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Tutorial: Macro and Hotkey Creation. This brief introduction will help you start scripting your own macros and hotkeys right away.

Tutorial: Macro and Hotkey Creation

Tutorial Contents Creating a script Each script is a plain text file containing commands to be executed by the program (AutoHotkey.exe). A script may also contain hotkeys and hotstrings, or even consist entirely of them. However, in the absence of hotkeys and hotstrings, a script will perform its commands sequentially from top to bottom the moment it is launched. To create a new script: Download and install AutoHotkey. In the line above, the first character "#" stands for the Windows key; so #space means holding down the Windows key then pressing the spacebar to activate the hotkey. Save and close the file. AutoHotKey. Video Software Review AutoHotKey Synopsis AutoHotKey (AHK) is a quick and simple program that automates common tasks on your PC.


Poker players have written a multitude of various scripts for this powerful tool, allowing you to create buddy lists, macros, even open tables with the click of a button and change everything about the way you play poker. The Beginner’s Guide to Using an AutoHotkey Script. Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut. 10 Ways to Use AutoHotKey to Rock Your Keyboard. How to Save Time by Automating Tedious Tasks with AutoHotkey. Have you ever needed to perform the same mindless task over and over on your PC?

How to Save Time by Automating Tedious Tasks with AutoHotkey

Instead of wasting hours clicking buttons and hitting keys, this is the perfect time to use your AutoHotkey skills to make your PC do the work for you. Note: This particular example is a real one that I used earlier today to save a small amount of time, but these are techniques that I’ve used many times over the years to literally save myself days worth of time. The Scenario I was trying to go through and clean out a bunch of incorrect broadcast messages in our email newsletter account, when I realized that their interface required me to manually click the Delete button and then confirm it on every single message—we’re talking about 300 incorrect messages that needed to be deleted. To make matters worse, the interface is extremely slow, which means I would have spent a good 30-40 minutes just clicking and making my carpal tunnel even worse.

Creating the Script Loop 300 { } Loop 300 { click } Send, test{Space} The Best Time-Saving AutoHotkey Tricks You Should Be Using. Scripts and Macros. Table of Contents Introduction The Top of the Script (the Auto-execute Section): This portion executes automatically when the script starts.

Scripts and Macros

FAQ. Language Syntax Common Tasks Hotkeys, Hotstrings, and Remapping Language Syntax When are quotation marks used with commands and their parameters?


Double quotes (") have special meaning only within expressions. When exactly are variable names enclosed in percent signs? Variable names are always enclosed in percent signs except in cases illustrated in bold below: 1) In parameters that are input or output variables: StringLen, OutputVar, InputVar 2) On the left side of an assignment: Var = 123abc 3) On the left side of traditional (non-expression) if-statements: If Var1 < %Var2% 4) Everywhere in expressions.

When should percent signs and commas be escaped? Literal percent signs must be escaped by preceding them with an accent/backtick. When commas or percent signs are enclosed in quotes within an expression, the accent is permitted but not necessary. Tutorial for Newbies. Tutorial for Newbies As a person who started using AHK having absolutely zero programming experience (never taken a class or read a book on computers in my life), I will give you my 2 cents on learning it.

Tutorial for Newbies

I think exploring the forum works great if you have even a little bit of background in this area. If, like me, you have none, I would learn it in the following order (this is how I would do it if I had to do it over again). My reasoning here is that for a person starting from scratch, you need to learn concepts before learning commands, and the forum is geared more towards commands.

First read the Tutorial, the Scripts page, and then the FAQ. Hotstrings and Auto-replace (similar to AutoText and AutoCorrect) Note: Hotstrings require Windows NT/2000/XP or later.

Hotstrings and Auto-replace (similar to AutoText and AutoCorrect)

Introduction and Simple Examples. Hotkeys (Mouse, Joystick and Keyboard Shortcuts) Table of Contents Introduction and Simple Examples Hotkeys are sometimes referred to as shortcut keys because of their ability to easily trigger an action (such as launching a program or keyboard macro).

Hotkeys (Mouse, Joystick and Keyboard Shortcuts)

In the following example, the hotkey Win+N is configured to launch Notepad. The pound sign [#] stands for the Windows key, which is known as a modifier: #n:: Run Notepad return In the final line above, "return" serves to finish the hotkey. #n::Run Notepad. Basic AutoHotkey Tutorial. FAQ. Language Syntax Common Tasks Hotkeys, Hotstrings, and Remapping.


AutoHotkey. Features[edit] More complex tasks can be achieved with custom data entry forms (GUI windows), working with the system registry, or using the Windows API by calling functions from DLLs.


The scripts can be compiled into an executable file that can be run on other computers that do not have AutoHotkey installed. The source code is in C++ and can be compiled with Visual Studio Express. Unofficial AutoHotkey FAQ. Note July 2013 - Now also available as Gist Note: this page comes from the AutoHotkey Wiki which has been removed. It hopefully serves a purpose until the official faq can be edited in the new documentation setup. It is a good idea to check the official documentation to see if a new FAQ is available - April 2012 This page is meant to list and categorize important forum threads, which answer the most frequently asked questions concerning AutoHotkey.

AutoHotkey Tutorials — aboutscript. Thanks to a recommendation from Jake, who I talk to on the #ahk chat room, I’m going to talk about the languages in addition to scripts I find interesting or useful. I’ll be doing a fairly long series of tutorials on the AutoHotkey scripting language. I’m writing up a plan for them to hopefully keep it clean, see it on Google docs . (It pretty much updates as I type.)

All of these videos will be in the aboutscript YouTube channel and on my personal Screenr where I record them. Creating Your First AutoHotkey Script. [language];PushToTalk.ahk ; Push and hold Win+S to activate the microphone, release to mute. ;Skrommel @2006 #SingleInstance,Force applicationname=PushToTalk Gosub,TRAYMENU SoundGet,micvol,Microphone:2,Volume SoundSet,0,Microphone:2,Volume ToolTip,Mic is Off Sleep,2000 ToolTip, Return. AutoHotKey Tutorial, Learn the Basics of making a bot!

Okay,Welcome to my thread. Introduction / A little bit about me before we start: I basically had to learn AHK on my own.