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AppBot - App Store reviews and features emailed straight to your inbox. App Annie - App Ranking, Analytics, Market Intelligence. The Magical Number Seven. Home | Site Map | Watch | FAQ | History | Store | Contact originally published in The Psychological Review, 1956, vol. 63, pp. 81-97 (reproduced here, with the author's permission, by Stephen Malinowski) Belorussian translation German translation Table of Contents My problem is that I have been persecuted by an integer.

The Magical Number Seven

I shall begin my case history by telling you about some experiments that tested how accurately people can assign numbers to the magnitudes of various aspects of a stimulus. Information measurement The "amount of information" is exactly the same concept that we have talked about for years under the name of "variance. " The advantages of this new way of talking about variance are simple enough. The similarity of variance and amount of information might be explained this way: When we have a large variance, we are very ignorant about what is going to happen.

There are two simple rules to follow. The situation can be described graphically by two partially overlapping circles. 触屏手机点击区域的小秘密. By elya妞 on 2012年03月6日.


为触屏手机而设计系列1——拇指操作的“热区/死角”与“控件尺寸” - TaobaoUED.


怎样打造高性能的移动用户体验. The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement A/B testing isn’t a buzz term.

The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing - Smashing Magazine

A lot of savvy marketers and designs are using it right now to gain insight into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rate. And yet A/B testing is still not as common as such Internet marketing subjects as SEO, Web analytics and usability. People just aren’t as aware of it. They don’t completely understand what it is or how it could benefit them or how they should use it. What Is A/B Testing? At its core, A/B testing is exactly what it sounds like: you have two versions of an element (A and B) and a metric that defines success. Affordance(可供性)和设计 · [ i D 公 社 ] iOS 键盘 为什么 iOS 的键盘如此出色,其他系统的虚拟键盘虽然在尺寸上基本超过 iOS 键盘,而它们的视觉体验还是操作体验相比之下显得像一团渣,为什么?

Affordance(可供性)和设计 · [ i D 公 社 ]

在比较分析之前,先说明一下,分析虽然是一个逆向过程,但在这里我认为诠释性的分析比揣测设计者的意图更有价值,当问“为什么这样设计”的时候,应该将眼界超越设计者本人的意图,即使有一些给出的理解完全脱离设计者的意图甚至与其相背。 iOS 键盘是(新一代)虚拟屏幕键盘的开山始祖,它有很多创新的设计和技术应用,在第一代 iPhone 上市的时候,Apple 做过详细全面的视频介绍,其中有一段就是 iOS 键盘介绍,土豆视频见这(Youtube 地址见这)。 Steve Jobs 在 WWDC 2007 上介绍 iPhone 是从革命性的用户界面开始的,从列出 Moto Q、BlackBerry、Palm Treo 和 Nokia E62 这四台带全键盘的手机——当时被称为智能手机——开始,它们的按键和操作是不能改变的,无论你是否需要它总是在那里,而不同的应用需要不同的用户界面。 iOS 虚拟键盘只在需要的时候出现,在不同的应用中使用不同的键盘,在输入网址的时候就将空格键替换成了“.”、“.com”和“/”等配合网址输入的按键。

在 Apple 的获得专利中,与 iOS 键盘相关的有很多项,重要的就有根据下一个字母来动态改变触摸区域这一项,专利号 7,900,156 名称为“Activating virtual keys of a touch-screen virtual keyboard”,相应在中国的专利申请号为 200680033988 名称为“致动触摸 — 屏幕虚拟键盘的虚拟键”,专利内容就是上述实现的一个一般化,将触摸区域的改变一般化为按键如何根据触摸位置来触发,触摸位置与触发按键通过距离来确定(比如与哪个按键的距离小就触发哪一个按键),同时引入一个权重,那么上述实现中,出现下一个“e”比“w”和“r”有更大的权重,也就是“e”的触摸范围更大,这项专利例举的另一个实现,就是“删除”按键的权重设置成小的,它更不容易被触发。 什么是“丰富人的体验”? TKD NO.3 Persona « UX TUTU's kingdom. 白鸦 » 角色设计实例。(我的淘宝招聘答卷) 尼尔森iPad用户研究学习笔记及一些小观点(一) - 肖肖の交互设计. 尼尔森团队关于iPad的调研报告,点击查看: 版本一 版本二. Usability of iPad Apps and Websites: Research Findings. Learn how iPad users interact with apps and websites on their devices, and whether usability improves with time as people practice and learn new interfaces.

Usability of iPad Apps and Websites: Research Findings

The design guidelines are based on 2 rounds of usability studies, conducted one year apart. We observed participants working on their own iPads to accomplish a broad variety of tasks. Articles on research findings: iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing iPad Usability: Year One What’s different between the 1st and 2nd Edition? 1st Edition: The study was conducted in 2010, immediately after the first iPad tablet became available to the public. 2nd Edition: We conducted a follow-up study in 2011 to study improvements in interface designs and changes in behavior as a result of exposure and practice.

We strongly recommend that you read the 2nd edition first, because it has the newest information and is based on testing more mature iPad apps. Updated Tablet UX Research in New Report Research Reports.