chains and charms - everything that dangles, no reason, just love it. Here is tutorial for making any of these, I've called it a pendant, but it could easily be charm or earring etc. Lightning In A Bottle Tutorial. DIY: Fairy Dust Necklaces. Dictionary Necklace. DIY Tape Roll Pendant. Lately I’ve been thinking of making some recycled (upcycled) crafts and this mini accessory idea struck me as I was (again) cleaning my working desk.

So, what are we doing today? Washi, washi, washi. 14 Days of Love- Sweet Vintage Spool Necklaces. Double Fingerprint Heart Necklace. Birdhouse Art to Wear: An Easy Mixed-Media Jewelry Project - Cloth Paper Scissors Today. Steampunk Jewelry- Number 4 Dictionary Pendant. May 27th, 2011 in gallery Email 1 user recommends Steampunk Jewelry by Tanith Rohe This bold steampunk pendant is made from a wooden rectangle decoupaged with an illustration from an antique 1892 dictionary. The pendant features a large solid brass number 4, vintage brass watch gears, and vintage watch hands.

Adult Friendship Bracelets. Make pie chart paper pendants. Spider - A Charmed Halloween Tutorial. Mummy - A Charmed Halloween Tutorial. POTION No. 9 - A Charmed Halloween Tutorial. WATCHING EYE - A Charmed Halloween Tutorial. Caged Skull - A Charmed Halloween Tutorial. Resin Jewelry Making: Double-Sided Resin Butterfly Pendant - Jewelry Making Daily. Birdhouse Art to Wear: An Easy Mixed-Media Jewelry Project - Cloth Paper Scissors Today.

Copper Pipe Pendants.