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Japan for the Uninvited. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, as long as no one finds out.

Japan for the Uninvited

How to Become a Spy. REF: Home › How to Become a Spy Want to become recruited by a spy agency?

How to Become a Spy

They are looking for specific character trades and skills... do YOU have what it takes? Make no mistake about it. For you to become a top secret agent, you must have the exact profile, and skillset, the agencies are looking for. This is your personal spy training curriculum! Kids' Secret Headquarters. How to Become a Spy-Kid. How to Make a Secret Spy Fort. How to Make Your Spy Headquarters at School: 13 steps. Secret Headquarters, Comics and Games for Everyone! Learn How to Stealth. Clothing is very very important on how well you're sneaking.

Learn How to Stealth

Colors of clothing MUST match and also have to match the environment (i.e. you're in a white room, wear white clothing). Also make sure your clothing fits perfectly. Any loose clothing that hangs over your pants is fine AS LONG as you TUCK them into your pants and stretch a little bit to make sure you have enough room to move around quietly. Now the pants, Pants that fits perfectly fine around the waist and extra clothing that does NOT go over your shoes is perfect, but make sure its not too tight around the legs and butt while you're moving. Heres the most difficult part on sneaking, SHOES!

(Note: Sometimes underwear clothing can have a major effect on your pants while sneaking.) (Second Note: Loose objects on clothing can be harmful unless it matches with your clothing, does not make the slightest noise, and does not reflect light.) How to Sneak into Large Events. The very first step, depending on the event, will be to secure an identity.

How to Sneak into Large Events

If this is a business event/meeting of a competitor, this is your best option. This step is also very handy for conventions (AX, ComicCon, etc...). Find a trash can/recycling can near the exit. When leaving events such as these, people are very likely to throw out their ID badges as soon as they are done with the event. Wait for the crowds to thin a bit and do some dumpster diving. The badge will be found most likely in two forms: pin or around the neck. How to Write and Read Braille. Spy tech - Practical Codes. This instructable is intended to demonstrate practical codes that are many times harder to crack than the codes you normal find in newspapers and puzzle books.

Spy tech - Practical Codes

This is the real deal - codes that have been used by real-life spies during such high risk times as WWII. Make your own wallet-sized Enigma(tm)-like Machine. Before we get any further, lets just work through the cryptographic context, and make sure that we aren't raving mad.

Make your own wallet-sized Enigma(tm)-like Machine

Don't worry if the following all sounds like gobbledy-gook, because it probably is. The bottom line is that because the intended use of the device is to generate passwords, and you only ever transmit those password securely, then it is easier to capture the passwords than it is to break the cipher. How to Get Free Stuff. To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook.

How to Get Free Stuff

Download » How to Spy: 9 steps. The Big Book of Spy Stuff. How to Win a Free Drink at the Bar #2. This is the second article on how to win a free drink at the bar. If you missed the first one, check it out here . This bar con is all about geometry. You approach your mark and ask him if he would like to place a friendly wager: Which is longer, the circumference of of rim of a pint glass, or its height? Most people will be inclined to choose the height, because to the naked eye it looks longer. In actuality the circumference is about 30% longer on an average pint glass. The Artful Grifter. The Art of the Grift. The Art of the Grift Job Weiss, aka perfesser camelsmoker Lesson #1 - Con Game Basics Lesson #2 - Portrait of a Grifter Lesson #3 -Contrasting Short and Long Cons Lesson #4 The Real Lookie-Loo Scam Lesson #5 - Anatomy Of Sawyer's Island Con notes NB: this essay discusses events and characters in Lost through season 2, episode 13.

The Art of the Grift

*clears throat* Confidence trick. §Terminology[edit] A confidence trick is also known as a con game, a con, a scam, a grift, a hustle, a bunko (or bunco), a swindle, a flimflam, a gaffle or a bamboozle.

Confidence trick

The intended victims are known as "marks", "suckers", or "gulls" (ie, gullible). When accomplices are employed, they are known as shills. §Short and long cons[edit] Art forgery. A City on a Rock.

Art forgery

Long attributed to Goya, is now thought to have been painted by the 19th century forger Eugenic Lucas. Elements of the painting appear to have been copied from autographed works by Goya, and the painting is therefore classified as a pastiche. Compare to Goya's May tree. Art forgery is the creating and selling of works of art which are falsely credited to other, usually more famous, artists.

Art forgery can be extremely lucrative, but modern dating and analysis techniques have made the identification of forged artwork much simpler. History[edit] Art forgery dates back more than two thousand years. During the Renaissance, many painters took on apprentices who studied painting techniques by copying the works and style of the master. Following the Renaissance, the increasing prosperity of the middle class created a fierce demand for art.

The Spy Kids Safehouse - Super Secrets for Junior Spies. Map fakes, forgeries and facsimiles - how to recognize them. The distinction between copper engraving and woodcut may seem an academic one. In the context of forgeries, however, it is significant. An engraving (usually on copper) is produced by means of an 'intaglio' process, involving cutting the map detail into the soft metal. How To Be A Superhero On A Budget. With four superhero movies coming out this summer, no doubt you’ve dreamt of fighting crime to the delight of citizens and the sheer panic of your parents. But who can afford all those costumes, secret hideouts and super vehicles in this economy? Well, close the wallet and open your mind as we give you the step-by-step instructions on how to become a true cost-conscious crime fighter. 1.

Come Up with a Cheap Origin Story (source) True, Captain America got his superpowers through a secret, high-cost government experiment. How to Start a Spy Club: 11 steps. Forging artwork - Art forger Ely Sakhai. Vase de Fleurs (Lilas) is not one of Paul Gauguin’s greatest works. It’s a “middle market” painting, which means it changes hands usually for only a few hundred thousand dollars, and without much fanfare.

But in May 2000, the painting proved it could still turn heads. When Christie’s and Sotheby’s released spring catalogues for their modern-art auctions, they were alarmed to discover that each was offering the painting—and each house thought it had the original. Secret Underground Headquarters (dot com) The Grifters. The Grifters Jim Thompson has written a number of fine novels and screenplays, some of which have been turned into outstanding movies. James Meyers Thompson (1906-1977) was born in Anadarko, Oklahoma and sold his first story to True Detective when he was only 14.

What I Learned from My Father, the Grifter  Roberto Parada My father didn't believe in "things. " The Government: Bureau of Superheroics. The Government: Bureau of Superheroics. Secret codes & Ciphers. This one is a simple alphabet cipher, But it's tricky to break without the right key, Each letter is moved along by a number let's say 5 for right now, So A would become F, J becomes O, Z becomes E and so on.

How to Create Secret Codes and Ciphers: 14 steps. Edit Article Sample Coded ParagraphsCodesCiphersSecret Languages Edited by General Jackson, Sarah Eliza, Teresa, Maluniu and 77 others. Make the characters! Secret Underground Headquarters (dot com)