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Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key Looks Like Not-So-Inconspicuous Trouble. Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO. What Is Pickpocketing? HTG Explains: What is Encryption and How Does It Work? Encryption has a long history dating back to when the ancient Greeks and Romans sent secret messages by substituting letters only decipherable with a secret key.

HTG Explains: What is Encryption and How Does It Work?

Join us for a quick history lesson and learn more about how encryption works. Lecture Slides and Video Archives. What is a Pickpocket? Spy Bases: 9 Secretive HQs of the World's Intelligence Agencies. Architecture is a language, one used by institutions to say something about themselves.The same basic principle is true for the world's spy agencies.

Spy Bases: 9 Secretive HQs of the World's Intelligence Agencies

All show their secrecy in their buildings, while some may appear starkly utilitarian, and some may even be frightening and alienating. But they also have their quirks and differences, whether it be an isolated complex hidden by trees, in a location that's never been officially disclosed, or a prominent complex built by superstar architects and put on prominent display in the middle of a capital city.From Virginia to Berlin to Moscow, here are nine of them.Above:United States: Central Intelligence Agency If John Brennan becomes the next CIA director — a likely event — he'll be working from inside a complex that could blend into a business park anywhere in America.

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station. 14 Underground Lairs Fit For a Mega-Villain. Spy Cam, Best Spy Shop in the Net, Professional Hidden Spy Cams, Spy Camera and Spy Gadgets at Live Webcams - Free, public web cams found online. Spy week News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker. Make Cool Stuff: Concealing Your Secret Lair. By Mindy Holahan on March 7, 2011 To the Batcave!

Make Cool Stuff: Concealing Your Secret Lair

Admit it. The 6 Most Badass Skills You Can Learn in Under a Week. Become a Human Lie Detector Any secret agent worth his hidden cyanide pills is going to have to be prepared for intense negotiations.

The 6 Most Badass Skills You Can Learn in Under a Week

Whether you've captured a deadly SPECTRE double-agent working as an MI6 janitor, or are just buying a used car, you've got to be able to tell when the enemy is lying through his teeth to you, and how to best disguise the fact that you're lying through your teeth at the same time. Due diligence, financial investigations, investigation, corporate espionage. Stiletto Spy School. Lock Picking School In A Box. OnPoint Tactical LLC - Legendary Skills for Today's Professional. WikiLeaks. RSA Encryption. The CIA Had A Stealthy Insectocopter Flying 40 Years Ago. Derinkuyu, or: the allure of the underground city.

My friend Robert and I finished reading Alan Weisman's The World Without Us almost simultaneously – and we both noted one specific passage.

Derinkuyu, or: the allure of the underground city

Before we get to that, however, the premise of Weisman's book – though it does, more often than not, drift away from this otherwise fascinating central narrative – is: what would happen to the Earth if humans disappeared overnight? What would humans leave behind – and how long would those remnants last? These questions lead Weisman at one point to discuss the underground cities of Cappadocia, Turkey, which, he says, will outlast nearly everything else humans have constructed here on Earth.

[Images: Derinkuyu, the great underground city of Cappadocia; images culled from a Google Images search and from Wikipedia]. [Images: Derinkuyu and a view of Cappadocia; images culled from a Google Images search and from Wikipedia]. Some tunnels lead from building to building. [Image: A map, altered by BLDGBLOG, of an underground Cappadocian metropolis]. How To Coke Machine Jackpot Hack.

Hacking Ethics. Security News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo. How to Create a Fake Identity and Stay Anonymous Online. The Hidden Secret of the Seward Street Slides. Someone built these crazy concrete slides in the most random place in the Castro.

The Hidden Secret of the Seward Street Slides

Hide Sensitive Messages in Plain Sight with a Caesar Cipher. Cryptocat Creates an Encrypted, Disposable Chatroom on Any Computer with a Web Browser. Cryptocat. ChatStep. Top 10 Secret Agent Security Tips and Tricks. When dealing with computer security, an often overlooked security risk is so-called "deleted files".

Top 10 Secret Agent Security Tips and Tricks

When files are deleted, nothing is actually done to them aside from marking them as "free-space". The OS may get around to overwriting them sometime when it needs the space, but a deleted file could sit on a drive completely intact for weeks of usage (the bigger it is the bigger the chance it will be at least partially overwrited). Encryption applications that do not involve real-time decoding (a special driver decrypting files on-the-go vs an application decrypting and re-encrypting files), often do not have secure methods of wiping files (or the user is unaware of them), and hence the files are left in an unencrypted state on the drive when deleted. The only way to assure deleted files remain that way (or at least make their recovery very difficult and time-consuming) is to have an application overwrite the drives free-space with random 0s/1s, ideally multiple times. The 5 Most Badass Prison Escapes in the History of War.

Henri Giraud is a Patient Man.

The 5 Most Badass Prison Escapes in the History of War

Exploring Abandoned NYC. Exploring Abandoned NYC Steve Duncan is a modern day archaeologist, an “urban historian” who employs a rare practice to catalog the history of New York City.

Exploring Abandoned NYC

Duncan and his videographer partner Andrew Wonder explore the abandoned past of New York below the city streets– from the subway tunnels of yesteryear to the peaks of the city’s bridges. The duo runs through active subway tunnels, climbs through sewers over rushing water, scales massive bridges and does so without detection. The Undiscovered Bedrooms of Manhattan. A friend of mine once told me about the "typical dream of a New Yorker," as he described it, wherein a homeowner pushes aside some coats and sweaters in the upstairs closet... only to reveal a door, and, behind that, another room, and, beyond that, perhaps even a whole new wing secretly attached to the back of the house...

The Undiscovered Bedrooms of Manhattan

Always fantasizing about having more space in Manhattan. Last Man Standing — How to Beat a Lie Detector. Last Man Standing are articles intended to help the average guy prepare for some of life’s oddest events. It’s just advice. It’s better than being clueless. If you’ve ever seen a cop drama, there usually comes a point when detective so-and-so says something like, “The machine isn’t reliable. I’ve seen men beat it before.” Underground. Underground most commonly refers to: The regions beneath the surface of the Earth. The Underground Chicago. Pyramid: The Omniscient Eye: How Do I Make a Hidden Underground Base? What is the Black Market? Why Black Market Entrepreneurs Matter to the World Economy. NY Mummy Smugglers Reveal Vast Antiquities Black Market.

The rescue of an ancient Egyptian mummy's sarcophagus this month from alleged smugglers in New York — the first time authorities say an international artifacts' smuggling ring was dismantled within the United States — sounds more like the plot of a movie than reality. Secret Message in Audio. Smuggling.

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Anonymity. Signature / Forge. Villain. Drops. Games & Puzzles. Secrets/Spies/Ninjas/Deception/Evil. Persuassion/Con/Psychological Manipulation/Lies.

Locks (Mainly Picking Them) Scheme. Sneak.