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Perfect themes. Themes by anze aka cyberment These are my public themes.

perfect themes

It would mean a lot, if you didn't remove the credit. home message customcreator preview - code preview - code preview - code post shadows by houyas preview - code just another version of my last theme preview - code. Morbide Themes. Themes by Ally. Lauren's themes. Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr Themes by Pour Être Belle. OVERDOSED THEMES MOTHER FUCKERS. Cindie; Plain Themes. Is there a code I can plug into my Tumblr HTML to hide photo captions? Themes. Themes by Peachcity. JBAM THEMES. Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or large posts (500px) *optionalSidebar Image *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link and like button on postsEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional 1 year ago Preview : (Code Source 1) (Code Source 2) Single columnSmall posts (250px) or big posts (500px) *optionalCustomizable fonts & colorsReblog link under permalinkEndless scrolling or Pagination *optional.


Tℎℯmℯs & tutℴriaℓs by ann. Tumblr. Tumblr. Layout. Modernise themes. Themes by Berceau. Atonals Themes. Grace Theme Code This is a simple one column theme, with optional endless scroll.

Atonals Themes

The description is at the top of the page, if there is one. The blog title and links are on the right side of the posts. All posts are 500px. Sanity Theme Code This is a two or three column theme with endless scroll. Themes by bluntstatements. Masonry2 ColumnsTwitter integration (optional)Color customizationInfinite scrolling includedCustomizable title fontBackground/Sidebar image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors Masonry2 ColumnsColor customizationInfinite scrolling (INCLUDED!)

Themes by bluntstatements

Body and title fonts customizableBackground image optionalCustomizable Quote, Photoset, and Question background colors. Meththemes. Anonymous said: can the gradiant be changed to horizontal ?


Ask me off anon and I can alter the code for you xx After finals are done I’ll have a lot of time on my hands and a 24hour train ride… so leave me requests of type of themes you’d like me to make :) THEMES. Tumblr. Tumblr. Themes. O download 86x86 icon image250px two column postsendless scrollpop-out blogroll and description o download endless scrollpop out blogroll250px index posts o.


Tumblr. Venoms Themes. Themes by duckponds. Tumblr. Ettudis [v21] One Day, Three Autumns. /index Ettudis (n) A graphic site offering freebies ranging from website designs, tumblr themes to textures and other graphic resources. about designer contact terms of use links sitemap tagboard 6 heart(s) Important Notes help centre - follow Ettudis on tumblr!

Ettudis [v21] One Day, Three Autumns

Terms of use - By viewing and using my tumblr themes, you have agreed to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement. installation instructions - Please read before proceeding. FAQ / ask a question - Please thoroughly look through the FAQ list and the browsing categories in the Help Centre before asking any questions. Milk Themes. Haven’t submitted a theme in ages!

Milk Themes

Just to let you know, I’m working on new stuff and I also want to make this place look a bit better! I’m glad you’re enjoying the themes and I’ll answer the asks soon, too. Pleats. Themes by Infinitives. Mcpoyles Themes. Hi all, I’m really sorry for the lack of replies!

Mcpoyles Themes.

I haven’t been using Tumblr for awhile, so I will no longer be answering questions due to weeks of being inactive ~I’m sure you’ve all moved on from the question now. But I’ve been getting loads of requests on how to create a Tumblr theme. Unfortunately, I am very bad at explaining so I’ve provided you with a simple base stylesheet (two collumns) which you can get here. TUMBLR THEMES.

Tumblr. Themes By Her. These themes are made by ADESSIVE.

Themes By Her

They are very simple purposely to be convenient and clean. I try to update and manage my themes weekly. For further help on setting up your theme, go to the FAQ page along with other questions you may have. If your question isn't answered, submit your question in the ask box. I currently haven't been answering theme questions. Hello everyone. ALL themes are back up and running. Thank you! NAIVEPreview—Download One columnOptional width sizing, post spacing, image fade, show borders, show date on index page, and show captionsEndless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors GLOBALPreview—Download Two columnsOptional show description and link borders, captions, and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors Columns vary depending on screen resolution with larger 1st and 5th photo postsOptional image fade and endless scrollingEdit fonts, font sizes, and colors Please be aware that photosets and videos are set to default 250.

RADIATEPreview—Download. Themes. ✰✰✰ Plain Theme 3.0 [ULTIMATE] ✰✰✰ Another edition to the Plain Theme Series. 1/2/3/4/5 columnsreblog/like buttonoptional widthoptional rainbow linksoptional permalink image/background image/header imageoptional shadow/border on imageoptional click for navigationoptional show captions8 cool title fontsall colors, fonts, and font sizes can be customized+ so much more!! Los Temas. Unimpulsive Themes.