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Easy to use GPS map integration to find real time jobs in your local area. With one click of a button send your resume to the desired job of choice. Camera function to upload a profile. Notifications to ensure you never miss a job posting. Access to a diverse range of job options.

Find Needed Student Jobs Australia with miService Apps. Final-year students are feeling worried with a bit of uncertainty because of their internship prospects due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find Needed Student Jobs Australia with miService Apps

Students graduating amid the pandemic and lockdowns find themselves in unique circumstances on how to snag an internship or other student jobs Australia. But even with unemployment at a record high, you can still snag an internship if you know how to adapt and get creative. Create your own online internships It’s not surprising that internships offered by any company in Australia have become online internship programs. Although most employers are moving away from office and physical placements, you can still create possibilities with online internships of your own if you are being interviewed by an employer who has no idea how a virtual internship works. Find Casual Student Jobs Today with miService Job Apps. Schools and companies understand the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many student’s chances of getting part-time or casual student jobs to make ends meet, or in compliance with an internship requirement.

Find Casual Student Jobs Today with miService Job Apps

But in reality, analysts are surprised that even with a pandemic and lockdowns, companies are still offering part-time work and internships. Compare this during the 2008 financial crisis in which all hiring completely stopped for several months. Download & Register Job Search Apps from miService Today. What kind of job vacancies await those looking for jobs or a career change post-pandemic?

Download & Register Job Search Apps from miService Today

In a recent study conducted by the Australian ING Bank, the report states that at least one in three – or 35% – Australian adults are likely to look for a new job. Of this number, some 12% are considering a career change towards essential or semi-essential services to ensure their job relevancy. This makes job search apps such as miService all the more viable to adapt to the technological advancement and skills evolution unleashed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download & Register with a miService Job Seekers App Today.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across the world, Australia and other countries have opted to start up the economy by slowly having both essential and non-essential businesses open up.

Download & Register with a miService Job Seekers App Today

These were the businesses that closed in February and March of this year when the lockdowns began. But, finding work during this time of the pandemic is not impossible. Searching for Jobs for Students? Download miService for Free. Today’s job seekers are lucky because they have technology on their side.

Searching for Jobs for Students? Download miService for Free

Now they can just download a job search app for free (like miService Job Search App), register for free, and start searching immediately for jobs for students. But wait, even while technology has made job hunting more convenient, also while finding jobs can be done with just a few clicks, you still need to upload and submit your resume or CV. And whether you like it or not, your resume/CV is the sales window to yourself. Everything can start or abruptly stop with your resume/CV. All it takes is one mistake, and the hiring manager won’t even continue reading. An Outlandish Objective Saying that you want to be the next “Steve Jobs” or you’re going to be the next web design sensation and other outlandish and overconfident statements will get you nowhere, and no one will read the rest of your resume. Find Student Jobs Australia. Download miService for Free. Get miService Job Search App to Search Casual Student Jobs.

Find Student Jobs with Job Search Apps from miService. Whether you’re looking for a new job, a student looking for a part-time job, or a graduating student looking for an internship or apprenticeship, in these modern times people have become more proficient in finding job opportunities.

Find Student Jobs with Job Search Apps from miService

However, even with the increasing use of job search apps, a few traditional methods are still looked upon to find employment. Job Search Apps Today’s technology puts job searching in the palm of your hands, and with just a few clicks, you can search for your desired full-time job or student job even in your specific area, thanks to GPS integration. Downloading and registration are all free, so even students don’t need to pay for anything. Uploading and sending a resume/CV and profile is so easy as well. Networking Sometimes, people you know or associate with may know about job opportunities. Job Fairs Job fairs may sound old school, but many students still attend these because of the direct personal contact with the hiring managers. Company Websites. Download the miService Job Seekers App Today for Free.

Search Jobs for Students & Apprenticeships Using miService. An apprenticeship is a work-based placement that combines on-the-job training with continued study towards a recognised qualification.

Search Jobs for Students & Apprenticeships Using miService

The apprenticeship job has to be in line with the student’s college or university course and a requirement for graduation. The same also applies with Year 12, though sometimes apprenticeships for Year 12 can occur after graduation. So, instead of looking for jobs for students, students need to look for apprenticeship jobs that are aligned with their course. Today’s apprenticeships are paid programmes that also provide monetary allowances funded both by the government and the relevant employer. They now cover not just the usual traditional industries such as carpentry, mechanics, and construction, but also IT, media, retail, tourism, law, business, and accountancy, to name a few.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship Experience Students will learn more by now applying what they learned in the classrooms on their job. Qualification Payment Progression Networking. Find Student Jobs Australia While Studying. Use miService. Find Casual Student Jobs & Apprenticeships with miService. Use One of the Best Job Search Apps Created by miService. The school year has ended and a new one is soon to begin again.

Use One of the Best Job Search Apps Created by miService

For the Best Job Seekers App Always Use miService Search App. Search Jobs for Students or Apprenticeships with miService. Based on recent trends and reports on companies in Australia, aside from the increase in hiring needs, the increase in the speed of hiring is all thanks to a surge in the use of job search apps.

Search Jobs for Students or Apprenticeships with miService

For those searching for jobs for students, especially students looking for apprenticeships, job search apps are the quickest way to look for available vacancies and hiring. When using job search apps, there are also six useful things you can do in or with the app to improve your knowledge, save time, and increase your chances of getting hired quickly.

Make the most out of job search apps because, after all, most of them are free. Looking for Student Jobs Australia? Use miService Job App. Your life is hectic because of your busy life looking for a job.

Looking for Student Jobs Australia? Use miService Job App

Or you don’t have a lot of time to go searching for a job because you’re a student looking for student jobs Australia. You don’t want to waste time in traffic or hopping from one company to another going job hunting. So, you can either use your computer to do online job searches or use a job search app. Because it’s the 21st century, job searching has gone online, and there are even apps to search for jobs at specific geographical locations.