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Schmoyoho's Channel. If you get this track, we'll scratch your back: to tweet: to us for more - Bean - LaMar - - - - - - VO by Mark Douglas - with Michael Onufrak: by Dan Millice: - Lowell Meyer - find us in other places: Lyrics: I know that we're just perfect strangersAnd perfect strangers that just won't do, noWhy not make today the day that a perfect stranger falls for youAnd as we approach each other we feel the chemistryWith every step that we take it gains in intensityThe moment comes when it's time to take your breath awayI step right up to you and say Herp de derpHerp de derpHerp herp herp herp herp de derpI'm not this awkward all the timeOnly when love is on the lineHerp de derp de derp de derp de derp derp derpyHerpy derp herp derp herpy Herping like it's going out of styleImma go cry in a corner now Oh every time I think she's mine I herpWhenever I think we'll be together, I derpOne day I hope I'll findSomeone who doesn't mindBeing embarrassed by me all of the time.

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Working... alyssa bernal Uploads Play 1:18 "All My Lovin" ukulele cover - Alyssa Bernal (The Beatles) 6,737 views 11 months ago 5:52 How To Give the Drunk Guy a Hint. 6,510 views 1 year ago 7:47 White Girl Dancing & Ask Alyssa (Zombies, Girls, Bullying) 8,187 views 1 year ago 8:44 Berklee College + Drunk Lyss + Coachella + ThreadSence! Related channels on YouTube boyceavenue Kurt Hugo Schneider Cimorelli zeldaxlove64 megannicolesite Selena Gomez Sign in to add this to Watch Later Add to. KassemG's Channel. Felipenetovlog's Channel. MondoMedia's Channel. Theresident's Channel. Can I get an amen?!

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Twitter: TRANSCRIPT:Every day, the TV, the Internet, everyone we KNOW tries to convince us that THEY are right. THEIR views are TRUTH, and it's exhausting. Can I get an amen? They're so sure their views come correct, that they refuse to listen to any ideas that challenge them. People on the right of me -- the red Republicans -- they act like their views were passed down by God himself with no respect for interpretation, condemning to hell, all those who disagree. People on the left of me -- the blue Democrats -- they act like their views are as right as the laws of physics, with no respect for the living quality of science, dismissing as ignorant, all those who disagree. All of them view every piece of new information that comes their way through the lens of the side they've chosen, closing off their hearts and their minds from each other AND ultimately from their own true selves. SHAYTARDS's Channel. Hchsknights08's Channel.

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Working... alyssa bernal Uploads Play 3:53 Ariana Grande - Problem Ft. Covers Originals 3:46 Peaches and Coffee (Original Song) - The New Velvet ft. Fashion & Beauty Interviews & Behind the Scenes Old School Lyss Related channels on YouTube. ItsKingsleyBitch's Channel. DeStorm's Channel. MysteryGuitarMan's Channel. Sxephil's Channel.