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The Only Pair of Matching Singing Bird Pistols, Attributed to Frères Rochat. India's sharp-shooter granny fighting male domination. 4 July 2011Last updated at 00:14 By Suhail Haleem BBC Urdu Parkaso Tomar's family members initially made fun of her passion for shooting At first glance there is nothing remarkable about Parkaso Tomar, a hardy 70-something woman who has spent most of her life working in the fields and tending to cattle in a small north Indian village.

India's sharp-shooter granny fighting male domination

Until of course she picks up a gun and fires a volley of shots, all bang on target. She is the "shooter granny" of Johri village in Uttar Pradesh, a northern province infamous for honour killings and female foeticide. Not the best of places for girls to grow up. This is where Parkaso Tomar has become an unlikely role model, inspiring a new generation of female shooters ever since she picked up a gun for the first time. And that was well after she had turned 60. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote I defeated an officer of the rank of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police in Delhi.” End QuoteParkaso TomarSharp-shooting granny Aiming high 'Outlaws' 6 Insane Stories of a Magician Who Helped Win WWII.

How's this for a disclaimer: Much of what follows might be complete bullshit.

6 Insane Stories of a Magician Who Helped Win WWII

No one knows for sure. Every now and then, we come across a man so epic, so larger-than-life, so PIMPTACULAR, that our sense of admiration compels us to tell his story. Jasper Maskelyne -- the magician who used his skills to fight Hitler -- was such a man, and then some. Or at least that's what the stories claim. Some of what's below has been confirmed as true; some of it is just too insane to be real. That means that the world has to rely on Maskelyne's own retelling of his exploits and, you know, the guy was a goddamned magician.

It all supposedly started with ... The Balloon Battleship Illusion Here's the part we know is true: Jasper Maskelyne was a third-generation magician who volunteered his services to the Royal Engineers when World War II broke out. But, despite the idea being seemingly too silly for even a Saturday-morning cartoon, the Allies agreed. Yes, this really happened. Via German Federal Archive. Could Crows Have Helped Bring Down Bin Laden? We’ve all heard now about how a team of U.S.

Could Crows Have Helped Bring Down Bin Laden?

Navy Seals took down Osama bin Laden. But the decade-long hunt for the terrorist leader also got some help from an unlikely partner connected to the University of Washington. John Marzluff: “One of the experimental branches of research that was used to try to find him was to have crows or ravens of the local area trained to identify his face.” John Marzluff is a Wildlife Sciences Professor at the UW. Weekend Project: Potato Gatling Gun. Nuke50 - Nuclear handgun and ammunition.

Knex Machine Gun. Old woman shoots MP40 Machine gun.