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Misha Zal

What is WomenHustlers? Hi □ I am Pritisha ( friends call me Misha ). I started working on this initiative called WomenHustlers in the spring of 2019. This is a series of written interviews of women building profitable businesses. My idea behind setting this up is to create actionable interviews that can inspire other women to go ahead and launch their own profitable businesses. Why am I doing this? My reason is simple. When I wanted to set up my side hustle, there were not many places I could refer to for relatable yet actionable advise. My initial resources were IndieHackers, and then slowly StarterStory(which also seemed to evolve from IndieHackers). However, I quickly discovered that I wanted to read specifically about other women running their profitable franchises(and how). I therefore went ahead and set up my own resource. Where did it start? I cold emailed. Yes, that’s right. I cold emailed the hell out of every woman led business I found interesting, or wanted to learn more about. It worked ! Most of the women I spoke to – in addition to being helpful – also appreciated what I am doing. How long will it go on? My aim in phase 1 is to put up 100 quality interviews, and I will then move on and plan from there. I am hoping to engage a lot of you beautiful women – and also the men behind your successes □ I am Misha Again, I am Misha and I am putting together this series of interviews at WomenHustlers. If you are a female-run business, don’t hesitate in reaching out to me I am happy to be talking to you anyway.

$6000 a year selling guide books for the city of La Palma. Flybabee - Building a $1M/Year company for baby sleep. Hi, help us get introduced to you and to your business.

Flybabee - Building a $1M/Year company for baby sleep

Hi, I’m Emma Lovell mum of two small children and founder of CoziGo – Sleep on the Go. I’m originally from England and live in Sydney Australia. We are the first company to make pram covers for travelling ( or a bassinet cover). My lightbulb moment was the outcome of flying and using an in-flight bassinet with a very distracted and overtired baby. My solution to help babies sleep as well as they do at home whilst out and about is called CoziGo. It’s a pop up sleep & sun cover that fits all strollers on the market as well as airline cots, moses baskets and car seats. It’s been heralded as “The Miracle Cover” for mums that value their babies all-important sleep routine whilst maintaining a healthy outdoor lifestyle. I appeared on the Australian version of Shark Tank and won over investor Janine Allis from Boost Juice.

How I created a $15K/M business selling luggage tags. Hi, Tell us your name and what kind of Unique Luggage Tags do you make?

How I created a $15K/M business selling luggage tags

My name is Rebecca Wilson and I’m the owner of YourBagTag, LLC. My company makes and sells personalized & unique luggage tags and custom identification and equipment tags for multiple industries, the largest being scuba diving. We make some really nice and interesting products like: engraved luggage tags, metal luggage tags, engravable luggage tag, luggage handle wrap, custom zipper pulls and more Revenue for this company is usually from 7K-15K per month. I started the business 14 years ago in a small area of my home. Creating a crazy $15K/M Swimwear Brand. Hi, Tell us your name, what you do, and about your business Elka Swim.

Creating a crazy $15K/M Swimwear Brand

My name is Holly Spillane and I am an international fashion designer. I am the co-owner & creator of luxury Australian swimwear brand, Elka Swim. At Elka Swim, we want to give women worldwide more choice, variety & options with our versatile mix & match multifaceted swimwear that makes you feel good. We endeavor to bring out, encourage & celebrate individuality through our unique pieces. We understand everyone is different and we have created a stunning collection that lets women create their own unique set of bikinis that reflect their own mood & personality. We compete with brands like Lovely lady lumps swimwear in the global market, however, primarily operate in the Australian market currently.

We promote a happy, healthy & balanced lifestyle and live by the 80/20 rule. What’s your own background. For the last 10 years, I have worked in the radio industry as a radio announcer. Building a strong American 'modest' clothing business. Hi, Tell us your name, what you do, and about your business.

Building a strong American 'modest' clothing business

My name is Kawthar Suleiman and I am the CEO and co-founder of Hijabican. Our mission is to make dressing modestly easy and fun so women can focus on building their dreams. We also want to educate women on how to wear a hijab in different styles using our latest designs. We sell modest clothing and hijabs online primarily to the American Muslim woman market. How to wear Hijab in different styles – Do you teach that? Well, there are a number of Hijab stylesand to your question – Yes, we do teach How to wear Hijab, Our idea however, is to bring out exquisite and modern Hijab styles forward. What’s your own background. Growing up in rural North Carolina there weren’t many options for modest clothing – either you had to rely on something from overseas, or pay hundreds of dollars for boutique styles that were a bit to avant garde.

Ghostwriting Jobs As a Productized Service making $120K a year. Hi, Tell us your name and what you do.

Ghostwriting Jobs As a Productized Service making $120K a year

What exactly is ghostwriting jobs as a productized service? Hello Women Hustlers; My name is Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane and I am a ghostwriter. It’s a secret underground profession that allows me to write non-fiction books for clients who are too busy to write one themselves, or who get overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to pull together 50,000 words. Building $5K a month business with Shopify services. Hi, Tell us your name, what you do with Shopify Services, and about your business while being a Shopify Expert.

Building $5K a month business with Shopify services

My name is Emma Dolan. I’m the founder of Untethered Collective, which is a collective of creatives who specialise in being Shopify expert in web design & development, shopify digital products, e-commerce strategy, and illustration & animation. Just wanted to add that we’re certified ‘Shopify Experts’ and love working with business owners to help grow their online businesses. What’s your own background. Were you always proficient in this business, or did it just strike your mind one fine day? I studied English and Film at university and after completing a Masters degree in Electronic Publishing worked in web teams for organisations such as WaterAid and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

It was during this time that I taught myself design and code on the side. Talk us through the process of launch of your business So, How is your repeat customer rate like? Absolutely. VIPER girls duo clock $30K a month running high end parties. Hey there Viper Girls, Introduce yourself to our readers. .

VIPER girls duo clock $30K a month running high end parties

$144K/Month selling Ethical Chocolates. Rescue Chocolate – Interesting Name.

$144K/Month selling Ethical Chocolates

Tell us about yourself and how did you come up with this interesting idea. Is it a catering chocolate business? What exactly? I’m Sarah Feoli, the founder, and owner of Rescue Chocolate. The business was founded in January 2010 with a two-fold mission: to create delicious and ethical chocolate, and to donate profits to animal rescue organizations.