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Mirror Mate

| I thought I was finished decorating my master bath, but the most dominant features were those huge, bare mirrors above the twin vanities. They cried out for frames. But framing them would be way too expensive. And I didn’t even want to think about taking them down and replacing them! (How would I throw them away?) Thus in 2003 I invented MirrorMate® frames, the easy way to turn a bare mirror into a work of art.

Creating Your Dream Bath Without the Hassle. Home renovations are hard!

Creating Your Dream Bath Without the Hassle

Most take months to complete since they entail not just the construction phase, but also the time to get plans drawn, finishes selected, estimates from contractors, and the proper permits before the work can even begin. Often times, larger scale projects like a bathroom renovation are a major inconvenience making it necessary to move out and rent temporary housing. That is a huge expense which most people would rather put towards their redecorating budget. How then can you create a dream bathroom without a full-scale renovation? Below are some tips for updating your space without a complete gut job. Determine Your Floor Plan First Just like you need a floor plan to decide which furnishings can fit in a space, you also need a floor plan to decide if your bathroom meets all your needs. Cherokee Barnwood Frame Replace Outdated Shower Door Glass Removing outdated frosted glass doors is an easy way to instantly change the look of your bathroom.

Design Do’s and Don’ts to Create Your Dream Space. Figuring out how to decorate your own space can be challenging.

Design Do’s and Don’ts to Create Your Dream Space

Designer Kate Hart shares some tried-and-true design rules she and the pros swear by. Start with these basics and then add your own flair to create a home that’s truly your own. Remember the 60-30-10 Rule When choosing colors for your space it is important to make sure the space feels balanced. Choose one color to represent 60% of the space. For example, in your bathroom, you may have white woodwork, ceiling, vanity, and wall tile—this would make up the 60%.

Consider Scale It is really easy to fall in love with the furniture you may see online, but remember, it has to fit into your home. Look for sofas with narrow track arms instead of larger rolled arms. Space Matters Don’t forget to plan for the space between your furniture. Typically, you need at least 3 feet between a dining room table and a wall. Anchoring with Area Rugs Another design blunder people often make is not choosing an area rug that is the correct size. MirrorMate Inventor Downsizes While Upping Her Style. MirrorMate inventor Lisa Huntting is a serial entrepreneur whose latest company, MirrorMate frames, is based around one of her personal passions -- making a home more beautiful.

MirrorMate Inventor Downsizes While Upping Her Style

Inventing the MirrorMate frame has combined her love of interior design with her consumer products marketing background to create a new product category that is widely needed and accessible to homeowners nationwide. She recognized the necessity of the product when, after decorating her bathrooms, she felt the décor was just not complete. The raw edges of her big, plate glass mirrors looked unfinished – and the clips that attach the mirror to the wall were, gasp – exposed. It’s been fifteen years since this single mom had the idea to make it easy for the average homeowner, without tools like routers and miter saws to frame their mirrors, and to give them a wider selection than the basic white primed trim found at a local hardware store.

A lot has happened since that time both personally and professionally. How to add Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home. If you have tuned into any home design channel lately or have scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest you have seen it: beautiful spaces with clean lines, neutral color palates, layers of texture and seemingly effortless pops of color and interesting accent pieces.

How to add Modern Farmhouse Style to Your Home

What is this stylish trend you find yourself longing for in your own home? A mixture of contemporary and country, it is more commonly called modern farmhouse. So how can you incorporate this look into your own home? Consider these ideas below: Opt for a neutral color palette: When I think of modern farmhouse, I think of clean, bare neutrals that allow the architectural details of a space to stand out. If you are seeking a little more color, then choose a light natural linen or gray tone that will still give your space a neutral backdrop. Consider Contrast: One main feature of modern farmhouse design is contrast.

Embrace Natural Wood Tones: Cherokee Rustic Barnwood by MirrorMate Layer on the Texture: Mix Old with the New: Mirror Magic: Different Types of Mirrors and How to Use Them. Mirrors are so much more than just a simple tool to see your reflection.

Mirror Magic: Different Types of Mirrors and How to Use Them

Mirrors have a bounty of applications—sometimes surprising ones. In homes, mirrors can help enlarge the look of a room or enhance the lighting of a space. Or, they can be used decoratively as accent pieces on their own, especially when enhanced with a custom mirror frame. In commercial buildings, mirrors have been used to create impressive displays and optical illusions. Inside cameras, mirrors allow photographers to see exactly what image will be captured when they look through the viewfinder. “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall …” Mirrors with magical qualities have been a feature of popular culture for centuries—from the ancient story of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection, to Snow White’s evil queen, to the modern-day urban legend about conjuring up Bloody Mary in the mirror. Types of Mirrors Mirrors have a variety of uses; how they function depends on their construction.