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Hello everyone, I have been reading and going to this site for a few months now and I finally joined. I always read great articles in the Grey Hat aspect of this site, and i have been inspired to dive deeper into the culture of hacking and programming. I want to know how to hack, but i do not know where to begin. Hacking? Where to Begin? Hacking? Where to Begin?
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iOS app hacking alive and well | The Download Blog iOS app hacking alive and well | The Download Blog Inside Scoop: Hacking into iOS LAS VEGAS -- While Apple was making its decidedly lackluster Black Hat debut just one floor up, security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski was explaining the dark art of iOS app hacking to a smaller but still crowded room. A senior forensics scientist at viaForensics, he clearly didn't have much faith in the security of apps running on iOS. "iOS can be infected through a new zero-day, or you can take a phone and run real fast. Apparently, bars are a great way to pick up iPhones," he said as the audience chuckled, clearly remembering the two separate lost iPhone prototype incidents. He wasn't joking, though.
Hackers who spent their teen years phone-phreaking -- breaking into telephone networks and making free calls -- have created their own GSM network at Defcon and are using creative and silly apps on highly customized Android phones. The Ninja hacker group is giving the phones away to people who have contributed to the community, and to their lucky friends. The phones and accompanying lanyards serve as "badges" that provide entrance to the annual Ninja party tonight. (Defcon attendees can also get in by donating blood or signing up to donate bone marrow, or donating money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.) The phones are HTC One V phones running Android 4.0.3. Hackers build private 'Ninja Tel' phone network at Defcon | Security & Privacy Hackers build private 'Ninja Tel' phone network at Defcon | Security & Privacy
LAS VEGAS -- Got a Wi-Fi network? If someone, say Google or the government, sniffs your open network, you may think you're legally protected. Don't be so sure. It remains unclear whether the law protects your unencrypted Wi-Fi from interception, because there are differing interpretations and lack of court precedent, Kevin Bankston, senior counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology, said in a session at Defcon yesterday. Laws on Wi-Fi sniffing still up in the air, say specialists | Security & Privacy Laws on Wi-Fi sniffing still up in the air, say specialists | Security & Privacy
Control-Alt-Hack: $30.00 Think you’re an expert hacker? The “Control-Alt-Hack” card game will put your so-called skills to the test. Developed by professor Yoshi Kohno of the Security and Privacy Research Lab at the University of Washington, this old-school game is geared toward a younger generation with basic knowledge of computer science. BLOG:Hackers Hit Iranian Oil Facilities Card Game for Wannabe Hackers Card Game for Wannabe Hackers
The Black Hat conference takes place in Las Vegas this week, where hackers, security experts and representatives from major companies meet to discuss all things relating to information security. If you're following the news out of the conference today, you may have come across reports of a new security vulnerability in Android (and NFC-enabled Meego phones) that could allow a malicious NFC (near-field communication) tag to beam malware directly onto your phone. Sounds terrifying, right? Now hackers can take over your smartphone without you even doing anything. Android NFC 'hacking' is ingenious, but not yet dangerous Android NFC 'hacking' is ingenious, but not yet dangerous
Speaking of hacking - why not - let me share my hacking experience today: On multiple levels! - A digital photography tech comment, if you will. I just received my brand new Eye-fi X2 Pro card. Totally forgetting to check how Magic Lantern firmware hack - currently installed on my Canon 550D/T2i - deals with it, anxious as I was to test the thing up, popped it in and turned the camera on. Nothing. Hack Your Gadgets and Void Your Warranties This Weekend Hack Your Gadgets and Void Your Warranties This Weekend
Free Password Crackers A password cracker program, often called a password recovery tool or a password unlocker/reset tool, is a software program used to "crack" a password, either by discovering the password outright, bypassing the encryption by removing the password, or bypassing the need for a password by changing the way the program or file works. If you've lost your password to something like Windows or an encrypted file, and the normal means to change the password won't work, a password cracker program might be able to help. Fully functional, completely free password crackers do exist alongside the many premium password crackers that you might find doing a quick search. The best of these free passwords crackers are included in the various password cracker categories below: Important: Password crackers and other kinds of password recovery and finder tools are legitimate programs to help discover or reset lost passwords. Free Password Crackers
Air Traffic Control Could Be Spoofed Air Traffic Control Could Be Spoofed The Federal Aviation Administration's next-generation air traffic control systems are vulnerable to hackers, who could send fake airplane signals to towers or track private planes carrying famous people. At the Black Hat conference currently going on in Las Vegas, security researcher Andrei Costin demonstrated a way to "spoof" an airplane's signal to an air traffic controller using about $1,000 worth of radio equipment. PHOTOS: Top 10 Spy Tactics The vulnerability comes from the way the new air traffic control system, which is scheduled to be fully on-line by 2020, gets its signals. Air traffic controllers are good at tracking "rogue" signals from the ground and the current system uses radar to "ping" an airplane, whose transponder sends a signal back.
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Hacking tips on how to deal with mobile hackers Following are the tips to keep off hacker’s interruption. 1.The password you use for each account should be unique. Even if someone manages to find your password of a particular account, you could limit the damages to that account alone. 2.Never use wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Public Areas, 3.Try to avoid usage of wireless networks and turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Use wired network only with managed extensive firewall software .
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Software cracking Software cracking is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are considered undesirable by the person cracking the software, usually related to protection methods: (copy protection, protection against the manipulation of software), trial/demo version, serial number, hardware key, date checks, CD check or software annoyances like nag screens and adware. The distribution and use of cracked copies is illegal in most countries.[citation needed] There have been lawsuits over cracking software.[1] A computer program that performing software cracking is called crack, or is euphemistically referred to as a patch.
Johnny takes us on a cook's tour through the basics of social engineering and a few other non-technical methods of compromising a target organization. In most aspects, the coverage is distinctly superficial, barely scratching the surface. In the cover blurb, the author claims to be disclosing super-cool secrets but in reality the book falls well short of disclosing anything really novel. Other common social engineering methods, for example the psychological manipulation techniques often described by Kevin Mitnick, phishing and many other types of frauds and scams perpetrated through a variety of communications media (email, phone, letter, FAX, SMS, even paper notes left on a windshield ...), are barely mentioned. The author doesn't explain the process of non-technical hacking very well, in other words the stages normally involved in identifying, researching and exploiting a target. No Tech Hacking: A Guide to Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving, and Shoulder Surfing (9781597492157): Johnny Long, Jack Wiles, Scott Pinzon, Kevin D. Mitnick
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