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Timeline - Animate 3D Layers. Topology, Topo-Rigging & more (Tutorials by Rastaman) Hello,these are my tutorials about the new ZB3-features 'Topology' and 'Topology-Rigging'.You also find more informations from me and others in Plakkies Topology & Flow Lab -Thread: of discovering all few hours some new features, I decided to place them all together in this new Thread for making it more easy for me to handle the updates.

Topology, Topo-Rigging & more (Tutorials by Rastaman)

Check out frequently for new updates. Enjoy, Ralf Ah, one further note.In Europe we don't care or even think about this, but I have been told that it is a theme in some US-countrys. (?) Using Contacts in ZBrush 4. Creating Blendshapes in Zbrush.