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Waseda-Docomo face robot WD-2 - Featured on Hacked Gadgets. Mind-controlled prosthetics to help amputees - health - 28 April 2011. ROBOTIC limbs controlled solely by the mind could be available to paralysed people within a year.

Mind-controlled prosthetics to help amputees - health - 28 April 2011

Monkeys are being trained to control what might be the world's most sophisticated and human-like robot arm. But they never touch the prosthetic limb or fiddle with a remote control: they guide it with their thoughts alone. If trials are successful, in a few months from now people with spinal cord injuries could learn to do the same. In 2008, Andrew Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania published a landmark paper describing how two rhesus macaques learned to feed themselves marshmallows and fruit using a crude robotic limb controlled by electrodes implanted in their brains (Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature06996).

EXPO 2010 - Spain Pavilion, Giant Baby (w/ backside) Video: Japan's New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic. Actroid F Female Telepresence Robot Looks Super Real, Creepy. Actroid F can speak in your place, using webcams to watch and mimic your facial expressions and movements.

Actroid F Female Telepresence Robot Looks Super Real, Creepy

When you speak with your family over a webcam they may be able to see your face, but they don’t have a real body in the room with which they can interact. Why not give them a creepy robot to to talk to instead? Kokoro recently unveiled its Actroid F telepresence robot, a full sized female humanoid with complex facial movements and realistic appearance. Though it can’t move from its chair, it can blink, shift its eyes and neck, bow, and even breathe.

A webcam on your end watches your face and head movements and has the robot mimic them for your family. Festo - AirArm 2. Alien Exoskeleton for U.S. Army [Future Tech] Hubo Chairbot FX-1 Hustle : MIT's Nexi MDS Robot: First Test of Expression. Sexy Robot Speaks - Sexy Robots Videos. Japan's Robot Supermodel Hits the Runway. ROBOT PLAYS VIOLIN - Amazing!!! Simple Animatronic (robotic hand) made of Chain for the fingers. Humanoid robot - morph3. Robot Fight. Murata Boy, the Robot that can Ride Bicycles. Robot running. South korean Transformer. Sexy Robot Robo-Garage FT+ Mina.