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Tilting bike uses Google Maps to simulate riding in different parts of the world. The Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle replicates riding on routes selected via Google Maps, simulating the area's incline or decline by tilting the riding platform (Photo: Pro-Form) Image Gallery (4 images) Valuable a conditioning tool as stationary bikes are, any avid cyclist will tell you that they're nowhere near as good as being out on the open road.

Tilting bike uses Google Maps to simulate riding in different parts of the world

One of the differences between real cycling and indoor training is the fact that when riders are on the road, the topography of the area determines the pedaling effort required. By contrast, when on a stationary bike, riders usually just vary their output as they feel like it. In an attempt to make indoor training more like the real thing, Pro-Form's Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle lets users choose or create real-world routes using Google Maps, then adjusts the angle of the riding platform to replicate the experience of riding up and down those roads.

Source: engadget. EGO-Kits give downhill mountain bikes a boost. The EGO-Kit is an electric motor that can be added to downhill mountain bikes for powering them up to the tops of mountains (Photo: EGO-Kits) Image Gallery (4 images) While electric commuting bikes are currently experiencing a surge in popularity, electric mountain bikes such as the Conway E-Rider and the KTM eGnition are also showing up on tradeshow floors with increasing frequency.

EGO-Kits give downhill mountain bikes a boost

Most of these are designed as cross-country and/or trail bikes, with the idea that the motor can extend their range above the reaches of pure human power – of course, they might also appeal to couch potatoes who want all the fun of mountain biking, with a minimum of the exercise. The EGO-Kit, however, is an electric motor that can be added onto an existing downhill mountain bike, with the specific purpose of replacing a chair lift for getting bike and rider to the top of the mountain.

The high-torque brushless motor puts out 1200W of nominal power, and 2400W maximum. Buy your own Tron Lightcycle: US$35,000. The lightcycle scene was probably the most memorable part of an absolutely jaw-dropping movie when Tron was released back in 1982.

Buy your own Tron Lightcycle: US$35,000

One of the first films ever to use the kinds of computer-generated special effects that later become commonplace, it was a glimpse into a whole new world that left an indelible impression on most that saw it. Now, as Disney prepares to release Tron Legacy, a sequel some 28 years after the original, the lightcycles are back and looking meaner than ever. Built by the same guys that did the memorable Batpod replica, the new lightcycles feature massive dual hubless wheels, carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies and all the lashings of neon that you'd expect. And there's going to be five running models built - all of which are now up for sale on eBay. Check it out! View all The lightcycles are to be built by Parker Brothers Choppers, each will be individually numbered from 001 to 005, and each will come with a different color neon highlight. All-electric Tron Lightcycle hits the streets. All-Electric Lightcycle (Screenshot from Parker Brothers video) Image Gallery (6 images) Practicality tends to take a back seat when you combine sci-fi cult status with custom chopper building - and there's no room for a pillion passenger on the Lightcycle.

All-electric Tron Lightcycle hits the streets

We first spied Parker Brothers Choppers Lightcycle project last year when it surfaced in gas-powered form, now the company has released video of a fully-electric version of the neon-packing two-wheeler in action. The electric motor may be quieter, but this one's still guaranteed to turn heads. Yamaha shows retro lightweight 125cc motorcycle that gets 220 mpg. Yamaha's press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show today was a genuine sign of the times.

Yamaha shows retro lightweight 125cc motorcycle that gets 220 mpg

Four brand new world premiers were shown. The largest internal combustion engine amongst them was a 250cc model with fat tires designed to go anywhere - the SUV of motorcycles was the claim. View all There was also a three-wheeled electric commuter, a fold-up electric pedal-assist bicycle and, wait for it, an 80 km/l (226 mpg Imperial or 188 U.S. miles/gallon) retro 125cc commuter that's somewhere between a bicycle and motorcycle - it weighs just 80 kg and it is beautiful.

Lit Motors' C-1 electric motorcycle will stand up for itself. As any avid biker will tell you, motorcycles have a lot of advantages over cars - they use less fuel, accelerate faster, are more maneuverable, can be parked in more places, and don't incorporate the weight of extra seating for passengers who are non-existent on solo commutes.

Lit Motors' C-1 electric motorcycle will stand up for itself

As many other people will tell you, however, motorcycles also leave their occupants open to the rain and cold, and can potentially tip over and scatter those occupants across the road. 9 Best New Electric Scooters on the Market. Electric vehicles have come a long way in the last few years, steadily gaining acceptance as a practical and sustainable form of transportation.

9 Best New Electric Scooters on the Market

This is especially true in cities, where most trips are short and space is at a premium. That's where the electric scooter comes in: Small, quick and zero-emissions, these vehicles are making a real dent in the automotive market. And the auto industry is taking note: BMW, Honda, and VW all have electric scooters in production. Abnormal Cycles. Motornya+Lelaki.jpg. Motornya+Lelaki1.jpg. So-unique Helmet Designs. Concept Bikes part 1. Bi pulsejet trike. Dodge Tomahawk vs Dodge Viper. Dodge Tomahawk. T-Rex: the perfect donut. Dodge Tomahawk. Concept Bikes Extravaganza Slideshow!

Kawasaki 48 Cylinder Runs! Dodge Tomahawk. 31 Examples of Coolest and odd Bicycle Design. Rondinaud deisgn three wheels motorcycle concept video 1. McLean V-8 Monocycle (Crash 2:55) Unique vehicle made of furniture parts. The 2011 McLean Drag Wheel. Motor Wheel 02 Burning Man. 1st Hyperbike. NEW MINIMOTO - STREET DRAG RACER. 18 Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts. 18 Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts Man it would be so amazing if all the concepts we see come to life!

18 Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts

There are some really great minds out there who are always working with their creativity and imagination to get us some really interesting and amazing stuff. Anyways, the best part about concepts is that they are fully capable of enchanting us with their amazing features; and the fact is – we just love to know about such brilliant ideas! At Walyou, we love such brilliant ideas, which is why we have compiled this brilliant list of 18 futuristic Motorcycle Concepts. The list features some really interesting designs and ideas which if ever come to life, are definitely going to rock the world.

Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle Here is a brilliant concept for bikers who have been waiting for some massive change in today’s motorcycle technology. Agorapode Concept Super Bike This is Diode, a design by Jon McCoy; and the winner of the Agorapode Contest which was held in April 2010. Source 1. McLean All-Body Workout (ABW) Trike. Jorymon Techblog. Cool Nike Sneakers Design April 25, 2012 - 11:37 pm Tags: chucks, Design, Illustrators, kicks, nike, slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers design Posted in Design, DIY | No comments They will make you wanna bust out your tools and DIY your own sneaker design too.

Jorymon Techblog

View more design after the jump. Feats Per Minute bike Listen to music while you pedal! Super Mario Shrooms Concepts by Mathijs Sterrenburg November 23, 2010 - 12:35 am Tags: concept, icon, mario, mushroom Posted in Design | 3 comments. SpokePOV: LED Bike Wheel Images. Spoke POV is an easy-to-make electronic kit toy that turns your bicycle wheel into a customized display!

SpokePOV: LED Bike Wheel Images

The project includes a free schematic design, open source software for uploading and editing stored bitmap images, and a high-quality kit with all the parts necessary to build your own. Tired: A red blinker on your seatpost Wired: Programmable full-wheel images in any color Specifications and Features: Can be used with road, mountain or BMX wheels! 30 LEDs on each side (22 for BMX) x 256 radial pixels Runs on 2-3 AA batteries for 10 hours or more, assuming 3000mAh alkalines and 50% image coverage. & check out more cool projects at. Electric Bikes, Scooters and other Light Electric Vehicles (LEV)