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DIY: Speakers. Anything involving wires usually scares off about half the DIY population.

DIY: Speakers

As guys, it’s something that should be embraced rather than feared. We’re not saying you need to get knee-deep in computer parts, but some basic work would be good for you. When it results in a new set of unique speakers too, well that’s just a bonus. Make a stereo microphone for $15. Build a Programmable Mechanical Music Box. Since this project was starting entirely from scratch, I needed to make a flawless design that could be easily worked with, and a good design always reduces waste.

Build a Programmable Mechanical Music Box

I decided to use oak, and at $60 per 10ft plank I didn't want to waste any. Also, its pretty complex and precision is extremely important for everything to work correctly. 20-note Street Organ. Make a music playing and LED reactive nightstand (no programming required) Turn a Pair of $30 Headphones into a $300 Pair.