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Red. This Video Will Make You Angry. The Ultimate Food Guide You're Not Going To Use But You Feel Healthier Just By Reading It. TL ; DR – Bookmark and forget it 1 : This is how one serving of fruit really looks like 2 : 7 five-minute dinners nutritionists eat 3 : Hey , is this paleo ?

The Ultimate Food Guide You're Not Going To Use But You Feel Healthier Just By Reading It

Home - Gateway Greening. Jurassic World (2015) Full Movie - Genvideos. Titan Cables For iPhone And Android, Save Up To 33% Extremely useful PHP classes. PHP PSD Reader A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about this PHP which allow you to display any Adobe PSD file on screen.

extremely useful PHP classes

Very usefull to create preview of PSDs designed for clients, for example.Download Browser detect One of the most common (and boring) problem for front-end developers is definitely cross-browser compatibility. This PHP class will detect almost all browsers and simplify your cross-browser work.Download Akismet Remember those days without spam? ADOdb The large majority of websites and web apps are using databases to store all kinds of data. HTML Purifier As it name tells, HTML Purifier is a PHP class created to help you writing a better code. Google charts API Charts are very useful and highly asked by clients, but they can be a lot of work. pChart pChart is another chart class, and it is as good as Google charts API. PHP Excel Excel documents are highly popular in the corporate world. 5 Epic Sci-Fi Movies You Can Watch In Under 10 Minutes. Look, you're a busy person, I understand -- but that doesn't mean you can't make time for your passions.

5 Epic Sci-Fi Movies You Can Watch In Under 10 Minutes

And assuming your "passion" is passively consuming nerd-media, then maybe it's time to make time for some quality new science fiction. But you don't have 30 hours to burn on Alphas (which was way better than you think), or even 10 to rewatch Firefly -- you have, at most, an hour on your lunch break to cram as much dork into your skull as possible. Well, I'm here to help: Here's the best new science fiction you can consume in less time than it takes to bake a Hot Pocket (as though anybody does anything but microwave them. Honestly, Hot Pockets, you aspire beyond your station). #5. Abe is a simple little flick by London filmmaker Rob McLellan, taking just the few intense minutes out of Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill is addressing the girl in the well, but recasting the sexually infuriated psychopathic transvestite with a Robot Butler.

50 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels That Everyone Should Read. 9 Simple Morning Rituals to Boost Your Metabolism. Start off your morning with these 9 rituals and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your metabolism and keeping it revved up all day long.

9 Simple Morning Rituals to Boost Your Metabolism

The key is to incorporate them one at a time until they feel totally natural, rather than trying to overhaul your current morning routine. 1. Drink Warm Lemon Water Right When You Wake Up When you wake up and don’t know what to do first, taking up the habit of having a cup of warm lemon water will serve you well. SO YOU WANT TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE?

Great! Aside from being an incredibly useful skill that will open up much of the world to you, being bilingual is associated with a ton of side benefits as well: it improves your memory, it helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, and it actually makes you smarter. But which language should you learn? Voxy, an online English course, has put together this guide to which languages are likely to be the easiest and the hardest for English speakers to learn. Via: Voxy Blog. The Alchemist's Letter. Old versions of Windows, Mac and Linux Software, Apps & Abandonware Games - Download at

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Ramsinks. BackRex: Outlook Express and Outlook backup tool.


Most features in the free version. Mozbackup: Simple utility for creating backups of Firefox, Thunderbird profiles. It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history etc. IMAPSize: A great tool to transfer Thunderbird e-mail to Outlook/Outlook Express (not sure why you would - but it's here). NasBackup: Is a great backup solution. All Things Korean. All things Japanese. IRC. Wallpaper sites. Cooking/Recipes. West Wind Fonts @ typOasis. Winamp skins. ~~^^~~ Dreams of Anime ~~^^~~ Nostalgia. The 41 Best Resume Templates Ever. We know—writing and editing the perfect resume is enough of a challenge.

The 41 Best Resume Templates Ever

Why should you have to spend your time and energy making it look great, too? Especially if you're not a designer, crafting a resume that looks impressive and really stands out can be a challenge. But have no fear—that's what resume templates are for. Whatever sort of resume you want—from classic and traditional to modern and design-focused—we've gathered the best templates on the web.

And with resume template prices being anywhere from $99 to free, you're sure to find one that fits the bill. The Basics These may be the standard resume templates, but they're still a step up from your basic Microsoft Word resume. Primer Magazine, Free Resume TemplateAvailable as a Microsoft Word file Get the Resume Template Google Drive, Free Resume TemplateAvailable as Google Doc or Microsoft Word file.


17 Ways to Get Free Books. You can never have too many books, so we are delighted to share with you some ways to get them for free.

17 Ways to Get Free Books

From children’s books to technical books, there are numerous resources that offer literature for free. Some of the following sites offer actual printed books, while others feature electronic books (aka “ebooks”). Please bear in mind that the list is alphabetized, not ordered by importance. Bibliomania – Bibliomania is a simple and fast-loading site that offers over 2000 classic books, short stories, plays and poems online. From Mark Twain to William Shakespeare, some of the world’s greatest writers are included on the site. Bibliomania is an invaluable tool for book lovers, as well as students and teachers. BookCrossing – Touted as “the world’s biggest free book club,” BookCrossing is a free book resource, as well as a human experiment.

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