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Figurative artists

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Lori Earley. Lauren Mills Art. Sculpture (Portraiture & Figurative) "Lady from Botswana", clay Bronze Sculpture Available through: Marshall LeKae Gallery Portraiture: “Appalachian Woman” bronze, 2008, 15x10x11, edition size of 20 “Philosopher” 2007, 20x18x12 (will be available in bronze, edition size of 20) “Ebenezer Reflecting” bronze, 2007, 6x4x5 , edition size of 20 “Bacchus” bronze, 2006 15x10x10, edition size of 7 “Artist” 2006 (shown in plaster – will be available in bronze, edition of 20) Obama, clay, over life size Figurative: "Dryad" Dryad, bronze, 17x14x16; edition of 20 "female torso", clay, 7x4x4" Torso Victorious", bronze, 7x4x4 “Legacy” bronze, 2007, 16x18x9 , edition size- 7 “Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion” bronze, 2007, 22x5x7 , edition size – 20 “Dancing Artemis” clay shown 2008 ( will be available in bronze, ed. 20) "Muse", bronze, 7x2x2 on 4x5 cement base "Muse", bronze, 7x2x2 on 4" granite base “Mushroom Man” bronze, 2007., 11x11x14, editions size- 20 Sculpture Awards.

Lauren Mills Art

Unio Mystica. Unio Mystica is part of Damian Michaels' Art Visionary Collection in Australia.

Unio Mystica

More information at Catalogue of the "Fantastic and Visionary Art" tour: Foreword to exhibition tour catalogue by Alan Sisley: Orange Regional Gallery is delighted to be able to present the exhibition Fantastic and Visionary Art for tour. This exhibition contains work from sixty different artists, from seventeen countries. Most have not been shown in Australia before, and it is certainly the first time that so many contemporary makers of so called Fantastic and Visionary art have been shown together in this country.

Whilst Fantastic and Visionary Art can be seen as a large category, spanning many centuries, this exhibition concentrates only on artists who emerged since the Second World War. Visionary Art is a description derived from the great psychiatrist Carl Jung, who believed the Visionary Mode derived from the historical unconscious and pointed to things unknown, hidden and secretive. Copyright A. Ten If by Sea. Ron Mueck-(The photo at 1:11 is not ron mueck piece - it is by Patricia Piccinini) Ron Mueck The most realistic sculptures Part 3/3. Welcome to Mark Newman Sculpture Online. MarkNewman on deviantART. Amazing sculptures. Sculptor Susan Bahary, Fine Art Acrylic and Bronze Horse Art. 3DExport's Blog - Buy 3D Models, Sell 3D Models easy.

100 Impressive Artworks of Robots Details Techniques: Artworks, Impressive, Robots Ads: Hello everyone.

3DExport's Blog - Buy 3D Models, Sell 3D Models easy.

Today we make post just for your inspiration. 100 Impressive Artworks of Robots it’s collection of awesome artworks form top 3d artists around the world. Enjoy and comment this works if you like it. Thanks King Kittan the great Pin It > Click here to enlarge < Worker Robot Lost Signal Petrol Head Weta’s AutomaitreD Equilibrium Android Repot-Carpertor Repair Shop Sci-Fi Elephant T8000 Assault Mech Spider The Duet Hall of Souls Steamnocchio The two mighty kings Steam Wilhelm the Great I Codename Cockroach Hide and Seek The Sentinel Robot Arachnid Robot RedBot & YellowBot World War Worlds Collide Robotica Hummerbot Destroy > Click here to enlarge < Thanks 3DTotal for images Related Posts:

Luxe et vanités. Stephane Halleux - Sculpteur. Debora. Cloth figure artist LISA LICHTENFELS. Hyper Realist Sculptor – Carole Feuerman. Carole Feuerman is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptors.

Hyper Realist Sculptor – Carole Feuerman

She has enjoyed three museum retrospectives to date, and has been included in prestigious exhibitions at, among other venues, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy. More info about Carole Feuerman: Among the notable honors Feuerman has received are the Amelia Peabody Sculpture Award, the Betty Parsons Award in sculpture, the Lorenzo de Medici Prize at the 2001 Biennale di Firenze, and First Prize at the 2008 Beijing Biennale. Her work is in the collections of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, the Absolut Art Collection, and Forbes Magazine, among others. Photos Source and more info: 1.