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Online Lists. Email/Social. Web Apps. The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy. My biggest problem with facebook is getting support.

The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy

Recently removed my own daughter from friends list be accident [report] now I cannot add her nor she me. Tried in vain to get help on facebook but to no avail. Might want to check *her* block list too...those kids these days. Post-hoc Analysis of InstaWifi’s Launch. Launching My First Android App Ever On July 24th, I launched InstaWifi, my first Android app into the market.

Post-hoc Analysis of InstaWifi’s Launch

InstaWifi enables you to connect and share wifi networks instantly with the people who you care about. It was my first Android app that I released in the market, and I was pretty excited to see how it would turn out. It’s quite amazing if you think about it, that a random guy (like me) behind a computer screen today in 2012, can reach out to an audience of thousands of people on the Internet to announce a new product.

It’s a random thought but a powerful one — a thought that reminds us of how closely connected we are to other people in this world. My marketing strategy was simple for InstaWifi, generate viral growth on social networks, and reach out to several news sources online to get some big pageviews so that it will trickle down to smaller blogs, news sources, and social networks. #3038363. On Internet Virulence. There are a million and one reasons why the internet is the greatest thing since using soap to prevent the black plague.

On Internet Virulence

But one of the most interesting aspects of the internet is its ability to make something “go viral”. The internet having this capability certainly makes sense. But what types of things “go viral” and why? Below are three experiences I’ve had with internet virulence. I hope that the drastic differences between each is obvious. ShelvAR A video about ShelvAR was my first experience with something “going viral” on the internet. I Just Can’t Wait For Booty One of my side hobbies is creating mashups. So this is happening… Yesterday some of my coworkers and I were goofing around and took a stupid picture.

Update, 2012-08-08: My buddy, Paul, ended up putting together a video of the pictures. Better Than Dropbox: The 6 Quickest Ways To Share Any File With Anyone. I love Dropbox.

Better Than Dropbox: The 6 Quickest Ways To Share Any File With Anyone

Ever since I found it a few years ago, the way I share files with friends, family and colleagues has changed completely. Dropbox, and similar services, make sharing big files and multiple files as easy as saving them on your own computer. » Cool Websites and Tools [July 14th 2012] Best Websites. If you're looking for the best websites on the web, you've come to the right place.

Best Websites

MakeUseOf has been reviewing the best websites and the coolest websites for years now, so we've decided to offer a comprehensive list of which websites we consider to be the best of the best. All of the websites on this page are organized into categories, and we've selected only those we believe to be the best ones - those which will most likely be useful to you. We update this page frequently, so check back often and spread the word! Most popular online source for everything related to movies. Movie ratings & reviews, various top rated lists, HD movie trailers, news and lots more. Leading online subscription service for movies & TV shows.

On demand streaming of TV shows and movies. Download free Spotify player to your computer and get access to over 13 million tracks. Massive online store for music, movies, TV shows, apps, games and audiobooks. New age online radio. Let the EFF Convince You to Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom. I share your skepticism of 'clickivism' as you describe it.

Let the EFF Convince You to Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom

Clicking 'like' on Facebook isn't going to change things, and we want the Declaration to be much more than that. First, it a collaboration with over 100 different organizations, and hopefully the number of people who sign it will be so huge that Congress cannot ignore it. Declaration of Internet Freedom. Where the Web Archives Are. Super Start - Super Start A small dial extension for firefox, with a simple todo-list Super Start is a very handy 'speed dial' extension for Firefox.

Super Start -

From version 4.0, SuperStart supports sites group, this feature works in the same way with iOS and Launchpad (OS X), so it should be more useful than before. I strongly recommend you read the FAQ before using it, and I'll prepare a step-by-step toturial when I have time :) Recently Releases v7.0 - (the latest version) Feb 8, 2014 Version 7.0 has: Now SuperStart supports preload the page, so it will show immediately (without flashing)! The Always Up-to-Date Power User's Guide to Firefox. Master Your Browser's Tabs with These Tricks and Extensions.

I've never understood why people want so many tabs open in the first place!

Master Your Browser's Tabs with These Tricks and Extensions

But, I respect your desire to do so. In Chrome, default tab management is a bit iffy. You can right-click on see a few different options for closing. However, you want them all open, and that's cool.


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